Breville Group Customer Care Service

Breville Group Ltd

Suite 2, 170-180 Bourke Rd
New South Wales
Australia - 2015

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+61 130 013 9798(Australia) 1 0
+64 800 273 845(New Zealand) 0 0
+1 866 273 8455(United States) 1 0
+1 855 683 3535(Canada) 1 0
+44 808 178 1650(United Kingdom & Ireland) 0 0
+86 400 602 6608(China) 1 0
+852 23 130 888(Hong Kong) 0 0
+972 46 401 100(Israel) 0 0
+63 23 623 898(Philippines) 0 0
+27 860 834 834(South Africa) 0 0
+82 234 522 127(South Korea) 0 0
+886 800 228 299(Taiwan) 0 0
+66 25 612 831(Thailand) 0 0
+971 42 522 264(UAE & Middle East) 0 0

Breville Group Complaints & Reviews

Breville Group — sandwich toaster

Breville GroupI bought a two portion sandwich toaster yesterday and use it today for the first time, I read the information booklet...

Consumer Electronics  · Oct 09, 2019

[Resolved] Breville Group — Mini food processor

Breville GroupI bought this today and opened it There was cardboard over something with white middle sticking up - I tried to remove...

Consumer Electronics  · Aug 18, 2019

[Resolved] Breville Group — breville iron easy glide 1800w

Breville GroupI bought a Breville Iron 5 years ago. I had no problems with it until today when it went on fire as I was ironing. I...

Consumer Electronics  · Jul 12, 2019

Breville Group — boss to go plus

Hi, Want to address that I have been happy with the product "Boss to go plus" Model BPB620BAL SIN [protected]...

Consumer Electronics  · Apr 23, 2019

Breville Group — four slice smart toaster

Purchased the toaster from Myer four months ago along with a Top of your range Kettle three weeks ago one side of the...

Sydney Metro Area Appliances  · Jan 04, 2019

[Resolved] Breville Group — kettle

Either I bought two of your kettles (recommendation number 3 in CHOICE) in a bad batch or there are design faults: the...

Sydney Metro Area Other  · Nov 28, 2018

[Resolved] Breville Group — kettle

Breville GroupHi, I am very annoyed as my breville kettle set on fire. It had water in it but potentially could of set my house on...

Appliances  · Aug 05, 2018

[Resolved] Breville Group — hot water dispenser

On the 1st of September 2016 i purchased a breville SS hot cup hot water dispenser, by the following August i had to...

Appliances  · Mar 10, 2018

Breville — cbl6/a blender

I require a CBL6 MOTOR BASE DRIVE COUPLING, P/N1618853. Despite numerous attempt to locate a supplier I keep getting the...

1 comments Appliances  · Nov 26, 2017

[Resolved] Breville — bov900bss smart oven and bem825bal mixer

I realize that you are very busy and maybe you just don’t have the time to review how rudely I was treated over the last...

Consumer Electronics  · Aug 17, 2017

Breville - Breadmaker Model No: Bbm600 — faulty bread mixer

i brought my boyfriend a breville bread maker model no: BBM600 for Christmas less then a month ago we have used it twice...

Breville — I am really upset because of their attitude

I have a Breville Fruit Juicer JE-24. it is a birthday present I accepted last year. I have started to use it for last 3...

Breville Customer Services — Bad results

I have a Breville Fruit Juicer JE-24. it is a birthday present I accepted last year. I have started to use it for last 3...

Breville Espresso Machine — Customer Service

I purchased a Breville esspresso machine (Cafe Roma) in 2008. I emailed the company on 7/1/2010 to get a new part. It...

Breville — faulty product

i purashed a light changing breville kettle from tesco a few months ago, yesterday the kettle blew up in my kitchen when...

Breville Ikon — Customer Service/Faulty Appliance

I bought a Breville Ikon kettle that stopped working after 3 weeks of use. 2 hours on hold for customer service (no...

Breville - Ikon Breville Espresso Machine — Machine makes terrible espresso

I purchased this from a Company called Open Chute, inc and it took over two weeks to receive. There return policy i...