PC Richard & Sonrepair of out of warranty purchase - overkill

M Oct 09, 2019

Four years after purchasing a GE Convection Double Oven from PC Richard & Son, one of the burner units blew and the heat indicator light remained on. I reached out to PC Richard Customer Service, on approximately 10/2/19 for assistance in repair. I was informed by a male customer service agent that a serviceman would be dispatched. I then asked if I could use my PC Richard Charge Card for payment. I was told, yes.

On 10/9/19, GE Home Repair(Tom) arrived at my home, as promised, during the window hours and replaced one burner unit. GE Factory Replacement Part#WB30X24111. I was told these parts are very expensive as he had replaced 3 alone, this week. I was told during my initial call to PC Richard that I could not use my PC Richard Card for the form of payment and he double- checked to make sure. I indicated I would use a check, figuring the replacement would be somewhere around 180 dollars. Was I ever wrong.

How disappointing to be a loyal customer to PC Richard and buy all your major appliances from them and computers, only to be given inaccurate information to start out with. Their customer service people I dealt with need additional training on company procedures and how to listen to a customer. The two people I talked with were unprofessional, borderline rude and didn't know policy.

When the job was completed, I was given a bill of $286.48. This was after the repair man started somewhere in the 330 dollar range. He came down to the lower price, "helping me the best her could." Reluctantly, I paid the $286.48 charge, which represented almost 1/3 of the value of the stove that I bought on sale. The repairman tried to use my PC Richard Charge Card as a form of payment but it was not accepted as a legitimate form of payment.

After the repairman left, I googled the GE Part Number through the GE Factory to see that I could have purchased the unit for about $80.00. Amazon sells the unit for $50.00. This meant, I paid a repairman dispatched by PC Richard over 200 dollars for a service call and labor of approximately 15 minutes. Totally over-kill and more than what you would pay a doctor for a visit, or a specialized personal caregiver as an Orthopedic doctor.

I called PC Richard and discussed my disappointment with "Laura" in Customer Service. She believed the charges were what GE Home service deserved and really had little concern over my disappointment with GE Home Repair, who was dispatched by PC Richard. In fact, somewhere during the conversation, she muted me out and there was dead silence until she returned. (Total indifference to a customer complaint)She ended the indifferent reaction to my complaint by saying, "all your remarks have been turned over to my supervisor."

In the future, PC Richard needs to give a customer an idea of what cost he may be exposed to, the correct method of payment to utilize and back the customer after the sale. Even though GE Home Service was dispatched, PC Richard owed me some avenue of support and explanation as to why one stove unit costs almost 300 dollars.

I feel totally taken on this repair and feel totally left out in the cold by PC Richard from the first telephone call to the completed repair. Very poor customer service and support.

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