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9:23 pm - State id and real id

Last weekend I had my Permanent Resident Card stolen. I was in the process of applying for a real id. Before the theft, I had applied for my real id and state id online and uploaded all appropriate documents, including the document that was stolen. On Tuesday 13 October I was refused entry by an dmv employee, at the Pasadena office, even though I explained to her my situation. she was unsympathetic and rude too me. I'm now in a position where I cant get any id as all my ids have been stolen. I have a foreign passport, but it was replaced last year so its missing the immigration stamp, did not need this stamp as I had my green card, now everything is gone and cant get any ids.
I find the behavior of dmv office in Pasadena California really bad as I had already uploaded all the documents and common sense should have applied here. Now I'm in a bad situation as it will take 3 - 6 months for my permanent residency card to be replaced.

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3:15 pm - lack of techs for offline problem of smog testing sites

It been more than 2 weeks and 2 different Smog Test Only businesses that they both tell me there is one technician to service all Smog Test stations in Southern CA. The machines go off line and they need to wait for the "one" technician to show up. This is unacceptable. I waste time waiting or going back for a retest only to be told Tech has yet to show up. Fire this company and get one that will go to work. State of Ca has no problem increasing our fees but can't get reputable business to fix this issue. Fire them - I would! meanwhile I'm still waiting. DMV has my money and so does smog station.

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2:17 pm - renewal of my registration

I went to renew my registration for my vehicle on what I thought was the actual site I needed to be on and they never let me print out my actual card and they also charged me 49. 37 to do that. So i went to back thru found the Official site to renew my vehicle paid another 37.00 which is what it should have cost to do it in the first place renewed it got my card printed out and my vehicle is legal, But they only never put the money 49.37 back in my account and there is a 1.50 also taken out from them. And I want my money back for something I never got.

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