Orbitzrefused a refund for their mistake

K Aug 18, 2018

On July 2nd 2018 I was due to fly back from Montreal to Singapore where I live. When I arrived at the airport I found out that Orbitz had downgraded my ticket from Business to Premium Economy. I called them back to rectify the issue.

I spoke to multiple agents after being cut off or put on hold for up to 25 minutes at a time with no information and no one was able to rectify the issue before my flight.

I asked them to rectify the second leg of my journey whilst I was in the air to Beijing. In Beijing I should have had access to the lounge giving me free wifi and therefore the ability to make free calls. I asked them to grant me the access I would have had if they had not downgraded my ticket. This would have given them 13hours to find a solution for the 2nd leg of my journey - flight and lounge. I asked them to call me back once I landed to tell me what the situation was.

No one called. I had to call them. Repeatedly. No one was able to rectify the situation for the 2nd leg of the flight despite having hours to do it. No one I spoke to seemed to understand my issue or be able to do anything about it.

I finally spoke to a lady who offered a refund to cover the difference in the flight and my food costs in the airport. I told her that I would have wifi and call charges and she said to contact Orbitz again to arrange to refund them. I was offered a measly $200 travel voucher with Orbitz for the 26 hour journey I had to take sitting up despite paying for business.

My call and wifi charges to Orbitz were over SGD$500. I contacted them with the detailed bill and they refused in writing to pay.

I would like a refund of the call charges and wifi costs incurred due to their mistake in downgrading me - A total of $505.63 SGD (or at today's exchange rate, USD $369.90)

Itinerary Number: [protected] - Case ID : [REQ:S#[protected]]

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