FareGeek Complaints & Reviews / scammers

Dec 19, 2017

I don't know what I was thinking when I was booking tickets through them. I could have used a more reliable service with a укаусе reputation, but for some reason, I chose this crappy one. Well, it will be a very expensive lesson. The problem is that I bought a ticket that cost me 564... / my refund

Dec 07, 2017

I am still waiting for my refund to be put back into my account. This has been on going since October 2017. I was sent an email confirming my refund would be processed on the 28th November but my refund has still not reached my account. Please can someone advise me on 07967 482499 Thi... / Useless customer service

Feb 12, 2016

I booked some tickets via FareGeek. When I made my reservation they asked the details of my credit and my drivers license. That was strange, because never before no company asked me that, but still I did as they said. I contacted customer service by phone and asked if everything wa... / Unhappy customer

Jan 25, 2016

I booked a ticket through FareGeek back in October, but due to some circumstances I had to cancel my reservation. It is now January and I am still waiting on a refund for a flight cancellation. It's been more than 3 months now and still nothing. I have been waiting patiently, but I cannot... / Unhappy customer

Jan 08, 2016

I have booked a flight on November 15, 2015 but then I decided to cancel it and book another flight. I contacted the customer support and the travel agent said that it is possible, but they would charge additional $150 from me. I didn't want to pay some extra money for who knows what, so I... / Flight cancellation

Dec 23, 2015

To faregeek and anyone that tries to purchase flights with them. I am still waiting on a refund for a flight cancelation that was issued back in October (the 22). It's been 2 months and have been waiting patiently and nothing! Now, I am really upset and had to get my bank involved- and...

Faregeek / Fraud

Jul 07, 2015

We purchased a ticket in May for aermexico, We changed the ticket due to not having the passport in time and were told that we were going to get a credit on a ticket. The ticket was changed, they are saying we cancelled it. So they charged us twice for the same ticket when we clearly...

Faregeek / Scam

Jun 12, 2015

Worst experience ever! Buyer be aware, we purchased 4 tickets to travel to Colombia and due to medical reasons were no able to do so. We purchased the tickets in April for traveling in July, less than two weeks after booking we had the medical issue and contacted Faregeek to cancel the...

Faregeek / Ticketing

Feb 27, 2015

I am a fair balanced consumer that rarely makes complaints but based on my experience with, I had to share so others don't get screwed as bad I did. I booked a flight with them two weeks ago then I get an email stating that the my tickets were cancelled. I called the...

Faregeek / Don't make any deal with them

Dec 04, 2014

I looked for a cheap ticket for me and my brother at first even though I booked them they took the money only for one when I called they said there's nothing to do, I have to get a new ticket. Because they already processed the first one we agreed to get the second one even with the...

Faregeek / Not a real company.

Nov 19, 2013

To be fair... This 'company' saved me money and actually put me on the plane. However, the 48 hours I had to deal with them were among the most stressful in my life. Zero ticket receipt. An authorisation form for my credit card required despite already filling in the detail...

FAREGEEKS / Uncooperative

Jun 28, 2013

DO NO USE FAREGEEKS: We purchased roundtrip tickets to Austria and everything went smoothly until we had to change them because my son was transferred stateside with the military and would not be in Europe. The airlines provided us a phone number that WORKED and it is through TRANSAM...

Faregeek / BEWARE

Jun 04, 2013

CUSTOMER BEWARE! FareGeek is forever on my black list! Customers like myself have long memories. I am surprised companies still do not understand that. Also, I have made a complaint to Tripadvisor for promoting FareGeek on their site. Still have not received a response from them so they are... / Do yourself a favor and don't use their service

Dec 10, 2012

Was rerouted to this site from which i thought to be a reliable site for comparing prices for flights. However this is turning really ugly. . I'm supposed to leave with my girlfriend in two days, and yesterday i received an email from the company asking me to pay in... / They are likely selling information to others

Oct 12, 2012

A friend tried to book a flight on-line using an international credit card but they wouldn't process it without him photocopying the front and back of the card and faxing it to a number, which is a no-no. So he asked me if I would book the flight for him, which I did, and then he got... / Ticket Scam

Oct 08, 2012

I booked a flight to Washington with Faregeek yesterday and when I received the confirmation email for the ticket, the times on my departure and arrival had been changed to dates different than the ones I had picked, causing me to lose two days off my trip. When I called the help number... / They are a nightmare to deal with

Aug 20, 2012

On Thursday night, I booked a flight to India using this website. I received a confirmation email confirming my flight. The next day, I received an email from Faregeek telling me my booking had been CANCELLED with NO explanation. Just a generic "your booking has been cancelled." I... / One of the most appalling experiences I've ever had with an online company

May 23, 2012

One of the most appalling experiences I've ever had with an online company. I booked a flight which was cancelled without any notice - then I was sent 3 separate customers credit card details by email by mistake. I can only assume it also happened to me too, because shortly after... / Bait and Switch

Apr 01, 2012

Booked a round-trip flight from JFK (New York) to SOF (Bulgaria) connecting in London for $979 Received an email confirmation with a reservation number but later in the night I got an email from them that it was the "wrong validating carrier" The email made no sense, but it explained that... / This company, if you can even call it that, is a total scam

Mar 05, 2012

This company, if you can even call it that, is a total scam. I've never had such a terrible experience booking a trip online. I couldn't get through to anyone helpful after 10 attempts to call and email them. Be warned, do NOT buy anything from these scammers. I can't believe they are even allowed to operate. / Don't buy tickets with them

Jan 29, 2012

DON'T BUY TICKETS WITH THEM, $#*!tiest website and customer service I have seen, booked two tickets, paid for, got confirmation, after 10 minutes it's been canceled due to "glitch in the system", customer service did not even apologized and found me fare of $400 more, DON'T BUY TICKETS WITH THEM. / Beware buying a ticket through them

Jul 26, 2011

This fake company is operating by one or two fellows in India. Beware buying a ticket through them. There were so many restrictions that I lost half of my ticket and they wanted to charge me more than the Airline itself for a return ticket. Every time we call them, we get the same follow...