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Refund amount not reversed as promised.

March 15, I requested a cancellation base on the agent's information that it will be processed with a full refund. Upon checking (Trip ID [protected]) 537 AED was only reversed from 4, 851.61 AED spent. This is unacceptable, if I knew then I wouldn't cancel a flight dated Apr 22 as it is too early. I sent several emails with them requesting to convert it to the travel voucher or refund but they are sending the same emails without investigating. Emirates have convert to the voucher option. But since it was booked via the agent, the airlines couldn't process the travel voucher. I understand that Emirates did not refund my ticket but it was clear that my request was to cancel it if it will be a full refund and the agent assured me that it was a full refund. This is clearly a mistake in Cleartrip side. Please help me.

Refund amount not reversed as promised.
Refund amount not reversed as promised.
Refund amount not reversed as promised.


Non refund on cancelled ticket for inoperative flight


I had booked an air india flight ticket through cleartrip (trip id [protected]) from dubai to delhi on 17th march scheduled to fly on 24th march 2020 for aed 399.

Due to the lockdown imposed we had to cancel the same as no flights operated from dubai and none were allowed to touch down at delhi airport.

We have been requesting 'cleartrip' on refund as I need to return to india with complete bag & baggage and I wont be operating my account any longer but none have responded on my pleas.

We would request your good sources to help get the amount refunded at the soonest as per international civil aviation norms.

Thank you!

(roshni gulati)

Refund amount discrepancy

I have booked tickets for my family through Cleartrip. Due to current corona situation, the flight was rescheduled by the airlines (Indigo) and accordingly I cancelled the tickets. As rescheduling was done by the airlines, they agreed to refund the full amount (AED. 4345.00). But when I cancelled the tickets through Cleartrip portal, they deducted considerable amount as cancellation charges and refunded only AED. 3376.00. I tried to contact Cleartrip customer service offices in UAE & India but not able to reach. Really unprofessional and service by Cleartrip.

full refund amount not received

cancelled my ticket which was booked through your portal. Airlines refund AED 736.00 You Cleartrip refunded only AED 367.00 How can you take away my hard earned money just like that. You make profit out of me is fine; but not cheating like this. when I spoke to the call centre, they promised that i would get a refund of AED 696.00 after deducting conveninece fees. That was acceptable. I want the balance amount .my trip id I booked my ticket from Dubai to Madurai to Dubai travel date 5th March 2020


Hello I Mr Anag had cancelled the following tickets booked with the below trip ids. [protected]. Dxb to...

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no ticket issued but money deducted

Please note that I tried booking a ticket from Kuwait to Cochin, however the web site showed that transaction was declined, but the amount was deduced from my bank in Kuwait. my reference Clear trip ID is191209664242 for which amount of KD 127.980 was deduced on 9th December 2019. I called up CLEAR TRIP numerous times but without any result. I also submitted my bank statement through mail for which they told me to contact the bank, I then have contacted my bank and the have given me the following codes by which transfer has taken place to Clear Trip account. E0225001 &[protected].

Please reimburse my money at the earliest as this has happened more than 20 days back.

Irshad Kunju


waiting for refund

Please urgently advise, clear trip number [protected]
on the 19th November you took 1805 QAR from my bank account and did not confirm my flight, I received a messaging saying this would be refunded in 24 hours, 7 days later I have still not received this refund, This is unacceptable as I needed to book this flight, Please advise urgently when this payment will be refunded, you should have not taken the money if the flight could not be confirmed, this is terrible service,

Please urgently advice,

not refund my amount - 7 months

I have booked ticket for myself and family from Bahrain to Kozhikode from cleartrip on 13th Feb 2019 including Travel Guard policy. We got the confirmed Jet Airways ticket for 19th June 2019. Cleartrip cancelled my ticket on 18th April 2019 due to Jet Airways suspended all flights, and cleartrip agent confirmed that I will get my refund within 7 working days. I have been waiting more than 7 months for clear trip to refund my amount. I have contacted many times but I never get a clear answer. I know that Jet Airways stopped the service but I have paid to clear trip so clear trip is responsible to refund the amount. I am trying to chat with customer care team and it seems blocked me as I am unable to go to the chat window, I tried calling and once enter my trip ID no one is answering calls.. I have proof for all these including the message I received form one of your team member said that it will be paid in 7 days. I spoke to some of cleratrip customer service team but no use, they will ask me to wait for more days . I have paid for the insurance as well and there is no benefits.

not refund my amount - 7 months
not refund my amount - 7 months
not refund my amount - 7 months
not refund my amount - 7 months
not refund my amount - 7 months


flight cancellation on scheduled day

i am a regular customer of a clear trip and always prefer to book the ticket from your platform. i booked the ticket from your site almost 1 month before i have to travel, they send me the E ticket on my same email address as normal. Keeping in mind that everything is normal and ticket is scheduled already, i went to airport on the scheduled date to fly back to my hometown. it was an immense shock and frustrated moment for me when i get to know my ticket is being cancelled by clear trip without any information and consent.

i really struggled and suffered on the airport for almost 2 hours because airport administration totally refused to issue me a boarding pass. Immediately, i escalated this issue to your customer services agent and he stayed with me over the phone for almost 1 hour to help and support me. i am not sure what was the root cause, and who was responsible to put me in this issue but the thing is I SUFFERED ALOT.

Even after struggling for 1 and a half hour, nobody from your team was able to resolve the issue. At the end, your agent advised me to buy a new ticket of the same flight from Riyadh to Lahore and clear trip will reimbursed this additional amount which is being paid by myself on the airport.

charges for extras on spicejet ticket - but spicejet did not receive

On 11th Oct. 2019, as given in Cleartrip order id [protected], I bought a Spicejet airline ticket PNR S6MKPY...

extra payment charged

I've purchase a return ticket auh to del & del to auh, for total trip they've charged me extra 100 dirham...

payment not received for jet airways flight

We had booked our flight ticket by clear trip for jet airways for july 2019 Dxb-Mum and return Mum-Dxb, as the airways was closed so clear trip promised full refund but till now there is no response and no refund also the amount I paid was 3800/- Dhs ref no is trip Id [protected], Jet airways 537, PNR BTEISA.

Please refund us the amount as we are following up since April as we the cancellation was done.

refund for the trip id - [protected] not done for 2+ months more now

I have booked the ticket from chennai to Riyadh on saudia airlines through cleartrip.
have cancelled ticket partially and i got the message from cleartrip about the confirmation on 14th Aug. I did not realize any money in my bank account.
And so i reached out to them in sep-2019 and i again received a SMS saying 1626 SAR is refund is processed and will be credited to your account in 5-7 working days.

I have still not realized in my account and have been following up wtih clear trip every alternative day and i am getting one or other excuses only.

Meanwhile, they sent me a mail again asking bank details towards end of sep and i got a confirmation over mail again from cleartrip on Oct 1st saying the refund is processed and will be credited to my accout in 5-7 days.

Till now, it is not done and they are giving it is under process...

now, i donot know what to do ...

can someone help me here

Thanks & Regards
Mujeebur Rahman
+966 [protected]

refund for the trip id - [protected] not done for 2+ months more now
refund for the trip id - [protected] not done for 2+ months more now


booking confirmation not issued

I buy 9 nights at Sarasota Residential Resort in Manila, Philippines. IN SEP 15/2019.
My trip id is [protected]
The issued Voucher says to contact the hotel in advance of the trip, using information from the booking confirmation in order to perform the check in.
I end up contacting the hotel using AGODA. But they told me they sent the check in information to the email stated in the booking confirmation.
Now I am in a endless looping, because I don't have the booking confirmation, even to know what e-mail the are sending my information.

booking confirmation not issued


refund issue

leartrip, I Myself abid khan has issue related with refund. I am trying to book a irctc railway ticket on 1...


flight ticket from skyshopper-cleartrip flydubai

I bought a flight ticket from Romania Bucharest to Dubai and retour from Skyshopper but after they took the...


airline ticket

I was booking ticket from Ranchi to Bangaloreon Cleartrip app on 18sep 2019 at 7.20 pm. my money 4407 rupees deducted from Paytm wallet but ticket not booked...paytm transaction I'd is [protected]...Cleartrip order I'd is128190204..I am attaching screen shot with this complain.There is no customer care no where I can call directly.. please help me in this problem...

airline ticket


flight ticket overcharged

i had booked ticket from chennai to kul by air asia, fare of which was Rs.6000 at the time of booking on air asia site, clear trip has clearly overcharged us with unnecessary additional charges like bloated base fare of 19986 + other charges 2364 . In addition to the convienence fee of 2200.
This is blatant loot.When i could hv gone on air asia site and booked within Rs.18000.
Expect quick resolution on this please.

unauthorized booking from debit card - adcb

Yesterday 08.09.2019 there was a unauthorized booking was made from by husband's ADCB debit card for a amount AED 1503 for Colonna resort IT booking no OPT was asked from Clear trip or Bank so disappointing that we have always been booking our Tickets from clear trip and there is no security of this site now. Can clear trip help us get this matter sorted and get the refund of the amount ?????

Is this not a trust site anymore?????

refund not processing

I have cancelled a ticket which is from Muscat to Hyderabad Via Dubai on 09.Aug.2019 (Travel date) through the Emirates Airlines.

Its been 2 months 7 days since I have Cancelled the ticket and till today I haven't received any refund from Cleartrip.
When I'm trying to contact the Cleartrip customer service, they were saying that the payment is pending from Airlines side. The same story they were repeating from the past 15days when I tried to call them.

Please help me in getting the refund very soon
Thanks & Regards
Ilias Ali Sheik
+968 [protected]
Trip ID: [protected]
E-mail: [protected]@gmail.com