Orbitzcustomer service / flight bookings

A Aug 14, 2018

On August 14th I called their booking phone number and received terrible service all around. I spent 48 mins 02 seconds on the phone with the first person. I was put on hold several times and had to give my flight information 6 times. The person told me that he is unable to find the flights, despite me giving all the airport codes several times. I told him TPE and he kept asking if I wanted to fly out of ICN. I was then told to "hang on" and was transferred to customer service where I waited on the line for 24 minutes to speak with someone. I spoke with a different person who told me the price has increased from $442 to $1027. I asked her how that is possible if I see the price online and am currently looking at it and the answer I received that "I don't know..." She said that they are unable honor prices found on their website and could not tell me what the error number I was receiving meant. I then asked customer service how to file a complaint and I was told they do not have a complaint department and there is nothing she can do if I received bad service. She said I cannot talk to anyone about it. I definitely will NEVER be booking with them as I can only imagine what would happen if I have a problem while traveling. Absolutely useless company.

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