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I have never experienced such disgusting, careless and downright embarrassing customer service, until I tried reaching out to Optimum to resolve a 7 month long issue I've had with their internet service. My internet service has been terrible for 7 months now, sometimes it's dependable and I can actually do my job (I work from home) however it is mostly inconsistent and I haven't been getting the download and upload speeds that I pay monthly for. The first few times I have called regarding this issue I was told to ask for a credit for the time period in which my internet is bad, which I have been doing. I called back regarding a credit yesterday afternoon, and was put on hold multiple times and told that I couldn't get the credit because I already had one the month prior. After a back and forth with the agent who was trying to help (really not helping at all, just reading a script and apologizing that there's nothing they can do) I kindly asked to be transferred to a supervisor. This is where things get interesting. After the agent telling me that they have the same answers as a supervisor and they can help instead, and me insisting that's okay and I would still like to speak to a manager, and this happening for about 5-7 minutes, I was transferred to another agent. I asked if I was speaking to a supervisor, and I was told that there aren't any supervisors at the moment to speak to and that they could help instead. I politely asked when I would be able to speak to a supervisor, since the issue I'm having is very extensive, and now I'm being told exact opposite information than I was 72 hours before, and I was told that there's a 30-40 minute wait time, or they could call me back in 2-3 days. I politely declined and asked if there's any other way to speak to a supervisor faster, since I don't have an additional 40 minutes to spend on the phone waiting for a chance to speak to a supervisor since I had already been on the phone for quite some time, simply trying to explain my situation. The man I spoke to started to tell me that I CANNOT speak to a supervisor because there aren't any at all, and that they have all the answers I would need either way, although there wasn't a single solution provided! I tried my luck one last time and explained my situation, and the agent who I was speaking to changed his tone to very condescending almost amused at the fact that I'm asking for a credit for an entire week where my internet was unusable. He told me I wasn't going to get the credit THAT I WAS TOLD BY ANOTHER AGENT 72 HOURS PRIOR THAT I AM ENTITLED TO A CREDIT, because I already had a credit the month before, and there's nothing he can do. It is incredibly frustrating to be told one thing, and then the complete opposite within a matter of a few days, and on top of it I can't even speak to a supervisor! Because apparently there is none. I will be taking my business elsewhere and will be switching to Verizon. I strongly suggest to anyone seeking reliable internet and customer support not to choose optimum as their cable/internet provider.

Jul 23, 2019
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  • Ma
      Aug 27, 2019

    Does anyone else have problems with Altice 1? It does not work with my Vizio TV. I get picture but no sound. If the TV and box is turned off and on repeatedly 5 to 10 times, sometimes the sound will come on. Tonight, after 25+ times turning my Vizio TV on and off with the Altice Mini being turned on and off as well in cycles, it still did not have sound?
    Why doesn't Altice system work with Vizion TV's...… Rep tried telling me my Vizio TV is defective or has The problem.
    But, that TV never had a problem with FIOS? This problem has been consistent since I got ALTICE. Multiple times of calling customer service, and hours and hours spent re-booting, downloading etc etc etc has not fixed the problem.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?

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