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The technician cam today morning the 3rd day have unreliable internet and very bad tv. Then after 1.5 hrs the tech leaving, the altice one came to CM Registering, then it was saying init failed router. The support call I made at around 145 PM, they said some one will be there by the end of the day. Later the dispatcher xall ed d and said there is no technician available, the schedule for the tech is tomorrow 08/30/2018 between 11 and 2 PM. The router and cable modem.aee built into one
And the sad thing is there is only one cable internet available here. Thanks to monopoly, the tech/customer service dont care, you are just a number.

  • Updated by Sastry V.Malapaka · Aug 28, 2018

    The internet/tv keeps loosing connection, I lost internet all day, at 530 after rebooting 5 times, the Altice one booted . I called the tech support 3 times, they said i cant do anything until thursday. This is not acceptable.



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    Genrikh Ratz Jul 31, 2019

    In the beginning of 20th days of July I during CHAT with Optimum let them know, that I receive systematically wrong page of Optimum, and often no Internet at all, otherwise my Internet works fine. Optimum suggested visit for repair. I agreed. Technician came and pressed continuously repeatedly and clicked buttons on my keyboard, like he tried to find something without knowing for what. Then he took yellow cable from his bag and connected it to my computer, Internet began working, but slower and worse. I found immediately, this is because he changed its configuration to Ethernet, nothing telling me. I was very dissatisfied with unprofessional activity of Optimum in my service. I call for Chat again, and Optimum sent next day another technician to correct Optimum defects imposed on my computer. This second one removed yellow cable and returned wifi, then telling me nothing, NOT TELLING NEW WIFI ADDRESS AND PASSWORD simply disappeared, giving me necessity long time to search this in Optimum chat. Then Optimum let me know, that it added $80 for technician visit, because, they say, I, not Optimum, must fixing Optimum's wrongdoing. Now I wait for Optimum's bill, to let it begin its administrative travel for correction, because my CHAT representative on July 31 said to me: $80 is already in my bill and bill is correct. I understood, speaking with Optimum is just spending my time. Genrikh

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