CB Internet Providers Optimum Bad service, continued horribly trained technician abuse

Optimum review: Bad service, continued horribly trained technician abuse

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On June 21, my cable box stopped working. I contacted Optimum to attempt to resolve issue and the "technician" asked me for all my information, then asked to me unplug/plug back in box, and then decided that I needed to go exchange my box for a new at any store. I asked if I needed to make an appointment or anything, he said no, just to unplug box and go to the local store to exchange. On Friday morning, I was able to take the day off from work to go to the closest Optimum store. Upon arrival, I was told that they did not have my Altice All in One box to replace mine, and when I asked where I could go to get one, he stated he had no idea. He then proceeded to get me two boxes: one with a cable box, and one with a router. He also provided me with battery packs and cords, remote, batteries, a splitter, a coaxle cable, and a pamphlet. Once he printed the receipt, he told me to go home and "scan the QR code and follow the instructions to install the equipment". I laughed at how I needed to go home and play technician, and still pay for my bill at the end of the month. I walked to my car fuming, and decided to contact customer service to inquire where I could go get an Altice All in One box, seeing as space was limited, and all of this equipment was too much to place int he space at home. I chose not to leave the parking lot in the event I had to go back inside the store to leave this equipment. In speaking with Antoine, he stated that I "should NOT have removed the box; a technician should have come to do that". When I told him the direction I had been give by their technical department, he stated he didn't know why. Then I asked where I could go to locate an All in One box, and he placed me on hold, only to come back to tell me that they are "phasing those boxes out". Upon arriving home to play technician, I scanned the QR code and followed the instructions to the "T", only to have a screen pop up to contact the technical department, which I had the distinct honor of pseaking with "Omar", who was rude, nasty, and refused to help me complete the set up; after an hour, and me begging for him to transfer me to someone who was willing to help me, he hung up on me. I immediately called back, and got "Muhammed" on the line, who after hearing what Omar had done and not done to help me, was patient enough to walk me through having to set up a splitter, connect coaxle cables, and to dsicover that I was in need of yet another coaxle cable to finish the connection. I needed to go to the store to purchase one, and Muhammed agreed to call me back the next day, Saturday morning at 10AM when he shift started to make sure I was complete in my setup. He, in fact, kept his word, called me back, and we were able to connect the cable and ALL WAS FINE until this morning at 6:30AM. I was watching a news channel, and all of a sudden, the screen switched to read "You can be watching this channel in a few minutes if you call this 800 number to upgrade: this was happening on all channels. Now, you may be thinking, "was the bill paid"? Yes, it was all current and paid for. This was clearly a problem from their end. I called again to speak to someone from the technical department, only to speak to four different people, and get hung up on. To end this disgusting, abhorrent, and dismissive behavior from this company, I called back one more time to cancel my service. I also took time to file a complaint with the FCC, and file another complaint here. I was also advised to contact my State Attorney General.

Desired outcome: For a human being to admit that this was not my fault, and to resolve the issue, and credit me for all of my work, and my time without service.