OneTravel Complaints & Reviews

OneTravel / lack of information

Mar 23, 2019

Hi, my name is Thomas Leacy and I am living in Spain ( [email protected] ) on the 18th of march I booked flights for my sister and her family to come to me on the 31/03/2019 from dublin ( Ireland ) to alicante ( Spain ) booking ref No 58016388. The money has been taken from my...

OneTravel / horrible customer service

Jan 14, 2019

I was simply trying to book a trip for 7 people. The online version did not allow over a 5 person booking. So I called... Spent over 30 minutes while every name was read back to me letter by letter... And then after I provided my credit card.. She said she took too long and the price went...

OneTravel / refund

Nov 22, 2018

My Booking #54948928. Flight from Vancouver To Belgrade on Nov 13'18. It was no show and flight was $1, 000 USD. I send so many email asking for some refund explaining why should I got some refund such as: 1. Paid taxes $150 USD 2. Travel insurance $65 USD 3. Seat reservation $50 USD 4. I...

OneTravel / total fraud

Nov 06, 2018

This travel agent is a total fraud. Abviously they pay google big big bucks to come up as the first result even though I'm searching from Australia. Their price appeared competitive against other travel agencies because they only show in US dollars. And no where in the booking review, seat...

OneTravel / scam but you can fight them!

Sep 28, 2018

Just did a reservation for a reasonable price for my sister to come visit me for her birthday. Guess what? When they showed the option first (and the cheapest option) it was shift 2 days before dates I was searching for. I did not pay attention to this first. WHY? For so many years doing...

One Travel / notification

Jul 31, 2018

On the 20th of July One Travel sent me the following email: Dear Customer, This is in reference to your booking #51998018# with We have received notice from the airline that you were no-show for outbound flights so airline cancelled your return flight so kindly get in...

OneTravel / regarding my reference no:51436224

Jun 24, 2018

on 22nd June Thursday my ticket was issued and money was deducted from my account '.. but no information was e-mailed and nothing I received .. is this the way and make a customer wait with no.information.received Any where and I.get a call from.the bank that money...

OneTravel / received "booking failed" notification when flight was actually confirmed.

Jun 04, 2018

On May 29th I booked a flight to San Francisco from Toronto on One Travel. 1 hour after receiving my confirmation email I received another email with the subject "Booking Failed: Important Information Regarding your trip to San Francisco". The email said "We're sorry but seats sold out for...

OneTravel / unacceptable flight schedule change

Apr 14, 2018

To whom it may concern: I have booked a return flight from Auckland (NZ) to Berlin (Germany) via ONE TRAVEL, booking #49337071. According to the original itinerary issued on 25 March 2018, travel times were 27h (onward flight) and 25h15m (return flight), and layover times (KUL) - 2h10m...

OneTravel / flight #432 & #433 confirmation code rdvp2g - booking #47717332

Mar 02, 2018

Dear One Travel, We booked a flight via your website (Flight #432 & #433 Confirmation code RDVP2G - Booking #47717332) on February 7, 2018. Our flight from Toronto, Canada via Air Canada (flight AC92) to Santiago, Chile was delayed and as a result it caused us to miss the flight booked...

[Resolved] OneTravel / flights was booked on wrong dates

Feb 19, 2018

I booked my flights online two weeks before my departure dates. At the time I booked my flights I was unable to pay online as they did not take multiple transactions. When I spoke with the agent I had on multiple occasions asked to have flights for after 5 pm on 02/15/2018. I was told over...

[Resolved] OneTravel / airline tickets

Feb 19, 2018

I purchased two tickets to Copenhagen from One Travel today. I made the wrong purchase and called them within a few minutes and asked to move the trip to the next day. The agent on chat said, it sill cost 150.00 he said airlines charge. He said, if we lose connection can I call you. I told...

One Travel / air ticket purchase refund due to accident

Jan 03, 2018

47135571 is the one travel ticket reference. I got road accident. I can not travel. I wanted to travel to Macau. I request a refund. It's insured ticket. Please reply back at earliest. The one travel agents are available online but can't be contacted. They are not replying. They are not...

OneTravel / airline booking

Dec 28, 2017

My friend and I booked a flight through OneTravel. We had searched on Google Flights for the best flight for a leg of our trip. When we clicked on the flight we wanted the option to book immediately came up. This was OneTravel, which we thought was affiliated with the airline. We called... / airline ticket destination was changed after tickets were paid for

Dec 19, 2017

I bought 2 r/t flight from papeete to bora bora from They issued tickets from papeete to raiatea. Fortunately I had taken screenshots of all steps of the order sequence. I immediately contacted them via phone (Since this is the only way to reach them) to correct the...

OneTravel / booking cancellation

Nov 26, 2017

Booking #46630841 & 46631314 Tried to cancel the reservation because the credit card got declined and told to hold the charges on the phone to the new credit card but the agent hang up and charged to another credit card. Called right back and the agent said it was charged already so had to...

OneTravel / bookin 46326816 tickets on 06.02.18 to ny payment; one travel money was deducted from my bank account while egyptair the carrier money was returned

Nov 15, 2017

Dear sir/Madame Kindly be informed that I ve booked thru ur website 46326816 One Travel Booking 2 tickets operated by Egypair. Checked with the bank your money was deducted from my account but Egyptair money has been returned to my account. Which will eventually means that those ticket...

OneTravel / cancelled trip

Oct 29, 2017

I am contacting you as a very upset customer. I cancelled a trip because you one travel changed the flight I had and that was not good for me so they said I could cancel at no penalty to me. I have not received the refund I have been waiting in and need. I have contacted their...

OneTravel / ripoff

Oct 04, 2017

The most terrible company on the planet. Greedy people, shady business. Why would they change the dates without any sort of notification and then ask for more money? It's so ridiculous to me, I paid much money, I paid enough, but they wanted more and more. And if you disagree and would like...

OneTravel / website and alternate travel dates

Sep 26, 2017

Booking #45221732 My complaint is that I searched for a round trip tickets (Nashville, TN to Charleston, SC) with specific travel dates (December 2 and return Decmeber 3rd) in the search for airfare. My return flight was unknowingly changed without my knowledge. I thought the airfare option...

OneTravel / very stressful

Aug 28, 2017

People, don't book your tickets from them!! I made a booking from them and confirmed everything as it was required. I carefully checked everything before booking like I usually do. After confirmation, I got an email with tickets for another date that was unacceptable for me. I called them to...

OneTravel / don't recommend it

Aug 14, 2017

Oh I think this is the first and the last time I used OneTravel for changing my flights without so called huge charging. I requested to cancel my order they said I had to pay a $150 fee! for that!! Why??? How come the cancellation costs like a new ticket? What about helping people without...

OneTravel / bad business practices, enormous fees, fake claims of extra insurance

Jul 31, 2017

I purchased a ticket to include flight insurance. Attempted to update my middle name and the initial fee was 50 USD with n40n hrs later 75 USD. Asked customer service about the insurance that was offered when purchasing ticket that would cover change of flight and cancellation if needed...

OneTravel / date changed from selecting the flight to showing another date after I submitted payment

Jul 05, 2017

My son is traveling to australia at the end of july/beginning of aug. 2017. He asked me to keep an eye on flight prices through several different sites. On the onetravel site I looked up, with the criteria, one way/date of travel july 31/17/departing vancouver, bc/destination sydney... / travel

May 16, 2017

I booked an international flight and prior to booking it clearly says free cancellation within 24 hours. 2 hours later, i called and try to cancel and i was told that there's $75 per passenger fee. I asked about the 24hour free cancellation, apparently it means, if you cancel within 24... / reservation car with a fictional rental car company

May 05, 2017

I live in Canada and I have reserved a car with OneTravel from Bucharest Airport.But when I arrived there nobody hear by this rental car company (Rhodium).They have no office and representant there.I had to rent another car from Sixt and I lost my money and my time.OneTravel charged me and they told me they cant refund me even if they sold me a ###.iS

OneTravel / my booking was cancelled

Apr 19, 2017

My experience with OneTravel was bad. I booked a flight via their website and received all the confirmations. Two days before the departure day I received another message from OneTravel. It said that flight was overbooked and they had to cancel my ticket. There was also mentioned a full...

OneTravel / customer service

Mar 16, 2017

OneTravel is the worst company I have ever dealt with, they are terrible and highly unprofessional! I called them so many times and every time I was put on hold for like forever and then disconnected. When I sent them messages they replied that someone from their company will call me back...

OneTravel / payment

Mar 04, 2017

Dear Sir, I have received sms from my bank about transaction from your company, I immediately contacted customer service by the chat service who asked me to contact billing service. I have contacted billing service by email they replied me they can not cancel I should contact customer...

OneTravel / rental car booking #37805928

Jan 23, 2017

Dear sirs, I am tired of this run around game and am requesting my $671.42 usd money back. I never got the rental car in morelia mexico because the agent at the desk wanted a $4000.00 dollar deposit on the car he also wanted 375 a day for insurance. Now I have made a lot of calls to you and...

OneTravel / unauthorized credit card charges

Dec 29, 2016

On OneTravel Booking with reference no. 34828095 which I booked on Fri, May 6, 2016 via their website:, I was charged for seating that I never authorized. I did go to one of the airline's website (American Airlines flew segments of this flight itinerary) to try to choose...

OneTravel / stay away from this cheater company!

Nov 18, 2016

Stay away from this cheater company! I have booked a flight via OneTravel website and they made a mistake in my name. I contacted them and asked them to fix everything and they said that they can do that but I need to pay for that service. Then I asked them to cancel my flight and return...

OneTravel / never again!!

Nov 08, 2016

I was planning a trip so I purchased a flight via OneTravel service. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go anywhere so I contacted OneTravel support and asked them to cancel my booking. I paid the cancellation fee and later they informed me that my ticket was cancelled. They said I'll get a...

OneTravel / hidden cancellation fees (although I purchased travel insurance, which says: cancellation covered)

Jul 13, 2016

Do not buy through onetravel if you know you might need to cancel your ticket. You'll endup paying double in their hidden fees (Besides the $200 penalty fees). Travel insurance does not cover ticket cancellation, unless someone is dead in your family, you have an emergency situation (So these...

OneTravel / bad service

Mar 15, 2016

I wanted to buy a ticket and was redirected to OneTravel website. Few weeks later I broke my leg and contacted OneTravel to cancel my reservation. I spent over $500 and they offered me only $100! Then I asked for a manager and they've put me on hold for about 30 minutes. I gave up and...

OneTravel / beware of being cheated!

Jan 18, 2016

I booked a flight via OneTravel. And I spent about two hours on the phone trying to cancel it. Before that, I called several times but their line was always busy. When I finally reached someone I was told that cancellation fee will be charged. I asked how much it would cost and the rep... / cancellation of booking

Jul 09, 2015

On the 5, July 2015, I made and paid for Muticity flights booking via Kayak website, my bookings are as follow, 30 July 2015 mbj 12:55pm--Fll arriving 3:55pm. Aug 7 9:20pmFll---YYZ 1:19pm. Aug12, 10:15amYY Z--Mbj1:19pm and a total of US$1333.16.when i was ready to make payment, the website... / most agents sound indian

Dec 20, 2012

ONETRAVEL.COM I checked for flight ticket prices to India. They show one of the lowest prices online, but they are crooked. I attempted more than five times to type in all my information and credit card information, only to return sold out. How can tickets from different routes be sold out... / just awful if you need to contact by phone

Nov 28, 2012

Just awful if you need to contact by phone. Wait over an hour. Every few seconds a dumb announcement 'please have your booking number ready so we can assist us faster' 'you can find answers to FAQ on our web site' 'thank you for continuing to hold, a cust svc rep... / choosing flights for me totally different from the dates I actually asked fo

Sep 27, 2012

Worst site Ever. They do have cheap fares which I got lured in. What I didnt expect was it choosing flights for me totally different from the dates I Actually asked for. I booked on a weekend and didnt get to check booking confirmation back when at work where I sued my work email. turns out it...