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Brussels Airlines Complaints 18

8:52 am EST
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My two companions didn't make the outbound flight, I waited until the last possible minute, then boarded alone. Shortly after arriving in Brussels, I received an email from Brussels Airlines telling me that as I was listed as a "no show", my return reservation was cancelled. During my stay in Belgium, I called Customer Services sixteen times, and had to go...

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5:37 pm EDT
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I have booked a ticket with Brussel airlines from Birmingham to Copenhagen and there was a delay in sending me my ticket confirmation I was trying to call them and ask them to send it. They send it half an hour before the flight took off the check desk was already closed 40 mn before. I have the emails from them which shows the time when I received the...

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5:52 am EDT
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I filed the claim (by an online form) for compensation due to denial of boarding due to overbooking on the flight NAP/BRU 10 AGO 2023 for me, my wife and my granddaughter. After 2 weeks I received a mail from SAKSHI BAKASHI at [protected] asking to complete the claim documentation by providing a power of attorney for me to be able...

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Is Brussels Airlines Legit?

Brussels Airlines earns a trustworthiness rating of 91%

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Our conclusion: After a detailed review, ComplaintsBoard finds Brussels Airlines to be a trustworthy company. Although there's a 5% resolution rate for customer complaints, which deserves attention, Brussels Airlines is known for their high standards and safety. If you're thinking about dealing with Brussels Airlines, it's wise to check how they handle complaints.

We found clear and detailed contact information for Brussels Airlines. The company provides a physical address, phone number, and 2 emails, as well as 4 social media accounts. This demonstrates a commitment to customer service and transparency, which is a positive sign for building trust with customers. has a valid SSL certificate, which indicates that the website is secure and trustworthy. Look for the padlock icon in the browser and the "https" prefix in the URL to confirm that the website is using SSL.

We looked up Brussels Airlines and found that the website is receiving a high amount of traffic. This could be a sign of a popular and trustworthy website, but it is still important to exercise caution and verify the legitimacy of the site before sharing any personal or financial information

However ComplaintsBoard has detected that:

  • While Brussels Airlines has a high level of trust, our investigation has revealed that the company's complaint resolution process is inadequate and ineffective. As a result, only 5% of 18 complaints are resolved. The support team may have poor customer service skills, lack of training, or not be well-equipped to handle customer complaints.
  • There was some difficulty in evaluating or examining the information or data present on the This could be due to technical issues, limited access, or website may be temporarily down for maintenance or experiencing technical difficulties.
  • We conducted a search on social media and found several negative reviews related to Brussels Airlines. These reviews may indicate issues with the company's products, services, or customer support. It is important to thoroughly research the company and its offerings before making any purchases to avoid any potential risks.
11:05 am EDT
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Brussels Airlines lost luggage

Brussels is definitely the worst airline i have ever taken. The staff gave different or uncertain responses along the way. what was worst, they lost my luggage and was not responding now. How can a company like this even exist?

July 27th 07:45 am-08:45 Paris to Brussels Flight number: SN3630 By Brussles airline

July 27th 10:30 am -18:50pm Brussels to Kigali Flight number: SN0465 ( The flight was delayed. It departed from Brussels around 2:30 pm and arrived in Kigali around 11:50 pm) By Brussels airline

July 28th 01:20 am - 03:15 am from Kigali to Entebbe By Rwanda airline

Staff from Brussels told me that my luggage would go directly from Paris to Entebbe so I did not pick it up in Kigali. But when i was arrived in Entebbe, no luaggage for me!

I have been trying to contact Brussels but they just said they did not see my luggage and nothing they can do.

Desired outcome: I want my luggage!

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7:59 am EDT
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Brussels Airlines Card charges and bad services.

Dear sir/Madam,

I am putting Brussels air Ghana office on Notice of claim against a joint booking reference on United Airlines and Brussels airlines as follows:

1. I am Nicholas Arthur. I bought a ticket at Brussels airlines offices in Accra in May 2023 with booking reference HBTVQT – LTOD5M.

2. The HBTVQT was business class ticket from Accra on United Airlines through Dulles airport to my destination in Nashville in Tennessee on 29/05. I must emphasis and put on record that the strip from Accra to Nashville was very good, and I responded positively on the survey in that order.

3. I was to return from Nashville back to London on the 12th of June 2023 on an economy class ticket. However, I decided to buy seats under Economy plus to have more legroom to stretch which I did via my visa card ending 3155 with receipt numbers [protected] BNA-IAH @ $66.[protected], IAH-LHR @ $295.00). But later the same day, I saw there was business class opportunity, so I decided to do an upgrade online by going to United’s website. But to do the upgrade as MileagePlus customer with my ref (AAX01034) I had to buy more miles+ cash

4. So, I, again bought 11,000 miles @ $413.00 with confirmation number [protected]-1765 and another $300 and I was sent a MileagePlus business first upgrade reference number [protected] and eTicket number [protected], BNA-LHR. All these payments were debited against my visa card ending 3155

5. I got to the airport in Nashville and showed them all the payment transactions and all the stated references in (3 above) but I got the worse treatment at the check-in desk of United. The lady said, she couldn’t get me a seat on business. If I had not gone to the airport at earlier, I would have missed the flight. They wasted two hours of my time asking me to unpack and repack my stuff to get the required 23kilos per bag from the initial 32kilos I had packed knowing that I had purchased and upgraded ticket to business. Eventually I flew the economy plus I had earlier purchased to London.


6. The worst thing again, was that I reached out to UNITED when I got to London telling them to refund the $300+413, I have enumerated above because I never got the business class I upgraded for which reason they debited those monies from visa card ending 3155. I was asked to do it through the website which I did, when they responded, I realized however that they had cancelled my flight back to Accra under booking ref LTOD5M… Damn! Can you imagine, I exclaimed! For them to restore the booking so that I Fly back home, they asked that I pay another $268… This is complete extortion of the highest order!

7. They did not listen to my explanation. In my desperation again, I paid $268 for the booking to be restored with my visa card ending 3155.

8. I was to return from London to Accra through Brussels under ticket reference LTOD5M on 17th June 2023. But before the trip, I decided once again, to upgrade the ticket to business by paying extra fees. I wasn’t fortunate so I consigned my mind to the economy class only for me to reach Brussels’ airport desk to be told I am only entitled for one 23kilo bag instead of the two bags booked under my original HBTVQT.

9. Again, Brussels airline forced me to pay £87 for the other bag I was entitled to …I Paid and got the bags checked in. I upgraded again from Brussels and paid 200 Euros and finally arrived in Accra on 17th June 2023.

I wonder how many human beings can take what I had to go through. A real ORDEAL!. I got enticed by a close friend of mine to change from my British Airways with executive club membership spanning over 25 years to join United and Brussels only to be treated this way on my first ever flight with your airline.


10. Refund the $268 for restoring the booking LTOD5M which I didn’t cancel

11. Refund the £87 pounds for the second bag,

12. Refund the $300 upgrade which didn’t work and never given a seat.

13. Refund the 11,00 purchased miles @ $413 to be credited to my miles on my MileagePlus account AAX01034.

I have kept my lawyers in copy here with my instructions to take the issue up in one week if Brussels and United fail to refund my monies extorted from me and apologize for the harsh treatment meted to me. I decided not to take this to social media because of your image…

Looking forward to your urgent response.

Nicholas Arthur

Ghana Cocoa Sales Manager

Maersk Ghana Limited

GPHA TOWERS, 6th Floor, Harbour Area

P. O Box 8800, Community 7, Tema

Reg. No: 41683

Phone: +[protected]

Mobile: +[protected]

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8:05 am EDT

Brussels Airlines Inadequate transfer timing at brussels airport, causing 12 hour delay

Re: 1. Manchester to Stockholm

and 2. Stockholm to Manchester flights.

i.e. OUT 15 June 2023 - RETURN 20 June 2023

1. OUT SN2174 Manchester to Brussels

SN2305 Brussels to Stockholm (departed 35 min. late) (If it had not been late the transfer time was too short to allow us to catch flight SN 2305)

2. RETURN SN2310 Stockholm to Brussels

SN2173 Brussels to Manchester (missed flight due to no time allowed to get through Passport Control, which took 1.5hrs!)

3. REPLACEMENT FLIGHT ( 12 hours after SN2173)

SN2183 Brussels to Manchester (departed 45 min late)

I wish to claim compensation / refund of expenses for the added expense and massive inconvenience caused by failure to give us the sufficient time to catch connecting flights. This resulted in us having to ask Brussels Airlines to arrange a replacement flight (SN2183) ,which did not enable us to get home to Harrogate the same day, because it was so late and delayed (even the pilot and crew were at the gate B6 on time, not knowing where their plane was!)

My claim is for: -

1. Hotel in Manchester - Britannia Airport Hotel, Palatine Rd. , Northenden M22 4FH ( as there were no trains to get us home to Harrogate that night) £65 + breakfast £10.

2. Taxi from Manchester Airport to hotel £16 (Club Car Taxi, fixed price)

3. Taxi from hotel, which was remote, to Manchester train station £20 ( Club Car Fixed price)

4. Total claim £111.00 + compensation for the “lost” day.

5. We arrived home 24hrs later than planned, at midday 21st June.

NB. It was almost impossible to find any help from anyone air/flight side of Passport Control, we kept getting told to go back to the Brussels airline help desk at departures and the return back through Passport Control ( which could have taken another 1,5hours !) Eventually we were taken to a deserted basement area where there was one person, and she was able to help us, but only after we pleaded for help.

sent from Mr and Mrs Strugnell -

Desired outcome: compensation and refund of out of pocket expenses

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11:23 am EDT
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Brussels Airlines Refund

I was offered a full refund because my children were not allowed to board at the discretion of the supervisor at Manchester Airport on the day. You can check the telephone call which also included her talking to the customer service agent. The call was made at 05:24 to the number [protected] for 18 minutes from my number [protected]. You have it all recorded where I was told I would get a full refund. Had I known this was going to be the paltry amount you would be refunding, I would have rejected that and deferred my flight to next year 2023.

The experience was a terrible and devastating one, especially for my children on the eve of Christmas day, to have that dream of spending such a special day with family crushed before them. I have never experience such a rude and heartless response from anyone in my life. I am a single father of my 2 young boys, 9 and 7, and I try my all to give them happiness in spite of the circumstances. We were at the airport at 3AM to ensure that everything was ok, the children hadn't slept having woken up at 7:30 on Friday morning all excited to travel after the disappointment of missing the initial flight on the 13/12 because the royal mail had lost all our passports. They were not allowed to board because they didn't have a PCR test, information which was not made available either on the ticket, on the online check in process (which we completed) and which we had be assured both by the embassy, the authorities back home as well as other travellers that a covid test on arrival is an option, which was on the procedure list presented at the baggage drop but which was rejected by your supervisor, in a way that was so rude in her communication and consideration. Listen to the conversation on the phone call and you will hear instances of her rudeness. As luck will have it, after many calls to their mom (imagine trying to get hold of someone at 4 AM), she confirmed that she had the test for them and sent copies. However, even those were not enough for the supervisor to reconsider because I had the audacity to argue that it would be done upon arrival as well. The fact that the relationship between the children's mom and I is not amicable, which led to this oversight wasn't any of her concern (and rightly so), but is it necessary to be so dismissive. We offered to do it at Brussels when the test centres would have been opened and that also was rejected, including paying any fine or taking responsibility if we were unable to continue our trip.

Some fellow passengers hinted at the fact that if those had been white children, the attitude would have been different. Explaining this situation to others has seriously raised the possibility of a racist undertone. I am not in anyone's heart to know what they are feeling, but I swear I have never seen such expression of rudeness and heartlessness from a customer facing person.

I also have on good authority that the request for covid certificate should have been in Belgium not in the UK, as it isn't a requirement for the 1st leg of my trip.

Desired outcome: Full refund as stated in the telephone conversation. They have it on record and should present it.

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6:07 am EST

Brussels Airlines Full compensation for my damaged suitcase

Dear Sir/Ms,
On 31/08/2022 I flew with Brussels airlines from Berlin to Brussels (flight number SN 2590). After arrival I discovered that my new luggage (bought on 17/08/2022) was severely damaged; after a long queuing at the lost and found desk I received a case number ([protected]) and a website address (Dolfi1920. de) to continue the handling of my issue there.

On 12/099/2022 Dolfi1920 emailed me a voucher of €499 in order to choose a luggage from their website. I decided to add €30 and chose another luggage. They did not have the luggage in the color I wanted in their stock so upon their initiative, they sent me another luggage.

I then returned it to them. Dolfi1920 then issued me another case number [protected] but then I decided to request my €30 back from them and introduce a refund of €499 from Brussels airlines instead. Since then I have not heard neither from Dlofi1920. de nor from Brussels airline regarding my issue.

It has been since 31/08/2022 - 5 months and 8 days - that my issue has not been resolved. I am deeply disappointed however hoping this complaint could advance my case to its end.

Best regards, 

Gil Gil 

Tel. [protected]

Email: [protected]

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4:58 am EST

Brussels Airlines Pérdida de equipaje

Hace meses hice la siguiente reclamación a través del servicio de atención al cliente de BRUSSELS AIRLINES:

Buenos días,

Quisiera hacer una reclamación por los daños sufridos como consecuencia de la pérdida de mi equipaje en el vuelos referenciados. La maleta la perdieron el día 05/08/2022 y no pude recuperarla hasta el día 09/08/2022.

Solicito una compensación económica por las molestias ocasionadas.

Customer first name: Milagros

Customer last name: Prol Rejo

Flight carrier: SN

Flight number: KM421

Flight departure airport: Brussels - National

Flight arrival airport: Malta

Flight date: 2022-08-05

Ticket number: [protected]

World trace number: SN 070738

Un saludo,

Milagros Prol

Me respondieron lo siguiente:

Dear Guest,

Thank you for your message, which we have registered under the following reference: 2208-SN-05452.

We will get back to you as soon as possible. The response time may vary depending on the amount of research required. We thank you for your understanding if we sometimes need a little longer to answer you. Be assured that your case will receive the attention it deserves.

If you need to contact us in the meantime regarding this case, please simply respond to this message (without changing the subject line).

Kind Regards,

The Customer Relations team

Brussels Airlines

Pero no ha vuelto a contactar conmigo, les reclamo una solución pero no contestan.

Desired outcome: Quisiera que alguien me respondiera y me diera una solución.

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10:19 am EDT
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Brussels Airlines Case no. 2207-SN-08029 - Loss of bags, theft of items and subsequent delay and inaccurate responses

The vast majority of the issue is in the case no. and the email traffic.

It is 3 months since I filed the claim without resolution. Latest email from Adam Crowe was very annoying, He has accused me of a double claim which is completely wrong. As I have explained in my mail to Adam, Claim to travel insurance is for items I had to buy when your handlers lost my bag, claim to you is for the items stolen from my bag prior to its return.

Please re-open the case and refund the items stolen,


PS its 14:16 in the Uk I have been hanging on your customer service phne line for 20 mins ...

Stuart Kirkwood

Desired outcome: Replace/ refund me for my stolen items

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7:35 pm EDT

Brussels Airlines My name is Bamilekek sinju Sinju

I lost my Carry on Luggage on Brussels Airline. They found it and they called me and left a message that they found it. I called for the past one week no answers, sometimes the phone got cutoff. The number i called was [protected]. no one has called me back. i am having difficulty contacting Brussels air line. please call me at [protected] or email me at [protected]



Bamileke Sinju

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1:51 pm EDT

Brussels Airlines Check-in

I missed my flight from Naples to Accra not because of my doing but because I did not receive all the information required even though I booked my flight a month earlier. I am fully vaccinated and presented my vaccination certificate at the check-in counter, it was there I was told about a declaration form required for all passengers going to Ghana, I explained to the officer at the counter that I could still do that declaration at the point of entry since I am fully vaccinated but she refused and was very insensitive to my plight, I enquired from her whether she wanted me to raise a different amount to buy a new ticket and she told me that was none of her business and she doesn't care. Upon my check in Accra for my return flight, I had to pay a penalty of 100 Euros before I was allowed to board since I was not cleared for missing my flight to Accra.

Desired outcome: 1. I will appreciate it if I will be compensated for the cost I incurred for buying another ticket with a different airline to Accra amounting to 420 Euros 2. A refund of the additional 100 Euros I paid as a penalty.

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5:08 pm EDT

Brussels Airlines Flight reservations - ticket


We have booked our flight from Brussels to Lanzarote for the period 16/7-30/7 for 4 persons (2 adults one child 5 year old (born on 24/4/2917) an one 2 year old (born on 04/03/2020). This booking was for the flight SN 3787. However we unfortunately got only 3 seats on this flight The normal tickets were issued for the our daughter of 2 year and tickets for adults. Our daughter which is 5 year old was without seat. Her ticket was for infant (under 2year)! This is unacceptable. We have seen this a couple min before our flight. Stuff allowed us to fly with one child on our lap (smaller one) and this was very difficult and also not very safe. As we paid for 4 ticket but we got only 3, we are expecting to be refunded for the flight Brussels-Lanzarote.

Desired outcome: Ticket to be refunded

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5:42 am EST

Brussels Airlines return ticket changed and i need to find another date

booking number PHBPT4 name Kouacou and Albertini, brussels airlines cancel the return ticket two times, we've accepted the first change but they canceled again and we refuse the second change because we've booked also an hotel and it's a problem with the dates they give us, i need to choose another date but the company said we had to contact travelgenio for the changes...we wait for an answer thanks.
our email [protected]

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12:39 pm EDT
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Brussels Airlines Not repaying ticket for cancelled flight due to covid

After one year I got the reply through my agent KIWI that you are not repaying me for the flight that you cancelled. My ticket was TOXCTN 082-[protected].
Have tried to get an explaination for your refusel and also to get a confirmation that flight was cancelled so that I can use my insurance! Whay are you refusing to pay back and give me confirmation of cancelled flight that is required for insurance claim!
Earlier contacts with you have only resulted in no reply.
How can you operate a company like this - I am most surprised and expect that you at lest reply this time!

Desired outcome: An answer

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1:49 pm EST

Brussels Airlines Refund not received cancelled flight res. L3YDD1 date 19/6/2020 Berlin - Brussel-Venice

Gotogate actually co-conspirator with this Air Company that after six months dont finalize the refund.
I have all the right to be refunded, my refund is already pending in your files. If you write me two times monthly at this stage is a mockery.
Please note: the creditcard whom I used for the payment is no more in service.

I ask money back with bank transfer to:
Marco Silvio Erler
swift: NTSBDEB1XXX (N26 bank)

Other your competitor refunded me without any problem in the way I desire. In this case is the only refund possible to apply with me.
I remain waiting your answer tomorrow.

Marco Silvio Erler

Berlin, 09-12-2020

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6:09 pm EDT
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Brussels Airlines damage on a wheelchair and incapability to move out of the airport of brussels after that.

On the 20th of August I flew with my family from Athens to Brussels. My daughter Xanthi Ioanna is on a wheelchair which we left it in the entrance of the plane, being reassured that the company that cooperates with Brussels Airlines, Swissport will take good care of it.
When we arriver in Brussels we were given back a wheelchair that was partly brocken and as a result of that I could not move my daughter from the airport. To be more specific, both tyres were flat, one side flip that is used to prevent the person from falling was broken and both wheels were lose.
When we went to the complaint service we were treated with indifference and after an hour and a half, a representative of Brussels Airlines came, Mr Johan Billen, Duty Manager who tried to persuade us that he was working to find a solution. In the end he promised that next morning he would send us to have the wheelchair fixed at the company's epences. He also promised tossed us a mail presenting the situation to that company that would fix our chair. A week has passed since then and the only assumption is that Mr Billen was trying to get rid of us as soon as possible.
I am disappointed with the company policy towards a so vulnerable member of our society and the least I am expecting is to do something to fix the damages of the wheelchair.
I forgot to state that after a lot of pressure, Mr Billen came with a wheelchair from the airport that was in worse condition than ours that at least had been damaged.
I close this complaint hoping that you will do something about it and that you will advise your personal to act with more sensitivity when it comes to persons with disabilities.
To come back to Swissport, it is evident that the damage took place in the Airport of Athens where someone indifferent towards the fellow human being put the chair under heavy materials and practically destroyed it.

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5:03 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Brussels Airlines Shame on the block: meet Brussels Airlines

I would discourage anyone who loves to travel (as I and my wife do) to travel with this company. They recently lost large suit carrier that I left on the board of the train. I spotted the problem 5 mins after i left the plane and I was assured by the staff of the airline that once I put down my details on the baggage claim service they will sort it out. Having not received any email or call, and wasting 2-3 days trying to reach someone to speak to at the airline I wrote them an email explaining the case. Long story short it took them 2 month (!) to come back to me to say that my suit carrier not found.

The customer service is just awful! I used a chance to email to the senior client relationship management telling them of my problem and guess what - not a single reply!

I will never fly this airline - bunch of ignorant, customer-unfriendly people. In times when more popular companies are fighting for customer loyalty, these loosers are not trying to solve customer's problems.


Read full review of Brussels Airlines and 2 comments

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Thomas VdC
Dec 25, 2022 2:59 am EST

16 december 2022 they strike and cancel my airplane that flies on 17 december!

They dont pay back anything. Also the airplane direction back home a few days later they dont refund because than they are not striking customer service says. Bus tickets and train costs you already booked are not there problem. AVOID THIS COMPANY ! MODERN THIEVES!

Dec 17, 2022 12:39 pm EST

I am so frustrated when flying Brussels Airlines as one cannot select a seat prior before flight. It seems that the only option I have is to pay for an upgrade. This is so frustrating especially when traveling with children as families need to sit together.

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