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In november 2016; my husband & I called to place (Our first time ever) order. We were pressured into the upgrade for free shipping. What we received appalled us. Garbage! Absolute garbage. The filet mignon that is pictured in their ads (Mailers and tv) is nothing... I repeat... Nothing like what we received. The 'filet mignon' (If that what it was) was thin with connective tissue & a bolt of white fat in the middle. I wager we were probably eating kangaroo! I called & complained and they sent us a replacement order. You guessed it... More crap... Same terrible meat.
The chicken fried steaks in the package deal were nothing more than 'mystery meat' in a salty breading! The meatballs were made of the same mystery meat... But if you needed a rubber ball... You were in luck... I guess. Awful. The "gourmet" hamburgers were not the big, thick burgers they show you in ads. They were greasy, thin & brownish patties. No taste at all. So, save your money folks! Once upon a time this company had a good product... Decades ago... Now... Forget it. I intend to spread the word! Do not buy anything from omaha steaks!


  •   Jan 07, 2017

    Interesting and well described complaint. Frankly, the last few years I've found numerous sub par beef products in grocery stores, priced up to the hilt. Where on earth is good going? To the Beltway only? I've bought $5.59/lb hamburger that smells and tastes like wax paper, pot roasts (several) that cook up like 25 year old goat meat, and steaks? Fergit it! Junk. Total junk. It isn't just Omaha (which has had a bad reputation for quite a few years). We've eliminated beef from our diet. Too darn expensive and what you get is deplorable. .

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