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Pleased order for my boss (brand new employee) for the holidays. Ordered on Dec 16th and order to be delivered by 12/21/16. Worst tracking (lack of) capabilities I have ever seen!

On 12/22/16, speaking to my boss and asked did you get a package? No, pleasantries and said he would text me when he recieved it. Prompts me to call on the order. Speak with a woman who says she doesn't know what happened to the orde (I kid you not) and says she would send a note of excuse to my boss if I would like. What???? No, just deliver the product.

Call the next day to gain an update. I speak with a Supv Dan, who guarantees me delivery by Christmas ( well with not other options as it is 2 days before Christmas).

Several calls generated by myself never them, still we are waiting for a call back from their dealer.

Now January 9, 19 days post proposed delivery date. I email asking again where is the order. They email me telling me that they have go ahead and cancelled the order! What?!

Do Not Ever Buy From This Organization of Misfits!!!

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