Olive Garden Wausau WI. 3650 Rib Mountain Dr, Wausau, WI 54401seating and prompt service

B Aug 18, 2018

On Saturday afternoon, 16:30 hr. I and my wife stopped at the Wausau Olive Garden, The parking lot was not full, which is a good sign that seating should be prompt, But such was not the case, Patrons were stacked up out the door, Yet half the tables were empty, This is the third time I have had the displeasure of this happening at this restaurant. I have talked to the manager, and She explained that there is a new policy of, people being able to call in and get placed on the wait list, and being able to walk in and be seated almost immediately, While people like I and my wife sit for up to 45 minuets to be served, Even though half the table in the restaurant are empty.

Olive Garden is a restaurant that I and my wife visit at least 1 a month, It has always been first through the door, first seated, we choose off peak times to go before 17:30, because being disable it is very difficult to stand and wait for tables and as the waiting area is very limited in seating capacity, and with this new policy of people being able to reserve a spot on the waiting list, For the third time we have not been able to dine at your restaurant, Now having talked to other friends, I am advised by them that they have been having this problem too, and are no longer going to the Garden because of the new seating policy that leave us standing, waiting for tables, while those who call in from off the road are seated before us, despite the fact that we were trough the door first. I am deeply disappointed in that I am now driven to no long dine at your restaurants any more, and will be advising my friend about the problems of getting seated due to your new seating policy.

Robert J Ecklund

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