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Old Navy Customer Service

Gap Inc.

6007 Green Pointe Drive
United States - 43125

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1800 653 6289(United States)
5 0
+1 614 744 3908(USA & International)
1 0
+1 866 450 5294(Old Navy Card)
0 0
+1 866 450 5295(Navyist by Old Navy)
0 1
Mon7:00 AM - 1:00 AM
Tue7:00 AM - 1:00 AM
Wed7:00 AM - 1:00 AM
Thu7:00 AM - 1:00 AM
Fri7:00 AM - 1:00 AM
Sat7:00 AM - 1:00 AM
Sun7:00 AM - 1:00 AM

Old Navy Complaints & Reviews

Old Navy / management

Kdp5616 on Dec 3, 2018

I am a customer at old navy in downtown brooklyn ny on fulton street, i truly belive that some of the staff member's are being treated unfairly, there are so.e emplotees that are. Not being recognized for the hard work that they are displaying, as well as helping the customer, by going...

Old Navy / shoes made wrong

Tammy Murphy Porter on Nov 25, 2018

I purchased a pair of Heeled Oxford Boots a few months ago. When I went to put them on the boots are not right. one fits the right the other just does not fit right almost as if the inner soles are both for the right foot, making it difficult to walk in the left boot. I really like Old...

Old Navy / return policy

Stephanie Edwards Littell on Nov 19, 2018

Date: 11-19-18 Daughter returned a brand new coat she purchased three weeks ago with a receipt. She was told she had to use her store credit for the return that day. She was unable to find anything she liked as she depends on stores stocking larger sizes to find a flattering fit. She left the...

Old Navy / employee manager

Maggie simmon on Nov 18, 2018

Unfortunately today I went to purchase a few items valued at $200 total! Its not avout the money its about the customer service! I took the Managers name Carol Hunter at the New york brooklyn Gateway Old Navy! She was very ruid to her other employees as well as disrespectful! I believe if...

Old Navy / card issue in store purchase

MSchick on Nov 11, 2018

I had situation happen today that has happened this time last year while purchasing Christmas presents, card showing valid as of very recent. In order to access card, I was asked questions, then, running credit AGAIN to reissue a card that I've had for years! I did receive any mail letting...

Old Navy / an employee

Seriously999 on Nov 6, 2018

I was in the old navy store in conestoga mall in Waterloo ontario on Sunday Nov 4 2018. I made several purchases for the friends and family event that was on. When I checked out I had noticed that some of the items were scanned wrong and that I did NOT receive my super cash. On the shelf...

Old Navy / team leader attitude

graciemoye30 on Oct 19, 2018

I went in to return several items and was treated terribly. Lucy (team leader) kept making passive aggressive comments about my returns and laughed it off. She very reluctantly accepted the returns which were all brand new with tags and had the receipt. She can take a lesson in customer...

Old Navy / buy online, pickup in-store order

kim robertson on Oct 17, 2018

Order #TJMN8WD Item(s) ordered for pick up Size Qty Total Printed Leggings for Toddler Girls Navy Charm 3T 1 $4.00 I am very upset that out of my 15 items ordered only 3 items were available for in-store pick-up and the additional 12 items are being shipped. Why do you offer in-store pick...

Old Navy / service

Very unhappy 18 on Oct 9, 2018

Hello my name is melquita butler. Today October 9, 2018. I went to the old navy store-5609 15555 east 14th street. San leandro ca. Store. At 4.:44:48 pm trans 3048. Reg 008 cashier 2778716. I knew there was a sale for toddler girl coats I went to to purchase my daughter two coats because I...

Old Navy / old navy card

Mariak123 on Sep 29, 2018

My mother called today to cancel the old navy card and she wanted to know information about the old navy card. A Extreamly rude costomer with zero communication skills tells my mom to give her bank card information. But my mom only wanted to know information about the old navy card through...

Old Navy / company

Natasha Coleman on Sep 27, 2018

I have been a Old Navy customer for years. I am getting charged a late fee and interest on an account that is closed. I have not made any purchases (the account is closed). Why am I constantly getting charged a late fee and interest when I have not been late or purchased anything? I...

Old Navy / my 2 orders

Avani12 on Sep 19, 2018

I am waiting for my orders since September 8 it's been more than a week. To be exact it's been 11 days. The other orders that I ordered on September 11 and September 16 have already been shipped. I got something for my sister that she has to wear on her birthday next week. This is not fair...

Old Navy / credit card

Danette Cooper on Sep 14, 2018

I applied for the credit card in July while school shopping for my daughter and received a $2900 limit. I charged about $50 that day. The card never arrived, nor the bill. I honestly forgot that I even opened the account. As I was going through a file, I found the receipt and information...

[Resolved] Old Navy / old navy store 4858

eshan12 on Sep 12, 2018

I purchased 6 items on 9/11/18 at the above store in Ramsey NJ . Today I went to wear one of the shirts and noticed the sensor was still attached to the shirt and checked all my other items and found another shirt to have the sensor also . I went back to the store today with my items in the...

Old Navy / unprofessional manager

Jayblessed1 on Sep 9, 2018

On September 9, 2018 i went to the old navy clothing store located at Heller Street and Route 611 in Stroudsburg, PA it was in this store that I approached a sales associate that tried to help me with a return but was uncertain about the price of the item i was returning so she asked her...

Old Navy / appearance of store...

Sammiejo07 on Sep 2, 2018

The morning of 9/2 I I went to the old navy at cross county mall to find uniform pants for my daughter . The store opens at 11a and at 1145 when I got there it was an absolute mess . the staff person said that "the customers did it " honestly in 45min of a store being open there is NO way...

Old Navy / shipping and returns

Natesmom2008 on Aug 23, 2018

I made an order for school clothes for my son in the beginning of July. Once we received the package they had sent two different pairs of shoes and 3 different shirts. So I started the return process so my son could have the correct clothes before school started in August. I sent the...

Old Navy / unauthorized credit card charges not made by me it was someone else maybe used my name

sheila sinchak on Aug 22, 2018

Old Navy appeared on my bank statement. Which was strange, because I have never been in an Old Navy location. Aug 13th and August 20th.2018 Yes, today is August 22, 2018. The first charge was for $91.00 even. The second charge (since the first one went through) was for $170.54. The went...

Old Navy / dressing room attendant

S kilner on Aug 20, 2018

I was shopping with my kids on sat, 8/18/18 and we were leaving the dressing room when the older attendent said something like is there anything you didnt want and i said yes, its in there and she said can you hand it to me which i said ok and told my daughter to do that and then she didnt...

Old Navy / the service is horrendous/employees are terrible

tyl81 on Aug 15, 2018

I went to Old Navy in the Long Beach Towne Center Long Beach, CA (562) 429-4070. The employee and supposed manager were extremely antagonistic and condescending. I bought pants and only wore them to try them on in their dressing room. There floor apparently was dusty from all the people...