Vinted Complaints & Reviews

Vinted / unethical behaviour and worst customer service

Jun 18, 2019

I opened an account and Vinted recently and my husband had his own account. I was spending a lot of money in purchases and I was the one at risk. This is the first time I am asked to provide a passport copy and identity card, we provided it the information so they stop annoying us with...

Vinted / I sent item buyer received today at 12:08

May 29, 2019

I sold my nike air max trainers 5 and half blue purple colour and black air bubble trainers and they received today cos I have there signature but they haven't clicked the link to say ok and haven't received no money I'll take it to citizens advice and further if I don't receive my payment...

Vinted / i’d rate zero stars if I could blocked me for selling genuine items now no reply crap app

Dec 22, 2018

No! You did not block this account because of multiple accounts so why the [censored] are you lying! All my items are genuine the only reason why I made anoth r was because you !! Blocked me for selling genuine items they are all real kylie stuff not fake I even showed proof so unblock thi...

Vinted / the poorest customer support ever

Dec 17, 2018

I bought an item 22 days ago. Never received it. Can't cancel, the seller says she has sent it but that's obviously a lie. Customer support asked me to wait for 4 more working days. Still nothing. Then they asked me to wait another 48h. Why?! This is nonsense! Can they not support the...

Vinted / they removed a couple of my products not the right category

Oct 29, 2018

Chouse4 user name. You removed a couple of my adds! Instead of removing them teach us how to post in the correct one. There is no category for frames, copper items, vintage toys ect. If you could reach out that would be great. Also my daughter referred me She should get the $15.00 credit...

Vinted / non receipt of payment/theft from buyer/none postage payment

Sep 25, 2018

I am a seller on vinted. I sold 3 items. One item at a reduced rate. The buyer apparently pre paid for Hermes labels but on messaging her, she did not. So I paid for postage and posted the items. I have yet to receive payment for the 3 items or postage costs. I have been speaking with Eve...

Vinted / couldn't confirm the item as sold

Aug 19, 2018

Hi! I'm a seller. Basically, I've sold an item-the buyer chose Hermes but I couldn't send it for some reason so, I've sent the item through Royal 2nd class mail. The buyer told me that she has received the item but she's unable to confirm and neither can I. It's been two days, and I've...

Vinted / birdsong 101.

Aug 09, 2018

I listed items with Vinted last year. I them thought I had deleted them ( I had had no replies). However I have just received an automatically generated email saying that on of my bags had sold and I should arrange postage. As I have explained I was under the impression I had deleted the...

Vinted / royal mail

May 10, 2018

Vintedi sent an item to my customers address, however when I track the order it says that it has not been delivered. It has now been two weeks. I have now received a message saying item not received refund issued. I would like either the money i am owed or the item as my item is worth a lot of...

Vinted / my complaint

Mar 07, 2018

i sent item to person at address could not do tracking number but do have receipt from post office of proof of sending. I have messaged this person and no response. I have now received a message saying item not received refund issued. I would like either the money i am owed or the item...

Vinted / asap

Jan 17, 2018

VintedHello I sold and send by post my coat Isend multiple emails to person I sold no reply no payment was made. I am not sure rules said payment has to be made before sending? I have an address she deleted all my messages and receipt I have proof. Please check girl name as raimondalk please...

Vinted / disappointed

Nov 27, 2017

Please, never order from them. The main reason is that most of the items are garbage, poor quality. There are a lot of website like this if you know what I mean. Why do we need another one, that also has a very terrible customer support and no protection for both: buyers and sellers. Impossible to...

Vinted / selling clothing g

Nov 17, 2017

I began listing on Vinted. I am a boutique owner, and some of my listings are my boutique items. I received an email that one listing was removed because "photo is from internet." They did not reach out to me before removing photo to ASK for proof that the photo was mine. They just assumed it wasn't and deleted the listing. I'm deleting my account.

Vinted / never again

Nov 02, 2017

If you want a great service and high-quality items you knocked the wrong door. This website sells garbage, terrible cheap products made by blind mice. As I just said, be prepared to encounter a zero customer service. And I'm not joking, guys. I personally desperately need their help. But it'...

Vinted / vinted issue refunds to buyers damaging goods

Oct 30, 2017

Today Vinted have given £60 back to the buyer who bought my NEW boots sent in PERFECT condition. The buyer has damaged the boots and shown Vinted who have given her a full refund as she stated they were not as described. Apparently anyone can buy something, ruin it, then get it returned a...

Vinted / lost package and no help from vinted

Oct 30, 2017

I was supposed to get a package delivered on October 20th 2017. It never came. The USPS tracking said it was in my town, at my post office. October 20th is the last update on my package, that's the last update, saying it's in my town. Its now October 30th 2017 and no one ha...

Vinted / cannot get a hold of a live person to handle issue

Oct 25, 2017

I am an ex-vintie and am completely appalled by the unprofessional messages that were sent to me that never answered any of my questions regarding the items I purchased from seller ckar32. First of all all of this is extremely petty, I purchased a palette and 2 shirts from this seller and...

Vinted / £5 voucher

Oct 02, 2017

VintedHi I have bought an item today which was £6 and the voucher didnt apply. I am really upset as I would have not bought this item if I did have the voucher. I dont have much money and I need you to send me the £5 back please. My account is regustered to this email : [protected] And my voucher wa...

Vinted / don't trust them

Sep 26, 2017

Please, ever use them not be upset. Really. Don't spend your money on their crappy items with a crappy quality. You will probably want to return them but unfortunately, it won't be so easy to do. They simply have no customer service and your issues will always stay yours. Nobody will help...

Vinted / non payment for sale

Sep 24, 2017

I never received payment for a piece that I sold weeks ago. I contacted vinted twice inquiring about the status of my payment but never received a response. I received an automatic email response after my first email inquiry that my issue had been resolved but I still never received...

Vinted / $500 in fraudulent charges

Sep 15, 2017

Hi I'm contacting ya'll about a Huge fraudulent charge for 500+ dollars. Now Ive already filled a fraud claim with my bank but I want to know if it was an accident or if it was actually fraud. I have not used this site in at least a year. Please contact me as soon as you can. Im more than...

Vinted / postage and packaging price

Sep 08, 2017

Hi I was wondering if you can help me? This category isn't on vinted help page so every query option I have written on, i haven't got a helpful response back. When I try to buy an item it doesn't give me a price option it automatically adds £1 to the sellers P&P stated price. It does this every...

Vinted / money owed to myself

Aug 24, 2017

I contacted the Vinted Support team via the app back on 17th August 2017 regarding some jogging bottoms I purchased which had defects which weren't mentioned in the description. The support team then messaged me back to say that they had contacted the seller and that I was to return the...

Vinted / never received items that I purchased

Jul 26, 2017

I would like to submit a complaint against, a site where you can buy and sell secondhand clothing and accessories. I love the concept of a marketplace that facilitates reusing pre-loved items. However, their customer service is very disappointing. I purchased three sets of...

Vinted / money owed to me

Jul 13, 2017

I have sold and delivered several items of clothing on the Vinted website. For quite sometime Funds are not being transferred from my Vinted account to my bank account due to insufficient funding being available . The amount owed to me is $78. I have attempted to contact Vinted support to...

Vinted / never received payment for items I sold

Jun 07, 2017

I've been ripped off by vinted! I trusted that I would always be paid just as long as the customer received their item and was satisfied with their order. I was wrong! I estimate that they owe me approximately $100 and the only way to contact them is through email. So I tried fixing the...

Vinted / 18k gold ring... that it's fake

May 08, 2017

VintedMi primera compra, un anillo de 18k oro verdadero, me ha contestado la vendedora qie si lo era, y compre un estuche de maquillaje, despes de esperar a que ella lo emviara por cuatro dias, lo compre el 28 y llego el 5 de mayo, antes de asectarlo lo llebo al joyero para la prueba de acido y...

Vinted / sold multiple items wasnt paid

Mar 23, 2017

Sold 2 very rare vintage pieces and was never given my money by vinted eve though i recieved a 5 star review from both customers. This company is highly fraudulent. Ive had nothinh but issues getting paid and its not the buyers its the company. They refuse to speak to me on the phone to...

Vinted / i'm very disappointed with vinted!

Jun 01, 2016

Ordered some stuff from Vinted in the past and loved the site! Recently I wanted to order some items but I could not log into my account. When I contacted Vinted customer service they said that my account was blocked! I asked for some explanation but they did not reply. No one ever... / terrible quality item

Apr 26, 2016

I have ordered a pair of beautiful heels from a seller on The seller provided me several pictures and shoes looked brand new and the price was also great. When I received the shoes I was shocked! Quality was very poor and shoes looked terrible! The seller actually used old... / the worst app ever!

Feb 12, 2016

I have been an online shopper for years. So I decided to try Vinted and joined the site. I joined Vinted and made my first sale, an authentic Prada bag, recorded the packing and uploaded 10 pictures of it. Packed it nicely with a thank you note. Then this lady appears, she bought the bag... / horrible website.

Jan 25, 2016

I bought a bag from a seller on Vinted. The shipping was quite fast, but when my item arrived it was horribly damaged! There were strange stains all over it and two small holes. The original advertisement stated that the bag was brand new and it was in a perfect condition. But the bag I... / no delivery at all

Feb 06, 2015

I registered on the website and bought some stuff from them, but these scammers only took my money and that’s all. They haven’t delivered order at all as well as they told me some ###, when I asked why it still hasn’t been sent. Total scam, so better don’t deal with them... / they didn't provide money, but I sent dress

Dec 24, 2014

I sold the dress on the website I have no idea why, but the girl, who bought this dress didn’t inform the admins that she received the dress. These scammers informed me that I couldn’t get my money. I wasted dress and money as well, but these scammers refused to listen me. I... / I got awful thing from them

Nov 27, 2014

People, be careful and better don’t buy from the website I ordered vintage dress from them, but after couple of weeks I got total rubbish. The dress didn’t look the same as it was mentioned on the website. The description was completely opposite and the dre... / they blocked my listing and account as well

Aug 16, 2014

Don’t waste your time on the website I sold some clothes on this website, but the moderators blocked my listings and after several days my account as well. I haven’t received money for the clothes and when I tried to reach moderators, no one replied. Total scam...