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12:27 pm EST
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Norwegian Cruise Line Extremely Disappointed!

First of all, let me be clear here, I do understand that Norwegian has no control over the weather, and the time of year has a lot to do with it that, nonetheless, this was not our first cruise, or our second for that matter… it was however our first time cruising with Norwegian, and will definitely be our last.

We had 23 in our group; fourteen of which were family members, adults and grandchildren (eighteen months to fifteen), as our son was getting married in St.Thomas.

That said, here’s the list of the things that made our family vacation disappointing;

** The entire cruise was spent navigating the rock of the ship:

I do understand that the larger ships are more susceptible to this, being larger and taller etc. but I have never been on an entire cruise that was so bad.

** The elevators were so incredibly slow:

By the time one came, if it wasn't already so overcrowded because everyone had to wait SO long at the elevator lobbies for them, and it was not uncommon that at east 3-4 elevators would stop on our floor, and we would have to pass on because they were already busting at the seams.

We honestly, (of course I did not chat with everyone on the ship) did not chat with anyone, when the elevators or sway of the ship came up, that wasn’t disappointed in the rocking or the elevator wait.

** Our dinner reservations we’re screwed up:

After being pre-made for 5:30 every night in the main dining room, for the fourteen of us, every night, there was an issue every night…and here’s the kicker, it was the same gentleman navigating the reservations, and the flow into the main dining room.

Now, I understand that there were four thousand + people on the ship, and it would be silly to expect that they would remember us, but…we were mostly fourteen, at the same time, with kids and two strollers…every time.

What are the odds that the reservations could be screwed up EVERY night?

Would you consider that be coincidence, lack of professionalism or just plain “too bad, too sad?”

We only had one specialty dining resturant that wasn't, really, only one!

** The water slides were shut down half of the cruise, and the rope course was literally open for about thirty minutes, one day (we know this because we always congregated in the area tucked in under part of the water slide, by the back entrance of the kids pool) and then closed because there was “ash” spewing from the exhaust stacks on the course and a portion of the deck.

** We were reprimanded by a deck employee because we brought a collapsing bucket for the not one, mind you, but two of my eighteen month old grandsons to play in.

The reason: because we were getting water on the floor in the “pool area”! REALLY!

** We were unable to port in Pourta Plata:

Now, I do understand if the weather makes it unsafe to port, and in all fairness, we were reimbursed $20 per person for our dock fees but, I feel, since the alternative was staying on the ship, the ship that was in the weather that made it to rough to port, the ship that because of which rocked even more than normal, we should have been compensated accordingly, either in on board credit or more time in another port, not just our dock fees.

Again to be fair, we were given a bit more time in St. Thomas, but it was on the front end of our port there, in the early morning.

** Also, explain to me why we docked at Tortola at 6:00am?

There was NOTHING for us; meaning us that did not schedule excursions, to do at 6:00am?

Most of the shops were not open at 6:00am, and it was too chilly to go directly to a beach, especially with my younger grandchildren!

Then…when we came back to the ship at 2:00pm, we’re all standing on the dock in a virtual windy “DOWNPOUR.”

Also, when they did start letting people back on the ship, it was a few at a time, and so slow that we were ALL literally drenched!

Personally, as irritating as it was for me, I was worried more about my grand children, especially the babies.

** The food in the “garden café” was for the most part, the same for breakfast and lunch, which was okay, and expected (which is sometimes nice) but it was never hotter than a bit above warm. How is that possible…every day?

** We were disappointed in the availability of places to shop:

There were only a few stores and though it doesn’t have to be an entire deck like the other cruise ships we’ve been on, I wonder what the comments would’ve been had the Casino’s area been the same square footage as the retail area.

** And then there was the smoking area…

Personally, I am the worlds most paranoid smoker; never inside, not directly around people, never in my vehicles etc…only outside.

That said, walking to the seventeenth floor, at the back of the ship was more of a nuisance than anything else, but okay, not my sandbox, not my sand.

That said, It would have been nice to have a smoking area mid ship, like the smoking…the inside smoking area, you have for cigar smokers.

** We purchased the “Starbucks” drink package:

When I went there on the Sunday, (the second day) I discovered that they did not have a regular menu selection like the regular stores have, which okay, I get it…but had I known that, I would not have PAID for that drink package. It was a treat for my birthday…I could have saved the money and just gotten coffee at the buffet.

** Customer service:

Our entire cruise was booked through my daughter who is a seasoned, and very good travel agent.

She herself had to go to the concierge seven times to correct problems for her family of seven, and though your representatives, at face value, corrected the problems, she ultimately just said “[censored]-it” as she was tired of trying to get the problems repeatedly corrected.

We, as many do, researched Norwegian, and the Escape, through social media, cruise blogs and word of mouth. Over all, there were good and bad comments, via person preferences, so though we were cautious in booking with Norwegian, we did mostly because we as a family are pretty good at going with the flow.

We all understand there are glitches and unforeseen things that happen when your dealing with this amount of people, in a confined area, but that only goes so far.

All that said, we were SO disappointed in the entire week!

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6:58 am EST
Verified customer This review was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Norwegian Cruise Line Total Incompetence

My friends and I recently did a Norwegian Cruise from Doha, Qatar, to Port Louis, Mauritius. A month before we boarded, we were told under no circumstances would we be allowed on board if we did not have visas for Tanzania, even though none of us had any interest in getting off the ship there. However, Tanzania does not issue visas well in advance of one's arrival in that country. A few days before the ship's departure, Norwegian reversed its course and said we could board the ship w/o visas. When we boarded the ship, the rooms were not yet cleaned and would not be cleaned for hours after our arrival. Several of the shore excursions left us waiting in the ship's theater for hours before the excursions actually took place. Worst of all, there was literally no plan for the disembarcation of the ship in Port Louis. Myself and a few hundred other people were actually trapped for more than two hours in the stairwell between floors six and four on the ship, the fourth floor being the ramp for disembarcation. Even when this horrific jam was created, the cruise director kept calling for more and more groups to disembark, creating even further havoc in the stairwell and at the elevators as people leaving the elevators on the fourth floor only added to the crush of people already stranded there. At one point, the air on the fifth floor became so hot and dense that people feared fainting. Finally, we located a crew member who opened a door for us so a breeze could circulate. Otherwise, the crew left us stranded there in the stairwell with no announcement made regarding what had gone so seriously wrong. I took a video of the disaster. Please view and be horrified. While much of the crew in the cafeteria and the cleaning staff were pleasant, the people in charge of Shore Excursions and Guest Services were beyond rude.

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4:17 am EST
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Norwegian Cruise Line Itzhak Serok - reservation # [protected] did not receive my money

I made n order # [protected] for a cruise sailing 1 Nov 2023 with the ship Prima

My flight was cancelled - The war in Israel, NCL confirmed the rsturn of my money. They promised - in 10 buisness days. I did not received my money, I phoned 3 times, it did not help. I need the money, I am un the army I am not working now. Please return my money, and a compensation, it could be for my next cruise, I have a gold lstitude

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Update by Itzhak

It is very complicated to mail Norwegien Cruise Line customrt service

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Norwegian Cruise Line In-depth Review

Overview of Norwegian Cruise Line: Norwegian Cruise Line is a popular cruise line that offers a wide range of itineraries and destinations for travelers to choose from. With a fleet of modern and well-equipped ships, Norwegian Cruise Line provides a memorable vacation experience for all types of travelers.

Destinations and Itineraries: Norwegian Cruise Line offers a diverse selection of destinations, including the Caribbean, Europe, Alaska, and more. Whether you're looking for a tropical getaway or a cultural exploration, there is a cruise itinerary to suit your preferences. The itineraries are carefully planned to include a mix of popular ports and hidden gems, allowing passengers to experience the best of each destination.

Onboard Experience: The onboard experience with Norwegian Cruise Line is exceptional. The ships are designed with modern amenities and luxurious features, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay for passengers. From spacious cabins to state-of-the-art entertainment venues, there is something for everyone onboard.

Dining Options: Norwegian Cruise Line is known for its wide variety of dining options. From casual buffets to specialty restaurants, there is a culinary experience to satisfy every palate. The cruise line also offers flexible dining options, allowing passengers to dine whenever and wherever they choose.

Accommodation: Norwegian Cruise Line offers a range of accommodation options to suit different budgets and preferences. From cozy interior cabins to luxurious suites, there is a room for every type of traveler. The cabins are well-appointed and provide a comfortable space to relax and unwind.

Entertainment and Activities: Norwegian Cruise Line offers a plethora of entertainment and activities onboard. From Broadway-style shows to live music performances, there is always something happening on the ship. Additionally, passengers can enjoy a variety of recreational activities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, and sports courts.

Service and Staff: The service and staff on Norwegian Cruise Line are highly praised by passengers. The crew members are friendly, attentive, and always ready to assist with any needs or concerns. The cruise line strives to provide exceptional service to ensure a memorable vacation experience for all guests.

Pricing and Value for Money: Norwegian Cruise Line offers competitive pricing and provides good value for money. The cruise line frequently offers promotions and discounts, making it more affordable for travelers to embark on a cruise vacation. The overall experience and amenities provided justify the cost of the cruise.

Safety and Security Measures: Norwegian Cruise Line prioritizes the safety and security of its passengers. The cruise line adheres to strict safety protocols and implements advanced security measures to ensure a secure environment onboard. Passengers can feel confident and at ease during their cruise vacation.

Customer Reviews and Satisfaction: Norwegian Cruise Line has received positive customer reviews and high satisfaction ratings. Passengers appreciate the excellent service, diverse itineraries, and top-notch amenities provided by the cruise line. The overall experience with Norwegian Cruise Line is often described as memorable and enjoyable.

Sustainability and Environmental Initiatives: Norwegian Cruise Line is committed to sustainability and environmental initiatives. The cruise line has implemented various measures to reduce its environmental impact, such as using advanced wastewater treatment systems and investing in energy-efficient technologies. Passengers can feel good about choosing a cruise line that prioritizes environmental responsibility.

Booking Process and Customer Support: The booking process with Norwegian Cruise Line is straightforward and user-friendly. The cruise line provides a seamless online booking platform, allowing passengers to easily browse and select their preferred cruise itinerary. Additionally, the customer support team is readily available to assist with any inquiries or concerns.

Loyalty Program and Benefits: Norwegian Cruise Line offers a loyalty program called "Latitudes Rewards" for frequent cruisers. Members of the program can enjoy exclusive benefits, such as priority embarkation, onboard discounts, and special offers. The loyalty program rewards passengers for their continued support and loyalty.

Accessibility and Special Needs Services: Norwegian Cruise Line is committed to providing accessibility and special needs services for all passengers. The cruise line offers accessible cabins, wheelchair-friendly facilities, and trained staff to assist passengers with disabilities or special needs. Passengers can feel confident that their needs will be accommodated during their cruise vacation.

Additional Amenities and Services: Norwegian Cruise Line offers a range of additional amenities and services to enhance the cruise experience. From spa treatments to onboard shopping, passengers can indulge in various luxuries during their vacation. The cruise line also provides a variety of shore excursions, allowing passengers to explore each destination in more depth.

Comparison with Competitors: Norwegian Cruise Line stands out among its competitors for its diverse itineraries, exceptional service, and innovative onboard features. The cruise line offers a unique vacation experience that caters to a wide range of preferences and interests. Passengers can expect a high level of quality and satisfaction when choosing Norwegian Cruise Line.

Pros and Cons of Norwegian Cruise Line: Pros of Norwegian Cruise Line include diverse itineraries, excellent service, and top-notch amenities. The cons may include higher pricing compared to some competitors and limited availability of certain activities or dining options on smaller ships. However, the overall experience with Norwegian Cruise Line is highly positive.

Conclusion and Recommendation: Norwegian Cruise Line is a highly recommended cruise line for travelers seeking a memorable vacation experience. With its diverse itineraries, exceptional service, and top-notch amenities, Norwegian Cruise Line offers a cruise experience that is sure to exceed expectations. Whether you're a first-time cruiser or a seasoned traveler, Norwegian Cruise Line is a fantastic choice for your next vacation.

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