Nordstromle labo service counter

T Dec 21, 2019

I had a very uncomfortable service experience with the lady working at the counter for Le Labo in the cosmetics department yesterday, Friday December 20, 2019 at approximately 4pm. I have heard wonderful things about "Another 13" and I wanted to make myself a sample so I can try it out for a couple days before purchasing. When I approached the counter, she said, "can I help you?" I said, "I just want to make myself a sample of this perfume." To this, she answered in a very rude And snippy way "why don't you just spray it on yourself and walk around the store?" I already had another perfume on me so I didn't want to do that. Also, before I decide on the purchase, I'd like to try the perfume on myself in a relaxed manner - not inside the store in that moment. So, I said I'd prefer a sample. She said "I'll make that for you" and took the bottle and sample container from my hands. She seemed extremely annoyed - like I was bothering her and continued to speak that way to me. She even said "we're not a sample store." I felt so uncomfortable at this point and wanted to leave but I was so shocked with the way she was treating me that I thought maybe I was hearing her wrong. I tried asking her a couple questions about the other fragrances. I said "which one is the most popular?" And "are some of the other ones new fragrances?" And she just snapped back with one word answers, clearly not interested in making conversation or trying to sell me anything. She made me a sample with 3 little spritzes of the perfume. Sadly, if she was more warm, inviting and respectful with the way she spoke to me, I would've been more inclined to go back there again and make a purchase but now I definitely won't because she made me feel extremely uncomfortable. I have Santal 33, which I purchased at your store over a year and that time I was serviced by a very nice guy, who went above and beyond and clearly knew the power of customer service. I hope you take this concerning situation seriously. Thank you I'm advance.

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