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Hello I'm filing a complaint on a employee by the name Lauren. I came to purchase a stroller from the king of Prussia location in the kid section and the employee Lauren was very rude and disrespectful on the job. I went to her social media and saw a tweet of her saying she drinks on the job & she changes the price at work. This is unacceptable and should be addressed immediately. I will no longer by shopping at that company again.


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    Karennay Sep 16, 2019

    Nordstrom of Woodland Hills, California.
    September 2019.
    Nordstrom STOLE from me.
    I ordered several items online and I was charged a lot of money.
    However, when the items came, each unneccessarily seperately, EACH ITEM WAS THE ABSOLUTELY WRONG ITEM.
    When I had to take massive amounts of time out of my busy day to go to the store to return the WRONG items, that I was sent and wrongfully charged for, I was denied!
    First, my poor mother had to go to customer service (while I drove her there and waited, because my foot hurt and customer service was on the third floor, some rude Chicano girl denied my mother the return.
    My mom tried to repeatedly explain that these were the wrong items that I was sent and she had the receipts and just tried to rightfully return them.
    But the Chicano girl at customer service (these types of customer service girls are the worst, as they consistently give customers a hard time, because they always want to make a point and feel in control) was terribly rude and refused.
    So then I had to trudge to the third floor and request a manager.
    The manager, a monster by the name of Caroline Hartog was far more rude and uncooperative.
    She went through and blatantly tore and ripped open every package and tore off labels and yelled that they were the wrong items and denied the return.
    She was, in fact, abusive.
    I had her call customer service at the main phone number.
    I tried to explain to the also horribly rude man, on the phone, the problem.
    The "man, " Cory, kept sarcastically repeating: "Yes ma'am."
    He actually, in a monotone, just kept repeating that same phrase.
    It all felt like a living nightmare.
    Caroline Hartog, in the end, denied my return and stated that I was stuck with the monetary charges and: "Oh, well!"
    When I argued, with my poor mother there, she actually called loss prevention on us!
    Wellll, it turns out that Ms. Caroline Hartog is actually a very bad-reputed criminal.
    There is some serious info on this woman, on the internet.
    This is what we found on manager Caroline Hartog (wow, Nordstrom has really gone down the drain--not only by STEALING, but also by hiring some really sick people to represent it)--and I urge others not to shop at Nordstrom.
    There are so many other world-class department stores and much better companies to shop at.
    So here is the shocking info on Nordstrom's employee, Caroline Hartog:
    Beware of a woman by the name of Caroline Hartog.
    Caroline Hartog is a disgusting child predator.
    Caroline Hartog is approximately 6 feet tall, she has long hair, she currently resides in California and she currently is manager of Nordstrom at Woodland Hills, California.
    Caroline Hartog is under the age of 42 and she is rather tall.
    Caroline Hartog is a repulsive child predator who has preyed upon very young little girls and has physically abused several little girls in the most traumatic ways and she is also involved in sex trafficking and other heinous crimes on her days off from Nordstrom.
    She is an unindicted criminal.
    Caroline Hartog has a Facebook page in which she's posted so-called "friendly" pics with her gal pals, but she is a vicious child predator, a con artist, an undercover sleaze, prostitute and a criminal (although her attorney has cleverly hid her charges and convictions--that is how she got a job at Nordstrom. But that just means that Nordstrom does not bother to do good background checks and easily hires horrible people. In essence, Nordstrom is also a bad department store that has gone far down in quality and transparency, unfortunately).
    Caroline Hartog;s associates include women by the names of Denise Delvaux, Rachel Burton, and other part-time felons justblike herself.
    Be on the lookout for this woman, Caroline Hartog.


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