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G Dec 18, 2019 Review updated:

I cancelled my subscription to Netflix due to the disregard for mocking my faith. The only way I will ever return and spend my money with Netflix is if they apologize and remove this film and any other film that would mock anyone's faith. I'd like to see you all try and stream similar film that mocks Mohammad, I think not because you all know the Christian are the kind one that won't hunt you down!!!


  • Cw
    cwtpc Dec 21, 2019

    So your suggestion is to offend other people instead?

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  • Re
    Rev Sue Dec 25, 2019

    You have commented on everyone's complaint about this movie. Do you have no life? Try, I advise you, to get one that is more fulfilling than doing this-unless of course-you, are a bot.

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  • Be
    Bellamie Dec 25, 2019

    @Rev Sue The irony in your comment is astounding! You talk about this person commenting on everyone's complaint about this movie and "advise" him/her to get a life - yet you went through all of those letters as well and wrote one yourself. Perhaps you need to take a bit of your own advice and get a life.

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