Netflixportraying jesus as gay

R Jan 09, 2020 Review updated:

Currently (January 2019) Netflix is streaming a film where Jesus is being portrayed as being gay. I have seen numerous advertising billboards where this film is being promoted. While it is no crime to be gay in the UK, to portray Jesus as such is causing great offence to the Christian community. We worship Jesus as God, the second person of the holy Trinity and portraying Him is blasphemous in the extreme.
The only resolution to this is for Netflix to be barred from streaming this film in the UK and offer a public apology.


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    normanbates2 Jan 09, 2020

    Nobody would dare offend muslims by portraying Muhammed as gay . So why is jesus fair game ?

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  • Um is not an answer! Jan 09, 2020

    @normanbates2 That might be because Jesus people won't drop bombs on others who offend them.

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