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D Oct 09, 2019

Hello. Let me ask you a question. How would you feel to walk into your five year old daughter intently watching netflix and you look up and she full nudity intercourse!? You could see everything. My innocent child saw me and said "i'm watching something crazy". Oh no, that's not crazy, that is a big no!
She is on the the children's profile and this movie (which has no rating) is in there between cartoons and children's movies. It's called gaspar noe's love. How did a small child that can't read or have the knowledge to use the search bar find this movie? I don't know who to talk to about this, I thought netflix was safe for my child. She just got the independence to where she can look at the pictures and choose her own movie on the menu. Now I have to take the remote from her because porn is so easily accessible to her. Thanks a lot for scaring my innocent child. She has never even seen a penis before and now she has seen everything thanks to netflix.

movie rating
movie rating

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