Netflixinclusion of gay characters in programming for children

B Jul 15, 2019 Review updated:

My kids were just watching 3 degrees below zero part 2 seeing as we enjoyed the first part. I was upstairs cleaning and came down to my children asking me questions about why there were 2 girls kissing in the show! My kids are six and five years old. There is absolutely no reason that they should be exposed to this kind of content at such a young age.

We have had this issue with several shows. Usually in season two is when this stuff comes out. Voltron did the same thing. I remember the show from my youth so you would think it would be okay for children to watch, however I think it was season 6 once again a gay character is revealed. Another program "the dragon prince" did the same thing in season 2.

We enjoyed the story of all these shows but have had to stop watching them due to the inclusion of homosexuality in them. This is getting old. The ratings on these shows should reflect the content and I would say that any show that includes such elements should at least be tv-14. This way as a parent I would at least be able to know without screening the show that it is actually appropriate for my children.


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    Tom JEN Jul 15, 2019

    Maybe stick to watching The God Channel if you wish to continue indoctrinating your children into thinking homosexuality is a sin?

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  • SubSquirrel Jul 15, 2019

    Maybe teach your children that some people have different feelings about love. Tell them that there is nothing wrong with them and they just love people. Like some children love dogs and some love cats.

    Teach them young that people aren’t all the same. Don’t raise homophobes or racists and let them decide what is wrong or right.

    Sin is raising children to hate others based on something they can’t change. Gay people don’t judge you on your sex life; don’t judge them. If you don’t like blonde hair, would you raise your children to hate blondes?? No. You’d teach them that everyone is different and not to judge others. Or else, you are sinning by raising haters.

    You’re not going to change but open your mind.

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  • Um is not an answer! Jul 16, 2019

    *turn off TV

    *Open book.

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  • SubSquirrel Jul 17, 2019

    @Um is not an answer! Bingo! I’d rather open my Kindle than watch garbage I tape programs for later so I can watch at my convenience.

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