F Jul 28, 2019

I requested the basic account at £5.99 pm after the free 1 month trial. I was charged £9.99 the first month and thinking I was paying for the following month plus for the rest of the previous month I didn't enquire about it. I was then charged £9.99 the following month which I have enquired about. I know I requested the basic package because it is only my daughter that uses it but they told me that I requested the £9.99 pm package . I disputed this as I was 100% adamant I did not so they cancelled my membership saying they will refund my payment this month but not for the overpayment for the previous month because it was over a month ago that the payment was taken. This is wrong and goes against the Trading Standards law of the Uk. I have read a lot of comments and noticed that quite a few people being overcharged! Watch your accounts people they are happy to say you requested the wrong package take your money and issue no refunds if you notice it any later than a week of the payment being taken from your account!

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