Nebraska Furniture Marttoro rider mower

B Jul 15, 2019

I ordered a lawnmower for my husband from your website requested a ship date of 07/18/19 a customer service representative called me back and said the requested ship date had to be moved up because the purchase had to be delivered on a special truck I said ok made arrangements to be available to have the item delivered on 07/15/19, the item got to my home the delivery driver didn't know anything about the machine not how to start it or even put the gas in it, after fumbling around for 30 mins or so the driver finally got the gas in the machine then left, I went to start the machine it would not turn on I called the driver back he did not pick up his phone, I immediately called customer service they said they would send someone else out but they didn't know what time, I then got a hold of a different customer service representative Kathy CF-17 (her manager is Isabelle Comstock at [email protected]) Kathy told me I needed to contact the Toro Technical Support Team for assistance she gave me a phone number of 816-524-6695 I called them and was informed that it would be at least three weeks before they could send someone out to look at the machine. That is not acceptable. I called NFM Customer Service Back got ahold of Bob M at extension 27733 explained that 3 weeks to wait for a machine to be fixed that is only hours old is not acceptable and that I'm tired of dealing with this and just want to return the product have my account credited and they can come pick up the machine. Bob informs me that the product is non-returnable and non-refundable. So even though I purchased a product that should be in working condition when it arrived at my home and it was not its only hours old, it wasn't working when they pulled it off the truck and it wasn't working when they left it in my driveway unable to start. I can't return the item. That is unacceptable. You should not sell items that you cannot support and when you outsource support for items that you sell then that support should be immediate. The desired resolution for this for you to have someone from your company come to my house and pick up this item and credit my account in full.

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