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Embrace Home Loans Complaints & Reviews

Embrace Home Loans / Mortgage

Aug 30, 2019

I am very disappointed with the experience that we have had with Embrace Home Loans and our closing that occurred the end of June. According to all the awards and accolades that I read about with Embrace, I would have imagined that our experience would have been much better than it ha...

Embrace Home Loans / home loan

May 17, 2018

BREACH OF PRIVACY Name: Lizzie Clay Address: P.O. Box 725061 Atlanta GA 31139 I spoke to loan officer Jason Savoy and he created an entire loan package and mailed it to the wrong address. The package included all of my personal information. I did not ask Jason to create this package. My...

Embrace Home Refinance / Waste of time and money

Aug 24, 2015

We were dumb enough to answer one of the mailers they spam people with. For years we ignored them, chalking it up to junk mail. We should have stuck with our gut and thrown out the latest bit of junk, but we didn't. And now, we have paid $500 for an appraisal and wasted 2 months when we...

Embrace Home Loans / Scam

Dec 15, 2014

Quick to take your money only to get your hopes up and then tell you you don't qualify. I am a single income family, struggling to even provide food/heat/water in my home. I applied hoping to consolidate my payments into one smaller monthly payment. Initially was told I definitely...

Embrace Home Loans / Failure to close loan

Aug 16, 2013

Embrace Home Loans is the worst lending institute you could ever deal with. They make all kinds of claims of attractive rates, quick closing time frame, and an experience lender. The odyssey began with solicitation in the mail, after a phone call they seemed like a good option for a loan...

Embrace Home Loans / Joshua hankins


Joshua Hankins is the worst employee of this company. If u call and get this man ask for some one else. Would not answer phone calls or emails. When u finally get him on the phone after many days of phone calls and emails he says he needs I more piece of info and that u will get your loan...

Embrace Home Loans / Poor service


Loan officer at the this Branch stated he had the program I needed. He requested typical documents required for the loan. All documents requested were provided. Loan officer then says the documents provided were not sufficient to approve the loan. I asked for specifics but he refused to...

Embrace Home Loans / Integrity


I really start to question the actual knowledge, that the LO's of Embrace Home Loans have, when I'm dished out a pile of BS, just to get me to apply for a mortgage loan through their company. I recieved one of their solicitations once, back in 2009, so I was curious, and spoke...

Embrace Home Loans / Re-Financing


We received a mailer from Embrace Home Loans offering a re-finance. This seemed to be an attractive offer and the representative, Chad Hickman, was very helpful initially on the subject of our refinancing. Oh yes, it would be a great think to do, considering we already have excellent...

Advance Financial Services dba Embrace Home Loans / Home Loan Complaint


I called Embrace Home Loans about a mortgage after receiving an offer in the mail in October. After the call I was immediately charged $375.00 for a mortgage appraisal. From this point forward the only communication I had was thru email with a loan officer by the name of Steven Winn...

Embrace Home Loans / They take your money and won't call you back


I called Embrace Home Loans about a mortgage after receiving an offer in the mail. After I called, they immediately charged me $375.00 for a mortgage appraisal. I have tried to get them to return my phone call now for over 2 months with no avail. I believe thay have scammed me for the...