MyPrepaidCenter.comcalled 3 different numbers, all automated none recognize my card

I already activated the card and used it once. I was ready to use it again, but wanted to check the balance. I logged in with my username and password and received an error that my card could not be found. I looked at the card and realized it was 3 months past the expiration date. I read the FAQ on expired cards. Per the FAQ, if I have an expired card, the funds are still available and I can simply call the number on the FAQ.

I called and followed the automated prompts to input all of the card info. Automated system couldn't find the card and prompted me to try again, which I did. Same result. No option to transfer to a customer service rep. Just an endless loop of automated prompts.

I located 2 more numbers and all provided the same result: automated prompts, failure to find card, no option to transfer out of the loop.

  • Customer Care's Response, Oct 07, 2019

    Rebate Special Services

    Dear Phillip Jones:

    We received your compliant regarding your expired prepaid card. At your convenience please contact me at the email address listed below in regard this matter.


    Kent Patterson
    Complaint Analysis

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Oct 04, 2019

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