MultiChoice Africa / DSTVremoval of channels without informing the customers

G Nov 20, 2019 Review updated:

I have a Compact paid up contract and now some channels have been removed without informing us, like 121 and 144 etc. I took this subscription a few months ago because of these channels, now I am told they have been removed without letting the customers know. Due to this I want to be reimbursed for this month, so that I can either change my package or cancel my subscription all together as this is not legal or acceptable. In my opinion Multichoice is run by incompetent idiots and their staff helpfulness is just as bad, since it took me three calls to the call centre, just to get an idiot tell me that I have no subscription. Then she says sorry the system was down but I am not in the rears. I said I know that, so she could not help me at all. I say in the older days this would not have happened, so again proof that they have incompetent staff and management wasting everyone's time and money!


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      Nov 26, 2019

    After reading what these poor souls are going through, im sooooo happy i cancelled way back in the day. Im free to watch what i want. No repeats, no ads. The internet is a glorious place, empower yourself, get wifi.

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      Dec 03, 2019

    You are right. I regret big time. My decoder was damaged and I suspended the service. I now bought an explora decoder and I regret. I have been trying to activate and pair it since Saturday holding for 40min plus. Multichoice employees seems that they are not clued up on what to do. I have spoken to 8 already.

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