Mr Price Group / MRPsomeone recording me on video while in the fitting room!!!


Yesterday I visited the mr price in vangate mall, cape town. I took a few clothing items to fit on, and whilst I was in the changing room, I heard a sound, I looked up and saw that someone had been recording me from the next door fitting room using a selfie stick! I feel extremely upset and violated. I quickly got dressed and suddenly the room next to me was already empty.

I reported the incident to the manager and they have it on footage. It was apparently a tall colored male. I want to please remain anonymous, and that is the only reason why I haven't opened a case as yet. If you contact the vangate mrprice branch they will confirm the incident. My experience yesterday was horrible and I wont be returning to that branch again!

I demand that something be done about this asap. No footage containing me, or even my name should be published to the media without my consent. Id like to remain anonymous. But this matter should be sorted out with the branch. Are all mr price changing rooms a risk? Why are men allowed into the fitting rooms in the first place?? Thankfully I was not harmed, but it could have been worse.

Oct 09, 2019

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