Mr Pricecustomer service by manager


I just been to Mr Price Denlyn mall in Mamelody, was approached by a manager by the name Dingaan.
He was awfully rude in the manner that he spoke to me. I was sitting on one of the benches where they put clothes whilst on que because the ques are slow and only 2 points were working. You with my pregnant belly at 6 months, he came and asked me to stand up, I then seed of they had chairs, he responded by saying stand up before I can tell u if we have chairs or not.
I stood up, he walked away and as he walked he pointed to sum corner and said there is a chair.

My question now becomes, is that really how you treat customers?

Please head office or whoever is responsible for staff behavior, adress this issue. Such manners can't be tolerated and it's highly unacceptable.


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