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Motel 6 review: Motel 6 locations in Nevada

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My husband and I are seasoned travelers and this last month-long travel vacation was nothing new for us. We have stayed at many of your locations across the country and have had good stays, however on this trip it unfortunately, was the complete opposite.

Third night on the road put us in Ely, Nev. at your location at 770 Ave. O, Ely 89301. We have stayed at this location several times as it is on our north-south route from Calif. to Ida. Husband went in to book the room, asked for ADA qualified room on ground floor. Clerk said they only had one available so he booked it. I moved the car around to the number and he went in to look at it. Came out immediately and said it was not an ADA room. He went back to office to cancel the booking and was told he could not get a refund and cancellation until 11:00 pm since the manager had to do that and she was not available until then.

We moved on to find a wonderful motor court on Ave. I. We did go back the next morning and get confirmation of the cancellation. The Staff at this location was neither friendly nor accommodating and the motel itself was in a very sad state of repair.

Fourth day on the road put us in Elko, Nev. at your location at 3021 Idaho St, Elko, Nv. 89801, early in the day. Again Husband went in to book the room. Oddly enough the clerk said they only had one ADA room and it was currently being cleaned, would be ready at 3:00 pm, so he booked the room. We went to find some lunch, gassed up the car and returned at 3:00. Not only was it NOT ready, there was no one available to clean it up AND after looking into the room, it really was not in compliance with ADA requirements. So to say the least, we cancelled that room again and moved on to another Motel down the street. We will NOT be stopping at any Motel 6 locations in our future travels, neither will we be recommending Motel 6 to our friends and relatives that travel.

Both of these locations were badly in need of repair and repainting and as a Qualified retired Customer Service Expert - Trainer, your staff and front desk employees need some major training in good customer relations or I can envision Motel 6 going quickly down the drain.