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Motel 6 review: Rooms and staff (managers)

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Me and my family paid for this room for 2 weeks were from california they are completely bs here the first night they put us in a room where we woke up with roaches crawling on us the managers in the off are completely incompetent fools my children had to be moved at 3 am to another room. We asked for a refund and they didn’t give it to us but I watched them give a couple their money back just because they had to clean their own room. The next incident we were put in a room where the smell was so horrible that security couldn’t even step in the room all the way he proceeded to get something to spray in the room that didn’t help.. And their was also roaches and mold in that room so we had to change yet another time and still no refund. In the process of moving my youngest daughter was sexually harassed by a creep and again still nothing from them idiot managers at this property. I will never stay here ever again and i’m looking to get help to shut this place down.. And because my family made complaints about the rooms and treatment we were experiencing here they put us on a dnr which they didn’t tell us until after we paid so they didn’t have to give us our money back… dont ever stay here! My kids and I have broken out severely it’s so ridiculous!

Claimed loss: 2 weeks of money

Desired outcome: All my money back

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