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Motel 6 review: Stay at Motel 6 carson, CA

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This place is a total SCAM!

When we arrived at Motel 6 after delayed flights and a 9hr trip, we were greeted by two men in the lobby chatting and on their cell phones. My boyfriend informed the employees that we needed to check into our room. “AJ” at the front desk replied, “not here you are not, come back at 3pm.” Despite having pre-paid reservations, despite having tried to call the hotel the evening prior, “AJ” was adamant the cancellation was final due to our late arrival, and we would need to return at 3pm to make a new reservation. While I proceeded to talk to “AJ” about our reservation, the cancellation, the fact that it was the middle of the night, and we have two young children that need a place to sleep tonight. “AJ” kept saying " this is my job, your reservation was cancelled. There is nothing that I can do about it."

Trying to explain that I attempted to call Motel 6, Carson multiple times to inform them of our late arrival and there was no answer or voicemail was also futile.

While on chat with Expedia, they also tried calling Motel 6, Carson multiple times and the phones muted therefore the front desk would not answer the calls.

After much deliberation with “AJ” to give the kids a place to sleep at 4am, he charged me an additional $129 to check into the room that we had already pre-paid for through Expedia. However, he then failed to give me the room number. My boyfriend went inside to inquire this information and “AJ” kicked him out of the lobby, again yelling, saying “He is helping us out and we should be thanking him.” All this is happening in front of our children and other customers with the same “late arrival” misfortune as us.

To say this was an unprofessional interaction is an understatement, it felt like a shakedown. This place is after your money to cancel your reservation without providing the service required of them. “AJ” is a subpar employee with anger issues and zero customer service training.

The next morning, I asked the front desk for the general manager’s name to resolve the issue and he was very hesitant to give it to me, instead he began reciting their late arrival policy. We tried multiple times to get in contact with their general manager Mac Hossain that week, just to be told he wasn’t there. We finally got hold of the general manager later in the week and he informed us that “AJ” could have “easily checked us in,” clearly, he chose not to. “AJ” could have easily saved us a 1.5-hour ordeal with two minor children at 4 in the morning. But “AJ” is more occupied being a gangster at 4AM than taking care of customers.

Desired outcome: Refund (x2) , apology and employee training

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