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2551 Ashley Phosphate Rd, North Charleston, SC, 29418, US
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Motel 6 - Unauthorized use of my debit card without my permission for $909

I paid for my employee to stay one night at motel 6. On April 27 my bill was $86 for the night. Come to find out, my debit card that I slid thru their credit card machine was somehow kept on file to my permission. The very next day, April 28th my debit card was billed without my permission$599.00. Then two days later my debit card was billed again without my knowledge or permission $299.00. The total amount came to $909. My employee went to the office charged those charges without my permission or authorization. I have paid for my employee s and had to have 3rd party authorization forms filled out. I was also asked permission to keep my card on file. I was never told my card was kept on file or could be used without my knowledge. 8 have contacted the night manager the day full time manager only to get a run around story. No one wants to refund my money. I had the police come to the motel 6 along w the front desk girl to have my ex employee thrown out of the room. He was asked to leave. He stayed in the room two days past the first $89 I was charged so no one was staying in the room. The room was paid from the 28th of April thru May 11

I just want my money back that was not authorized nor did anyone stay in that room. Come to find out they rented that room out to other people who wanted to stay at the hotel. So they made double the money

Desired outcome: I would like the owner of this motel 6 to pay my money 909 back to me . I was told it's the owners decision to refund back that amount of money.

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LAO SpeedWagon
, US
Sep 02, 2022 6:39 pm EDT

Seems to me like your issue (legally speaking) is with your former employee! He/she is the one who illegally used your card! If they purchased a Rolex with your card, would you demand a refund from the jewelry store? Of course not, that’s ridiculous. You need to sue your former employee, retract this complaint, and leave the motel and their innocent employee’s alone!

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