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Today Saturday my two kids ill, heavy cough and fever. I like to buy 4 differend product for kids, 6 and 12.years old.Only like to buy cough sirup and nurofen for children different strong the different age kids. The cashier not let me to buy it. Not let me payd two different transactions. a little humanity would be needed sometimes. my question is if I take the 2 purchased products into the car, i will buy the other 2 products, is it good for him? replied that I can't buy only 2 products in the store that day. just to note that I did not get the this product to buy in many stores, don't have in the shop. I tried to buy it at a self-service cashier, he sent a security guard to me. possible not to sympathize with me because I am not English...
at the other cash register there were kids clamoring, the cashier lady explained to the payer in front of me that she had to listen to this all day long. I will never go back to shopping in this Morrison. I was extremely indignant.

Sep 14, 2019

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