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Feb 09, 2021

Morrisons - Home delivery

My Partner was at home with our 7 month old little girl who was asleep in bed, our food shop arrived and my partner was told by the driver that he needs to come down the car park from the 3rd floor, (our flat is accessible by a lift so wasn't exactly hard work for the driver) to collect the food or he will have to rearrange, the weeks shop we ordered mainly consistented of items for our baby who needs food for the week. My partner questioned the driver and was told it wasn't his problem. We are both NHS Key Workers and ordered from Morrison's for the first time due to getting an NHS Discount. I was told on the phone that this is company policy and all they can do is apologise, from now own we will be using a different company that can meet our needs with different policies.

Desired outcome: I will shop at a different store.

Morrisons - Member of staffing

On entering the store this morning at 7.00am
There wasn't any staff at the till at this time. When I asked if any body is serving to a manager who was present another member of staff named angela butted into conversation and told me I was to early to be in store and that I wouldn't be served with my poor attitude in not so many words. For the past two weeks no member of staff has been on this till on time in the morning this I can except even though it's poor time keeping. The member of staff who spoke to me abruptly and rude I would like reprimanded for poor customer care and rude attitude

Desired outcome: Apologie from member is staff that was rude

Update by Sean foley
Feb 08, 2021

Monday 8th February 7am spoken to very rudely by a member of staff called Angela for the past two weeks the till that sells cigarettes opens 5 minutes late every day when I spoke to a manager another member of staff butted in rudely to conversation telling me I am to early in the store and to watch how I talk because she won't serve me wasn't even talking to her this is very poor customer service and I will be writing to my local paper


Morrisons - Vegetables

Hi. Can you please explain the state of your vegetables in store lately, especially the cauliflower and broccoli? I have noticed a sign saying that you are having problems with your SPANISH supplier.
I live in owston ferry also know as the isle of axholme, it is a very rural area surrounded with farms supplying potatoes cauliflower and broccoli! I shop at your store in Scunthorpe and I am only 20 minutes drive to that store. Why do you not purchase local supplies? There are plenty.
Also I sent a similar email to your Morrison's complaint website. And I did not get a reply.
Last year I sent an email about your steak pasty's. It seems even though they're advertised as having an abundance of meat, they did not.
Your communication skills aren't great.
Please buy local. It helps everyone.
Thank you
Stuart waite

Desired outcome: Buy british


Morrisons - Overpaid

I did my shopping on Monday and there was a problem with the payment machine and had to put my card in three times before payment went through. But on checking my bank it still shows another payment pending? You've taken one payment but all week there has been the same payment as pending, making my available balance lower than it should be.

Would appreciate your help to sort this,

Karen leaper

Jan 29, 2021

Morrisons - Apples

On my weekly shop this week I purchased some Pink Lady apples, when I got home to take them out of the packet I realised one of them was bad/ black in colour. This was really disappointing as the apples were in date and are not ‘cheap' apples. I would appreciate some form of compensation for this as I am a frequent customer of Morrison's.

Many thanks

Miss N Fisher

Desired outcome: Refund/ points

Morrisons - Security

I was in Morrison's at Canvey Island yesterday when I was approaching by a security guard who asked why I wasn't wearing a mask. I told them I can't wear one at which point he called over the other...

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Morrisons - Home delivery

Our order was processed, Morrison's said it was on the way, even emailed a receipt. Received a text saying they would be 1 1/2 hrs late (it was estimated as between 15:00 and 16:00 hrs). Not only did...

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Morrisons - Knife and fork set

Hi, a pretty furious this morning after eating my breakfast. While eating my egg on toast this morning using a cutlery set I bought from Morrison's in Paignton, a metal segment snapped off on the fork without me noticing, I then crunch into a solid metal lump that had broken off the fork and it snapped my front right crown right off and now have pain and need to get it sorted, which is not easy at this time. How can you sell something like that so flimsy that it snaps off, I only bought the set 3 months ago and this is disgusting!

Desired outcome: Compensation to get my tooth fixed and for the pain and hassle I’m going through.

Morrisons - Till service

I went to the pontefract branch tonight to avoid as much as possible the crowds, normally I will use the self checkouts either the longer ones for bigger shops of the smaller ones if I only have a...

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Morrisons - Staff

Whilst doing my weekly shop with my elderly father at the Burntwood store Staffordshire I encountered a problem with one of your staff members. Both my father and I were wearing our face masks and...

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Jan 17, 2021

Morrisons - Click and collect

We booked a click and collect slot 5-6. Arriving at 5.15 we were told there was a technical issue and we would have to wait. It's freezing cold and I am pregnant and can't go without needing the toilet for long. We have been waiting for an hour now only just to be told someone is picking our shopping now! What on Earth is the point of booking a click and collect?! Appalling.

Morrisons - Customer service

During a recent trip to the garage to fill up with fuel the lady cashier was very rude. I stated that the signage to the pay at pump only is confusing. The sign had an arrow right and the pumps to...

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Morrisons - Click and collect

Basically I did a click and collect but my grandad had to pick up as I have covid symptoms and need to self isolate. I ordered £231.01 amount of things however a few were missing including a slow cooker so the order case up to £200.17 after the missing things were took off however £231.1 was still taken from my bank account.
I know things like this happen, but a refund would be great (obviously not for it all everything else was great, just the amount For the missing items) :)

Desired outcome: Refunded the money For the missing items (£30.84)

Morrisons - Plus discount cards - online registration

Hello I am sorry that it has come to this that I have got to complain. I worked for Morrisons for 10yrs and am now retired so have a Plus Discount Card. I was sent a letter dated 14th December that...

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Morrisons - Tomato & Garlic stir in sauce

Tonight I cooked my 3 children pasta and used your tomato and garlic stir in sauce. As children can be very messy the sauce has ended up all over our new stools (1 in particular is covered) we haven't long had the stools. These stools cost £59 each and now 3 of them I cannot for the life of me remove the stain from the fabric. Any help you can give would be appreciated. Many thanks Tina Eve

Desired outcome: Replace the chairs??

Morrisons - Service

Hi to whom this may concern I'm currently staying at my nans looking after her, she has ordered her shopping at Morrison's since covid come about and has had good service she has just received her...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Morrisons - Teacher discount

I visited store today to do some Xmas shopping. I told the cashier I was separating the shopping into two lots as to pay she didn't say there would be a problem with using my teacher discount twice. Both purchases were for myself just my different bank accounts after the first transaction she didn't say anything about not being able to use the discount again! Then I visited customer services which were totally unhelpful and would not refund my purchases so I could complete the transaction as a whole or refund the difference. They said it was not there problem. This is no way to supposedly say thank you to a hardworking teacher and caused me unnecessary stress at what is already a difficult time.

Morrisons - Stolen points

On the 19th October I had £70 of points stolen out of my more account they were all used in Leeds I have emailed multiple times they are now ignoring me I see that they are now upgrading there...

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Nov 12, 2020

Morrisons - Staffing levels on tills

Visited my local Morrison's today, I understand we are in a pandemic but at 11 am only four people on the tills and queuing to the end of every aisle, plus the person that served me was wearing her mask as a chin sling. More training need to show staff how to wear a mask., I know you think you are protecting people but you aren't I was queuing for 15 mins with people less than the 2 metre guideline trying to get things in the aisle I was queuing in. You're job is to get people in and out as quickly as possible, you are not doing that so I won't be returning. Once again you really need to train you're staff in how to wear masks properly.

Morrisons - Home delivery

Delivery was for 3rd November 2020 between 21:00&22:00. No delivery showed up and no communication to say there had been a delay. The next day we called the customer service line and were told that there was a problem with the delivery route so it would be with us that evening as undelivered orders were being prioritised. Nothing turned up. Today called again same issue and was given a refund and some points. My complaint is not at the customer service centre but at the incompetence of the delivery service and lack of communication

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