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While visiting my local Moe's the employees did not change their gloves after touching their faces, adjusting glasses, and handling money. I was waiting for my Wrong Doug to finish cooking on the grill, a young male employees pants were falling down, his underwear exposed, with his gloves hands pulled up his pants then grabbed my food from the grill. The manager, who did not give her name, witnessed this event out did not pull the young man off the line or correct him. I brought it to her attention. She simply said with a roll of her eyes ‘I know, and'? I asked for a refund of my meal. Which was granted. I will never visit a Moe's again. So please do not offer me anything meals, coupons, etc Teach your employees better and train your managers. Teach them customer service and holding their employees to a higher level of expectation.
I'm absolutely disgusted. You've lost a customer in me.

Oct 04, 2019
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  •   Oct 04, 2019

    “. I was waiting for my Wrong Doug to finish cooking on the grill” means you wanted the Right Doug?

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