Moe's Southwest Grillstaff

A Sep 29, 2018

When I went to visit the wolf road location in Colonie, I couldn't even stand what one employee was doing and saying. Her name is Jessie and she kept snorting snot very loudly instead of excusing herself and going to blow her nose. When I got a chance I asked her if she needed a napkin as I was reaching out to give her one to try and help her being around food, and when she acknowledged me, she smacked her lips and said "stop bugging". Not only does this seem unsanitary but she was also very disrespectful when all i was trying to do was help.
I'll never visit this location again not only because of the disgusting way that staff member carried herself around but the amount of disrespect compounding it that I was also met with was uncalled for and out of line. Jessie should be trained or retrained on how to have much better personal hygiene and customer service skills.

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