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J Jul 18, 2019

I put in order [protected] online at 7:50PM and it stated the food would be ready at 8:10Pm. We arrived to the store at 8:08PM and were told the order was not ready.

While we waited, we watched multiple customers walk in, get in line, get their food, pay and leave. Finally at 8:28 we were given our order..almost 40 minutes after it was placed and nearly 20 minutes after we were told it would be ready.

At this time, we asked for a refund from the manager due to the long wait and inconvenience (also how rude it was to see people walk in and get their food before us. At the very least we could have been put in line upon arrival). The manager just stared back blankly and after a long pause said he can't because we received our food and they are busy.

I have to believe this is not the customer service or customer experience that made your company successful. I also have to believe it is not the way you want your company represented. I would appreciate a call to [protected] to explain how this can be reconciled. At the very least I would appreciate a refund of the order.


Justin Kopacz

overall service

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