Moe's Southwest Grilllack of diet soda after order was made

W Sep 29, 2019

This was my first experience going into a Moes in over 8 years due to the poor conditions and lack of service then. I decided to try this Moes in downtown Charlotte and was astounded at the poor condition of the restaurant and the lack of customer service as well as the over cooked dried out meats used to make the Quesadilla. After I paid and got the fountain cup I find that the machines are out of all diet drinks! The manager on duty just tells me he did not know that it is out. Since I ordered a diet drink with the meal it would seem logical that someone would point out this before I ordered, waited and paid for the meal. It reinforces my experience that Moes is a substandard establishment and I will notify the hotel, Charlotte visitors bureau and my colleagues about this issue as the manager made NO EFFORT to solve the issue. let alone clean the place or empty the overflowing garbage containers opr clean the tables / chairs / floor.

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