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Men's mitchum natural power

I recently bought the bamboo power deodorant at Walmart and it cost almost $9, but I thought that I'd give it a try as it smelled nice. It works really well but unfortunately I went to use it this morning and a big chunk broke off it. Normally this would not bother me but at $9 per stick, this is not acceptable. For a good product, this should not happen

Men's mitchum natural power


I have noticed that I am not the only one to make this complaint.
I have bought ma many of the deodarants and I never finish the bottle as the button stops working.
I find it extremely frustrating that A. It has happened 5 times now and B. Other customers have complained and STILL nothing has been done.

It's quite ridiculous.


Unscented roll on deodorant

I have been using this product for years and have recently purchased it to find it is now sented it still clearly states on the product it is unsented I suffer with allergies and have used the new product once and has caused me a reaction my under arms are sore and my eye has swollen I think this is totally unacceptable and for someone in my position can not use this product again

  • An
    Angela 48 Jul 11, 2020

    I have just discoveted the same thing and have written to complain. Any suggestions for ask alternative brand product?

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Women mitchum triple door defence stick

You can't use the product as intended! It only twists up so far before it won't go any further meaning that you can't use a big chunk of the product! Also once you get to the end the product starts to break off so again you can't use it as intended. When i'm paying for a premium product I expect to be able to use that product as intended and not to lose a lot of it to my floor or it getting stuck in the packaging. I love these products but I do continually have problems with the package making the product unusable!

Women mitchum triple door defence stick

Ultimate gel

I developed a rash under my arms and down the side of my body after red using this product, despite the fact that I have used it before. After seeing my GP today he confirmed that it was from use of a deodorant and suggested that, maybe, an ingredient had been changed.
Another anomaly to this particular product was that, when I used it only one of the three holes allowed any gel to come out. The other two were blocked.

Ultimate gel
Ultimate gel
Ultimate gel

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womens bamboo natural solid

I bought the mitchum womens deodorant. It did not work. I sweat more than normal and had a horrible odor. It did not help as and antiperspirant or a deodorant. I normally do not have any sweat or order at all.
The main problem is that the shirts that I wore on those days still stink!!!. I have washed them and used tide, lysol sanitizer and downy softener. I put them on clean and realized that horrible stink is still on my shirts. I like the womens mitchum products but this one is sucks. I would like a refund for the one deodorant please.

men’s spray deodorant

Good afternoon.

I would like to raise an issue I have have had a number of times of the last year or so with the 48hr men's spray deodorant.

I have lost count how many I have purchased and after your for only a few days, the twist/spray button has failed making the product unusable. I currently have 2 in this style; 1 failed after about half the can, and the other on the second time I used it.

I like the product, hence why I have continued to purchase it even after experiencing this issue, however it is certainly no the cheapest therefore I feel some form of reimbursement is appropriate.

I look forward to hearing from you

Many thanks


mitchum clinical

I have 2 different bottles of this product that I am using, and both have cracked and leave deodorant pieces all over my bathroom. This is expensive deodorant, and I will not be purchasing it again because of this issue. This is not the first time I have had this issue, so I know it is a problem with the manufacturing of this product. Please contact me about a resolution.

not getting what I paid for.

Bought the Men's Mitchum Curve product at CVS because I had run out of the old Mitchum container I had.
Here is my complaint. Please take a look at the two photos below. Just bought it and did not even use it one time and look where the level is.
It's brand new for god sacks.
Does the company feel good about ripping people off!!!
This isn't the first time this has happened to me.
Please advise

not getting what I paid for.
not getting what I paid for.


At the second day of using Mitchum 48 hr protection pure fresh invisible solid, I felt some discomfort. I was traveling so when I returning I realized my skin seemed red I stopped using all products in my underarms and today my skin is painfully scarred. I have never ever had any issue with any deodorant and I don't have allergies. This is painful and I'm waiting to see a doctor in the upcoming days. Is this even normal?


clinical strength mitchum gel

Recently your deodorant has caused several of the armpits of my shirts to bleach out to a different color. Never had this problem in the past what's going on with your product?! I'm afraid to even use this anymore! Your company should at least post a warning about this issue. A lot of pissed off people and a lot of ruined expensive clothes! If this is doing damage to our clothes what is it doing to our skin/body when it's used?!

women mitchum powder fresh roll on

Me and my mum love these products and use the mitchum roll on all the time. However this is the 2nd product that I have purchased where the ball doesnt move which therefore stops me being able to apply the deodorant. The products aren't cheap but we find that they are good when they work and love using them. Extremely disappointed and we may have to start searching for an alternative which isn't what we want to do!!

women mitchum powder fresh roll on
women mitchum powder fresh roll on
women mitchum powder fresh roll on

Mitchum deodorant

I'm very disappointed that this is the second time I've had to complain about another deodorant I've purchased. I've gone to turn the top to use and nothing comes out.

Women's Mitchum triple door defence powder fresh antiperspirant deodorant.

These are not cheap and I'm not considering swapping to another brand unless something is done.

Allison Smart

Mitchum deodorant
Mitchum deodorant
Mitchum deodorant

mitchum clinical 48hr 45g dm 17011

Hello there! I have used this product before and found pain in trying to twist the bottom to get any product...

mitchum anti-perspirant deodorant 200ml

I highly rate this deodorant and it seems to be the only one that works for me. However, I am becoming extremely frustrated and disappointed when I pay for this item and the twist cap does not work and I cannot use the deodorant.
I currently have two full tins that won't work and many more that I have had to throw away unused because the twist cap is broken.

Is this something that is being looked into? I don't normally complain about a product but this is annoying me! I have finally found a deodorant that works for me but it is costing me a small fortune to consistently buy and not know when it may stop working.

I do not know how this issue can be resolved but a desirable resolution to my frustration would be some form of reimbursement to buy more of your product that I use would be appreciated. If not a simple response to acknowledge this has been taken into consideration.

I usually buy your product from Boots, Superdrug or Tesco.

Many thanks, Amy
email - [protected]@hotmail.co.uk

mitchum women roll on

I have purchased and been using Mitchum Women Shower Fresh Roll on. Unfortunately, I am disappointed to say that it does not live up to the claim of 48 hour protection.

I have since had to resort to using my husband's Mitchum Men Roll on which, I find, actually works.

Please advise as to why this could possibly be so - am I now supposed to use the Men's Roll on and will it have any harsh side effects on my skin?

deodorant can

Please will you reconsider the top to your deodorant, and make it more user friendly. I find the pressing down by my right hand can be difficult with some cans, and almost impossible to press down with my left hand. It is a brilliant product, but I struggle to use it. Unfortunately, I have no one who can deodorise my right under arm for me, and am having to go to another brand, who has a much easier press down top, because of the inability to press down to spray. A real shame. I am sure I cannot be alone with this problem.

antiperspirant deodorant spray

During the last year minimum I've had great problem depressing the canisters of the above product. They are...


Hi I'm very upset with the product. Although I do love it and knows it works effectively but as soon as I bought it I tried to roll it up but the whole top half came off.. it squeezed out of proportion and was a mess.. I'm unhapy because I paid $14 from Coles and it got wrecked from the first use. Please email me back with what you can do for me on [protected]@yahoo.com


mitchum stick

So the mitchem stick is the biggest failure of under arm protection you can use.

First, when I exercise, the remnants of the stick that I applied on my under arm will form in little white balls from the sweat, and its so humiliating when I lift up my arm and you see this white thing on my under arm.

Second, it gives of on your clothes and leave that dreaded white stain, and its not after a few months, nooo, its after a few weeks, then that stain begins to form.

Third, it still gives off a bad odour in a very short time, 5 hours tops i would say, after I applied it on.

Now as for the roll on, its a dream, it doesn't stink, it doesn't give of on my clothes yet, and it doesn't lave those horrible white balls on my arm.