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hydroderm anti-aging serum

Contacted them by phone 3 times & email 3 times with no satisfaction or refund. Do not believe me even when bank statements are sent via fax & email. Just keep getting the runaround. Beware of these people & never believe their ads.
14 day free trial pay shipping & handling only. Was told no other charges, but 14 days later, I was charged $240.00 canadian and still fighting to get my refund. My next step will be BC CTV McLachlan on Your Side to tell my story so this does not happen to others. After the charge, I was also told that they would send these 2 little bottles of serum every 30 days which I said no. Who could afford this?
Also was never told to cancel order within 14 days & there was no information in the box that came.

unauthorized credit card charges

Free Hydroderm try before you buy trial size face & eye serum with a one time shipping & handling charge of...

North York (toronto) Scam & Fake Checks

unauthorized credit card charges

This is the letter I sent to Hydroderm on May 31st after noticing unauthorized credit charges. I sent back the 4 unused products I received which Hydroderm signed as received on June 14th. I have yet to hear from Hydroderm, I also sent this letter via private Facebook message:

Hydroderm Returns [protected])
P.O. Box 500
North York, ON M3J 0J8
Attention: RMA#s: 15451042443A93339 &[protected] scam/misleading/unauthorized credit card charges

Dear Hydroderm

I contacted your company today to find out why I received a second face and eye serum which I did not order. Buyer beware! I ordered one try before you buy face and eye serum April 1, 2017 for what I thought and lead to believe was a one time shipping and handling fee in the amount of $8.56 to my credit card. Buyer beware! I checked my credit card statement today and saw that your company charged me for the following unauthorized amounts:

04/01/2017 Hydroderm [protected] CA Ref #1526 $4.04
04/19/2017 Hydroderm [protected] CA Ref #1550 $124.20
04/19/2017 EyeCareSerum.com [protected] CA Ref #2285 $117.54
05/19/2017 Hydroderm [protected] CA Ref #1562 $139.33
05/19/2017 Sysbint*LoveEyesSerum [protected] CA Ref #1359 $132.36
Total unauthorized charges to my credit card: $517.47 Buyer beware!

When I spoke to your sales rep about being misled by your website where ordering the product was concerned, and not being aware of the implications in ordering the face and eye serum and not contacting your company should I not be satisfied. Buyer beware! Your sales rep kept trying to give me deals! Buyer beware! I did not try these products and am not willing to try these products since I was misled and charged outrageous amounts without my knowledge and consent. Buyer beware! I am returning all four products and I want my credit card refunded for the initial order on 04/01/2017 EyeCareSerum.com [protected] CA Ref #6645 $8.56 plus the $517.47 for a total refund to credit card of $526.03. Buyer beware!

I thank you for your anticipated cooperation.
I remain,

Robin Nippard

CANCEL any future shipments of these products and SEND CONFIRMATION of such.

hydroderm original age-defying wrinkle serum 30ml & eye serum

I was told it is a free trial and I had to pay just the shipping which I did only to find a month later that I was charged $200 plus for the items. I called their customer care and was told I will be refunded 50% and I should try their products. If not I have to return the products and wait for them to reimburse whenever that is. I was livid but had to accept the 50%. Worse still, the product I paid USD 89 is sold at under $30 Canadian!!

Free trial

Free Trial is a scam! Not free as when you send them your info you are signing up for a subscription and will be charged after 18 days. If you call before 18 you will still be charged but can cancel subscription. Can't return product for refund as it has been used. Look at the fine print! Customer service was able to offer me a 75% refund, better than nothing, still pissed! Next time, look more closely and never sign up for anything free!

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I signed up to get a "free" sample. I received it and didn't like it at all. I was then charged for the product and was promised a refund once they received the product return. The $$$ appeared in my bank and I used it to purchase something for Christmas. The next morning the funds were gone and my account overdrawn. I contacted them and my bank. My bank was helpful. Hydroderm was not.

Eye & face serum

Beware of hydroderm scam !!! I saw the ad on facebook for free samples of eye and face serum and ordered it. I just had to pay postage and that meant giving them my credit card number. They shipped very small little samples and billed my credit card $15.99 for postage as I agreed to. Then two weeks later they charged
$ 246.11 to my credit card. I phoned the company and argued with them, threatened them with the police and to no avail. Mastercard would not refund us the money. We told then we would just cancel our card and Mastercard said these monthly charges would just be transferred to the new card automatically.I phoned the company back again and managed to get them to cancel the indefinite monthly order I supposedly agreed to and refund me 50%. That is the best I could do.Mastercard said a lot of companies do this. They offer free samples and only ask for postage so they can get your credit card then they put unauthorized charges on it. HARD LESSON LEARNED. I googled hydroderm scam and was shocked at the number of other people who fell for this scam. I feel so foolish but wanted to warn everyone !

Unauthorized credit card charges

I received an email under the guise of Costco offering me a free gift if i complete an online survey about...

Pretty inconvenient!

Customer service account links have terminated and all alternate contact solutions are a dead end. These guys have a decent product but supply rapid-fire a surplus of product - way more than needed - and then said to just postpone additional shipments until use caught up with supply. It is just about time for them to ship more and I still have a surplus so I went on the sight to postpoce again and all customer contact roads lead to nowhere. My bank now has to cancel my card and reissue in order to avoid additional processing of orders I do not wish to authorize. Pretty inconvenient!

Resolved Scammed

I've been scammed by Hydroderm, as I am finding out so many others have. I can't believe they have gotten by with this for so long! I can repeat word for word everyone on every scam site has said about them. Misleading advertising for free trial! Just pay for postage. I see many different prices folks have been scammed for. They must have gone up! My scam cost me $74.95!! I tried to get ahole of them last month..put on hold on the phone too long...and never had a reply from the website. To return the pkg. of $75.00 facial products, I have to have a special number from the country, called a RMA number. Finally got that, but now I have to go to the post office, pay for the return shipping myself, and send the Hydroderm people the tracking number, before they will remove the charge from my credit card! Not only that..I am stuck with the first shipment! The one from last month that I could not get ahold of anyone about! They confirmed that I'm stuck with that one! Who do we send official complaints to about this? Better Business Bureau in California? Attorney General, California? It appears that they have been doing this since at least 2003! I also notice that they have had many different postal addresses over the years! I am so mad that I let this happen to myself. I am a Senior Citizen, living on a limited income. I thought this was a way I could try a product for free and get the free 'samples'! These are full size products..and cost me $74.95 that I cannot afford!

Resolved Unathuorized charges

I have tried many times to get through to this company to stop deducting the charges from my bank account and charge card. I want to cancel receiving the Hydroderm Product. I have tried all of the phone numbers given both on the internet and from the company charging my account and I get the same results. I contact them immediately at 6:00 a.m. (the time when their business is suppose to open) and I am put in line for a customer service representative to answer. After at least 30 minutes on each and EVERY call, they hang up before it is every your turn. Never getting to talk to anyone about cancelling these charges and/or delivery of this product.

  • Su
    Suzie and Lola's Mom Dec 15, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have managed to speak to customer service but to no satisfaction. I have emailed too. Who do thru think they are? They ate nothing but thieves! !!!

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Resolved Scam and lies

I used to use a lot of products from Hydroderm. I used to always order online and never had a problem up until now. Off lately I had ordered for a product that was supposed to be a free trial I had to only pay for the shipping and handling. That sounded like a good deal to me so I ordered for the free trial. After a month when I received the free trial and I was told that I would be charged certain amount and if I was not willing to pay I had to return to the FREE SAMPLE. Isn't that weird? Why should you pay for a free sample or return it, it is supposed to be free and returning it also costs money doesn't it. What a rip off! I am very disappointed with Hydroderm. I will never order anything from them again and make sure that none of my family members order from them too.

  • El
    elmtree Oct 23, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with this review of hydroderm...I received an email disguised as if from costco. It offered a free gift for completing an online survey> a month later i was charged a ridiculous sum of over $170 usd for this free gift, they then had the nerve to continue sending and charging me for more product i never ordered> this is very sneaky and underhanded way of doing business> hydroderm used costco to trick consumers it is reputable>

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  • Jo
    Joy Davies Jan 08, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On 28th November, was on facebook and an ad came up with free trail of products which at the time was Estee Lauder, after answering questionnaire up popped Hyrdoderm. Was required to give c/c details for postage around 9aud. FOOL. The said FREE product arrived with no paperwork etc. Then on 1st January my c/c was debited with aud $ 163.63. I find this exceptionally fraudulent and totally misleading. How do I go about getting a refund and stopping this incorrigible company for ripping other people off. I have not touched this hideous product.

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Resolved charged never got product

I have tried for months to cancel my order for hydro lab products with no avail. I DID once get to speak to a warm body and was assured the billing would stop. I have since then been billed twice $85.85 and have never received any product other than the sample. I had to destroy my debit card and get a whole new one to be assured per my bank to get this to stop. I have been given a number by my bank to call to dispute the charges, and I intend to! Do not order anything from this co. You will be roped into months of frustration.

  • De
    Debra Jun 01, 2009

    I've had the same problem... It's a scam !!! they charged me 84.73 after the trial of 5.95... I want my money back from them... they won't even give me a confirmation number to return unopened product... I'm getting my bank involved in this...

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Resolved Illegal charge to my visa card

I returned the free sample because I was not satisfied with it, subsequently I terminated my account and I asked them not to send me anumore product .They emailed me and confirmed that nomore charges will be made to my visa card.Later I was notified that I was charged $74.69 on Oct 20th 2008 by hydroderm company for basically nothing.
After that I send them so many emails and letters to find out why I was illegaly charged and I never recieved any respond back from this company, my Order ID#[protected], I would like to know if any legal action could be made against this company in order for me to get my $74.69 back.
Please respond back to me as soon as possible at your convenience.
Hope to hear from you soon, Nazila Z Rad

Resolved i want to cancel my order ,dammit

i am trying to cancel my trial order. i never ordered any thing else but since then i have 2 unopened boxes that i wish to send back. They say in the letter that i have, is to call([protected] to request a RMA number before returning the product but the number is bogus, it does not work or exists.

  • Ly
    Lynda Huff Oct 24, 2009

    AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP is the biggest rip-off for working from home and making money...they are the only ones making mney..also the "SUCESS ACADEMY" that is supose to help you set up your website is a bigger rip-off for $3500.00 for a 15 minute session

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Resolved no refund money given back

I ordered this "free Sample" over the internet. A couple weeks later I was debited from my checking account. This all began in Sept. 2008. I have called several times and was promised that I would be returned my money. I returned the "free Sample" unused in their box with the proper mailing specifications, i.e. codes etc. I have repeatedly tried to contact this company and repeatedly told that the money would be refunded within the next two weeks. Do I contact the better business bureau. Who is personally responsible for this company?

  • Ka
    karen Feb 17, 2009

    i am trying to get my money back also was scam for 69.00 and really want my money back they also will not let me e mail or if i call keep me on the phone for 2 hrs i think bbb is the best answer

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Resolved cancel order

Received the first order and tried to cancel remaining orders. I have tried to call this number [protected] and [protected] to cancel this order. These numbers have been disconnected. I then went back to there web site to send a cancellation notification with out luck. Then i sent a letter and still thsy are charging my credit card. Original order # [protected], order code # 633efb4d-34e4. I now disputed this charge to my credit card company.


Resolved SCAM

I have contacted the Southern CA BBB and they followed through on my complaint to the point where they contacted Alena Internet Corporation, received a reply from them noting that I would receive credit to my credit card account.. Several weeks passed without credit being applied. I contacted BBB again and was apprised that they could not take additional action.

I received the trial Hydroderm product in September 2008. Approximately a month later another order was received per their contract . I contacted them and was provided with an RMA. The same day I returned the item, unopened, via UPS with a tracking number.
After waiting several days, I contacted Mr. Gary Yeager at Alena Internet Corporation, He stated that their computer system was still down and he requested my credit card number and said a credit would be applied in approximately seven to ten days. Subsequently, his office closed down and their internet address and telephone number disappeared.

In early January 2009, I submitted a completed "Consumer Complaint Against A Business /Corporation" form to "The public Inquiry Unit" in the Office of the California Attorney General, P.O. Box 944255, Sacramento, CA [protected].

I suggest everyone that has had similar experiences with HYDRODERM to also contact the Attorney General's office at the above address at the earliest.

To day, February 4, 2009, I spoke with a Hydroderm Customer Service Agent using the telephone number [protected] as noted on Hydroderm's present internet advertisement. The agent said that they purchased Hydroderm in the last quarter of 2008. He seemed astounded when I discussed my problem. He could not provide any data relating to the whereabouts of Alena Internet Corp. He was so hesitant answering my inquiries.

  • Valerie Oct 21, 2008

    This scam is even WORSE than those complaints in 2006 I read about. I called for several weeks to get an RMA number (whatever that is) to return my unused product and NOT be billed but was told every time the "system was down" and to call back. I would NOT be billed. WHATEVER!!! There is no system!!! They billed me anyway. I was told to send it back with a tracking number. I was still billed. I found out the address is an old abandoned warehouse. I CANCELLED MY CREDIT CARD IMMEDIATELY before they could charge me another $70. These people MUST be stopped. I can't believe this has gone on for so many years. I am reporting this to the FBI.

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  • Em
    Em Dec 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was told I could discontinue my order at anytime. Wheni tryed to reach them, there web site was not functioning, when i called the phone number i was puton hold for 35 minutes and then discoected. this happened twice. mean while they continue to bill my credit card.

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Resolved customer service

I have not been able to login to my account on this website in order to cancel future orders. None of the 800 numbers on their website work either.This company is a total scam.

  • Hl
    hlyons1 Nov 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hydrderm charged my creadit card for my third shipment of the product. They did not send a comfirmation letter. The shipment did not arrive, I have no idea whether there was a shipment or not. it still hasnt arrived after 17 days. I tried to call them at the number on their website. I tried various times and days. I was forced to listen to the most god awful music i have ever had to listen to. I was always 14th or 27th in line. When I continued to stay on the line for the requisite half hour before reaching a person, I was continually updated on my status in line. When I got to the first or second in line, the line would go dead or I would get a busy signal or a dial tone. At one time they had the ability to login to the website and to update your information. This is gone. Their address is gone from the website. The only thing there is the 800 number. Lots of luck with that.

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  • Jo
    jones95 Feb 03, 2009

    Alena Internet Corporation
    8500 Higuera Street
    Culver City, CA 90232
    Phone: (888) 460-5888
    Fax: (310) 840-5019
    Contact: Josh McCleary - Chief Marketing Officer
    Business Start Date: 1/1/1999
    Company ID: 13156090

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