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intense i-color eyeliner black pearl

I have been happily using this eyeliner for several years.in the last several months the product looks the...

one coat mascara

Like other customers, I used the hypoallergenic Almay One coat mascara for decades and was fully satisfied, especially when they had the Navy Blue color, which was discontinued.

However, the last time I bought it, after applying, my eyes started to tear. I tried sevelar limes, but always teared, so I stopped using it. What have they done to the formula? What's happened to the mascra?

makeup remover

I recently bought your "wipe it never happened" makeup remover, and it was extremely disappointing! You are a large company with a well-known name and reputation, but this product is awful! I don't use much mascara, but even after using three of the makeup pads my mascara was still not coming off. No, it was not the water-proof kind, just regular mascara. Money wasted!

eye shadow

I purchase this eyeshadow a couple weeks ago. As I used the applicator the first week, the bottom color simply shattered. This morning as I was using the applicator, the top layer shattered and went everywhere. I have never had this difficulty with any of your makeup. Is there anything that can be done regarding this? Almay is my favorite makeup. I have been using since I was a teenager.

eye shadow

almay multi-benefit mascara 503 black brown

I really like this mascara, but the first time I bought it the top cracked after a few uses. Thinking that it may have been damaged in shipment, I bought another and the same thing happened. I switched to another mascara, but after quite a while I tried Almay again thinking the problem may have been corrected. Unfortunately, after using it for less than a week, the top cracked again. I have never had this problem with any other brand of mascara. It's a shame you have a good product in a bad casing.


almay multi-benefit mascara 503 black brown

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smart shade foundation

Tried this new makeup for the first time and hate it. It's difficult to see where I begin and end application and coverage is inadequate even with powder. Before this, I was using Best Blend Forever which has sufficient Sunscreen (skin cancer patient), but looks very shiny. Please bring back your Age Defying makeup with sunscreen!!! I have enjoyed knowing your products are dermatologist approved, but am considering to reverting back to L'Oreal if I can't find a good Almay foundation.

almay mega volume mascara

I have been a lifelong customer of Almay products and this is my first complaint.
I was very surprised to find a reversed cone shaped brush at the end of the wand. Meaning that the widest part of the cone is at the outermost tip. I found this impossible to use as it felt way too large to safely apply mascara to my lashes anywhere along the lash line. I decided the only way to use this was to scrape the mascara off with the original normally shaped mascara wand which I have been doing.
Problem is how can I purchase Almay mascara again without knowing the wand shape inside if not indicated on the packaging?
Its most disappointing.

almay mascara

i have been using your mascara for over 50years and now I am having a problem with my allergies. I asked this question recently and never heard back from you. Which mascara has the least ingredients in it so hopefully I can use another mascara from you.
It is very disappointing when I can't get information from you as I tried calling the 1800 number and they were no help!
Please look into this issue and please get back to me
Thanks Shirlee Tunick.
phone # [protected]
email [protected]@gmail.com
Category I checked Cosmetics
this new allergy I have has happened in the last few months in 2019
I would like to find a different mascara that doesn't cause me allergies.

almay all the benefits mascara (blue tube)

About a month ago, I purchased two tubes of this mascara. The first time I used it about 3 weeks ago it had several "globs" of mascara on the wand. I figured it was just because it was new. However, after using it every day for 3 weeks, it still has "globs" of mascara on the wand. At times, pieces of it have even fallen off onto my clothing while applying it. Because I don't want to have the same issues with the second tube, I would like to return the unopened tube for a refund. I no longer have the receipt but I'm sure I purchased it at the Walmart on FM 3040 in Lewisville, Texas.

  • Updated by Fred Swichtenberg · Jun 19, 2019

    I have no update to my complaint. The original complaint stands.

Almay mascara

I have been using various Almay mascaras for many many years but I recently become allergic to them. I was always allergic since I was a young girl but it didn't affect me.
My problem is that I want to know which of your mascaras are the most pure without alot of ingredients in them. I have always relieved on Almay for 50years now there is a problem. I have used Almay One Coat, Almay Whole Lotta Lash.
My throat gets very horse I do not break out on my body & also get headaches. I WENT TO ALLERGY dR. & they cannot test for this kind of product. This is been happening for a few months now. I am desperate and hope you can help me. I tried to call [protected] & they were absolutely no Help! I would think that Almay would have someone in the product development Dept. It is very frustrating for me as Almay has always been my go to Company. Please help & thank you so much in advance.

gel smooth liner

I purchased the gel smooth eyeliner for > < $8. I used it 4-5 times and it was used up. There was no way to...

my almay makeup

Dear Customer Service Representative,
GE. I'm contacting you bc I bought over $100 worth of your products at Walgreens this year and they are literally making me sick. From eyeliners to foundations, I want to send them back to you for testing. I'm also requesting that I am reembursed for the products that are making me have allergic reactions and crying, tearing up, have breakouts and making my nose run. It has taken me a few months to figure out what it is that is causing me to take my makeup off or have to reinstall makeup after crying it off during the day, but I am extremely disappointed considering your products are supposed to be hypoallergenic and they are causing jmy skin to break out in rashes, especially around my eyes. Please give me a call and leave amessage if it doesn't answer your call right away. Thanks for your kind help during this difficult time. My number is+[protected] and my address is:
105 Eastmoor drive, Marshall, TX 75672.

almay hypoallergenic with no aloe mascara

It has a blue top and it is the 1 coat multibenefit mascara in black. I went to 4 stores and noone carries it anymore. I need to buy that one because I am allergic to all the products that have replaced it because all the mascaras have aloe in them.. I am very allergic to aloe. Please tell me why you don't allow stores to sell it anymore. How and where can I purchase that one.

almay eyeliner/crayon contour 205 black

Today November 29, 2018, I opened a brand new eyeliner only to find a huge chunk of it missing. The piece...

Venetia Cosmetics

almay long lasting brow color

I am so very dissapinted. I really purchase Almay as I know it's quality. But this product really wa...

liquid eyeliner

I have used and loved this product for many, many years! I have an ongoing problem however that I cannot...


Disappointed, dissatisfied & frustrated
I have been using almay mascara for many years. The last few months i've been terribly disappointed with this product. I only use one coat multi benifit, one coat nourishing triple effect, one coat nourishing lengthening, intense i-color volumizing & one coat thickening mascara all in blackest black. I normally do my purchases from dis-chem & clicks only.
After only using it for only 2 weeks, its either dry, clumpy, crumbly & speckle. I store all my make up in a cosmetic bag that never gets any sun nor wind, heat or cold at all. I have been storing my make up in the same spot for the last 15 years. I dont know if almay changed the ingredients or if the retailers keep it on their shelves for too long. It's so coincidental that I have had the exact same problem from both dis-chem & clicks.
Perhaps its time for change!

eye liner

Bought a dark blue Almay "intense i-color gel smooth liner" at Walmart. Not even a week later of barely any...

liquid lash extender mascara

I bought this product, it was gloopy & messy and unusable. I was very disappointed. So then I went an exchanged it thinking it was a bad batch the second was the same thing. I spent a decent amount of money on a product I cannot even use. I then reached out 2 weeks ago to almay customer service via email and never heard back from them, apparently they are not in the business of helping consumers. Will never give my business to this company again.

liquid lash extender mascara
liquid lash extender mascara

#010 almay smart shade concealer

I have purchased the Almay Concealer many times, but the tube I just received on 3/4/18 has something wrong...