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bleach stains

I have been using Mitchum for a few weeks now, and i've been noticing more and more "bleach" stains on my favourite tee-shirts. I'm furious. At first, I thought it MIGHT be something else, but the stains are under the armpits and all up and down the sides. After finding this site, I realise it IS the Mitchum. Great. I'm about over $100 and some of my most favorite shirts. I'll buy anything BUT. I'd rather put on another brand 3 times a day then ruin my beautiful clothes with this crap. Mostly, I'm angry that there's absolutely NO warning on the container that this product may cause stains. Mitchum is poo!

  • I have been a loyal user of Mitchum Clear Unscented for years. I was miffed when they changed containers, as the new style applicator let out way too much of the product. When the container lays on it side I end up smearing off the excess to get a controlled amount of product on my skin. Too much product equals irritated armpits. I'm guessing they redesigned the container to maximize use, whether on it's an underarm or on a kleenex!
    Now I'm REALLY miffed - not only have they changed the container, they have changed the formula to " Mitchum Advanced 48 HR protection with Oxygen Odor Control technology". Problem is, this new formula leaves stains on my shirts, whereas the original product in the original applicator was great….easy to apply controlled amounts and no stains. My question is why change a good thing? I am now looking for a competitor's product that will do what Mitchum used to do. Sorry Mitchum, you're a big loser in this marketing choice gone bad.

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dis-colored clothing

This mitchum deodorant ruined 2 brand new shirts of mine by leaving bleach looking stains under my arms. it...

causes rash

After years of using Mitchum deoderant, I stopped a few years ago because it didn't seem to be effective any more. They must have changed the formula to something that didn't work for me. In an effort to find my way back to Mitchum, I tried Mitchum for Women, Smart and Solid. It gave me a rash every time I wore it! I couldn't believe it so I kept coming back and trying it again. Rashed. Wow. I miss my effective Mitchum so much!

crumbling deodorant

mitchum is by far the most effective anti-perspirant i have ever used, and their smart solid option the most user-friendly for many reasons.unfortunately, no matter how careful i am, every single one of them crumbles!!as they are fairly pricey, this makes them unreasonably expensive.
mitchum, you have just lost a loyal consumer...boots makes a similar product that works almost as well and doesn't crumble.

product has changed and is ineffective

Two months ago I bought some unscented roll-on and it didn't work. I did not stop sweating while I was in a meeting. Lucky I was wearing a loose fitting T-Shirt that was white. This is the first time your product did not work on me and I've been using it since the 90's. I tried the Gel next and it was scented, I still sweated in my next meeting and it doesn't cover the oder. Your product is not working and I am going to change to another brand. I don't know what you did to change your receipe but it is ineffective.


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poor quality, crumbles

I have been using Mitchum for sometime, but now I am very dissatisfied with the quality of the solid deodorant. It crumbles, wasting at least half the deodorant. I wonder, has the company ever tried to apply deodorant using their hands? Little difficult! I am aggravated, because I have been unable to contact the Mitchum company using the 888 number, 1-888-8MITCHUM, so I can't even complain to them. If anyone has had success with that, please email me at [protected]@aol.com.

  • Id
    Idy Garvis Oct 13, 2009

    I have been having the same problem. I have 5 of them (Mitchum Solid) sitting on my desk right now that have crumbled after using a few times. What a waste of the product and my money. I've been using Mitchum since the late 60's and never had a problem until the past year. What's the deal?

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  • Do
    Dolorine Nov 28, 2009

    I have been having the same problem. I have also been using Mitchum since the 60's never had a problem since this year 2009. What IS the deal... I would like the address and a email address to complain complain complain Get with it Mitchum. I don't appreciate spending alot of money for a product and it crumbles. There goes my money right in the trash... I would like an answer from Mitchum and some free product that does not crumble and some coupons.

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Hi. this is not a complaint, i'm a consumer who loves and buy mitchum products and i have tried to contact mitchum on it's website but i can't get through so hopefuly this will work. My husband and i use your produts and will be very happy if you can send me some coupons so that i can save some money.I just want to say keep the good work and hope to hear from you soon.

stains t shirts

I have used Mitchum smart solid many times, I changed to another for a while then returned to using Mitchum...

crumbling deodorant

From the first use the mitchum for women smart solid "rosepetal" started to crumble and continues with each use.

  • Ni
    nibol Feb 10, 2009

    Ok people... I finally found a phone number to contact Mitchum about their lousy product! Make sure to save the deoderant because they will only refund your money if you have the code on the bottom of the tube.


    Good luck!

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  • Ge
    get1 Aug 08, 2009

    As mitchum is the only deodorant that works for me I had to find a solution for the crumbling dilema. After each use I run it under water for a couple of seconds and replace the lid. I solved the problem mitchum deodorant needs to be kept moist at all times to prevent crumbling.

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ruined garment

I bought the mitchum sport clear gel anti-perspirant and deodorant for the first time. I thought I would try something different than my speed stick. I put it on one morning. it goes on wet and typically takes 5-8 minutes to dry. I didn't have 5-8 minutes as I was running behind for work, so I put my dress shirt on. the wet product went all over the left chest and armpit of my shirt. needless to see I had to change my shirt before going to work.

I brought the shirt into my dry cleaner, just got it back. the dry cleaner couldn't get the product out. this is a $200 hugo boss shirt. it is essentially ruined. i'd like to write to mitchum and complain.


To Whom it May Concern:

Today I used your lovely Mitchum gel deodorant, only to discover it left bleach marks all over my shirt, it’s ruined. I find it very unethical that your company does not even list this as a possibility on the back of your product. What’s even more ironic is that it says “Leaves no trace on clothes.” I can’t imagine how embarrassing it must be when this happens to one of your consumers when they are out in public, or even worse, on a date. Couldn’t somebody sue you for emotional distress because in the middle of a date they developed massive bleach stains under their armpits? Furthermore, your delighted customer is out of money for their brand new shirt your product just ruined! What disgusts me on top of this is how many complaints about this product you can find online. Your company knows this is an issue, but is chooses to ignore it. I used to be a life long customer of your Mitchum and Revlon products, but not anymore. Don’t be surprised when somebody gets pissed off enough to put this on youtube.


Miss never buying from you again

  • Ni
    nibol Feb 10, 2009

    Ok people... I finally found a phone number to contact Mitchum about their lousy product! Make sure to save the deoderant because they will only refund your money if you have the code on the bottom of the tube.


    Good luck!

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  • Im
    iMinnesotan Jul 11, 2009

    I recently switched to Mitchum Power Gel. It bleached a brand new Banana Republic shirt turning green to yellow. I cannot wear this shirt again.

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  • Bl
    Blackbird71 Nov 09, 2010

    Mitchum destroyed five or six shirts before I discovered the cause of the bleaching. I've lost over $100 to their product. Don't ever go near it!

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  • Sc
    scj5 Mar 18, 2011

    You can get rid of the "bleaching" on shirts from clear gel deodorant by adding white vinegar to your washing machine with warm water and detergent. The "bleaching" is caused by a reaction of something in the deodorant with certain types of fabric dyes. Vinegar reverses this for whatever reason-- I'm not a chemist, but it works. I just did it.

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  • Kr
    Kris from Ky Jul 08, 2011

    I agree why does this bleaching happen, what is the purpose in making a product that will ruin your clothes it doesnt make any since...im very disapointed in this product i went out and bought this mitchum clear gel powder fresh for a very expensive dress i was wearing to a wedding and it ruined the dress there is nothing i can do to fix it..it was beautiful hot pink dress and now it has bright orange arm pit stains (bleached out) and so i thought im going to test this deodarnt to make sure that is what it was so i got an old green t-shirt with blue sleeves and i swiped a clean sweep of this gel on the green and the same on the blue and yes it was the mitchum and it had nothing to do with the reaction of my body chemistry becasue my body wasnt near this shirt i had this shirt on a table and these bleached stains appeared with in the hour..so i am contacting this company again and i dare them to say its my body chemistry again!!!

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  • Th
    They R Clueless Jun 23, 2013

    I think it is time for a class action suit against Mitchum. Today my wife asked me, "Can't you use a deodorant that doesn't destroy all your nice polo shirts?" She's right. Shame on you Mitchum. I'm going to go looking for some type of compensation.

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  • Mm
    Mms96 Sep 24, 2014

    How about you all google 'Old Spice Chemical Burn', you all think that you're suffering?! I would give anything for just a few bleached shirts! These deodorant brands and the chemicals inside them are getting crazy! It's time for a stand!

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  • Xm
    xmas0421 Mar 16, 2015

    I am currently sitting in my office, wearing a brand new t-shirt, which now thanks to Mitchum has bleach stains under both arms. Thanks for that! I will try the white vinegar trick, so thank you to whom ever posted that.

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  • Mi
    Milw27 Jun 13, 2016

    I have to arter'ex polls and both are ruined after wearing them for maybe a couple hours each...ridiculous!

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  • Du
    Duhitsalcohol Nov 26, 2017

    You are all hilarious.

    Clear gel deodorant is high in alcohol content.

    All clear gel deodorants do this... Unless you just started using deodorant, I don't understand how you all don't know this...

    -3 Votes
  • Yo
    YoureAdouche Mar 19, 2018

    @Duhitsalcohol Hm, let's see... it's not in the ingredients (unless it's undercover as one of the 26 letter long ingredients) so that could be why.

    You didn't magically know it had high alcohol content either until someone told you or you looked it up so stuff it.

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  • Va
    valerie morgan Oct 23, 2018

    youve known this all this time, mitchum. and you a still selling this crap? brand new 99 dollar linen special occasion i had no idea. none, screw you mitchum. why be gentle with you? it was a special shirt. it wa a special occasion. you ruined it. i bet you dont use your own product. screw you, mitchum, screw you

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  • Va
    valerie morgan Oct 24, 2018

    it is true. the vinegar works... i poured some directly on the stains and added a cup to the wash basin. it is an expensive linen shirt no machine washing would i do..but why should i have to ? why is this product sold ?who would buy it if they knew ? why should we have to go through the embarrassment ? i can only reiterate my earlier post, screw you, mitchum, screw you. but thanks to the reader who submitted the vinegar solution!!! saved my 99 dollar shirt. i took the mitchum back to riteaid. they know of the problem. i wonder why they sell it. oh. yeah.whatever the market will bear...

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  • Va
    valerie morgan Oct 24, 2018

    thank you for the vinegar solution. it worked. saved the shirt!!!

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  • We
    Wendy Melville Jul 05, 2019

    I have had the same problem 4 blue work shirts that have bleached to white using mitchum.
    As I suffer from hyperhidrosis I am already self conscious enough without drawing further attention to myself!!!

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  • Fl
    Flip Jane May 23, 2020

    So bloody mad today I have just put on a fairly new jumper only to find out the under arms have been bleached I think Mitchum should pay for a new jumper I’m so disappointed spend hundreds of $’s on nice clothing for it to be ruined by MITCHUM DEODORANT what does it do to our bodies?

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spray deodorant

I have always used mitchu spray deodorant and am extremely disappointed the last 4 cans i have brought have...


To whom it may concern,

I usually use mitchum once the wheather starts to warm up. So as usual I bought it a few weeks ago the new smart solid papaya scent and started breaking out in a rash under my arm. I switched to a different scent thinking it was the papaya. It wasn't the scent at all it was the product itself I now have a full body rash from my neck down to my ankles. I had to get steriod shots. Steriods to take at home, antihistamines, antifungal/hydrocortizone cream, Yeast infection medication all from the doctor not to mention all the money I spent on itching creams and benadryl. I am a Massage Therapist and had to turn work away because I know have to worry (according to my doctor) about getting a super infection due to the fact that my immune system is now suppressed because I am one big open wound. I want to know who I can contact regarding this or I will be having a lawyer contact the company.

I'm in pain and very pissed off. I will never by this product again.

crumbles immediately!

I recently purchased 2 new mitchum smart solid deodorants - one for men and one for women. Both crumbled into...

crumbling mitchum

My mitchum smart solid unscented crumbled half way through usage twice in 2 times I have used it. Thats 100%...

expensive and supposedly solid... but exceptionally crumbly flakey deodorant

Just before I go on... I play netball regularly to a high standard so deodorants are more important to me than most...

After a high recommendation by a reliable friend to use this Mitchum deodorant, I rushed to the shops to buy this experience 'Proven 48 hour protection' and more importantly 'no white marks'..

This may well be the case, but unfortunately I was only able to encounter this experience a few times before the deodorant began to crumble and then break off! I persevered and stuck it back on but it was no use. Every morning I found myself chasing chunks of this hydro 'solid' around my bedroom!

I am upset about this but was assured that this must just be unfortunate and to try another!... Oh my, just the exact same problem! I have now wasted nearly £10 on two deodorants that just dont work... not due to the formula but due to the hydro 'unsolid' that it is made from.

Don't waste your money on this product..

  • Ni
    nibol Feb 10, 2009

    Ok people... I finally found a phone number to contact Mitchum about their lousy product! Make sure to save the deoderant because they will only refund your money if you have the code on the bottom of the tube.


    Good luck!

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  • Ch
    Chocaholic Jul 12, 2010

    Thank you for the complaint. My boyfriend had the same problem with Mitchum.

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bleached marks on my shirt

Mitchum sensitive skin for women To whom it may concern: I put my deodorant on like normal today (mitchum...

ruined my silk blouses!

Mitchum deorodant has ruined 3 ralph lauren silk blouses. it leaves bright yellow stains and eats through the fabric.

I bought a 3-pack at costco and will return it for a refund. (if only mitchum would reimburse me for the ruined clothing.)

I took the items to the dry cleaner who said that they could do nothing. then a woman waiting in line said that the same thing had happened to her. she had to through the clothes away.

horrible products!

They took the place of the powder fresh ~ bad move! the cool dry (like sandpaper) and gel (makes you wet for...

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