Midas International Corporationservice

I went to the Whitby location of Midas for the first time.
Very bad experience
I asked for a synthetic oil change, tire pressure check and brake check.
As I was waiting for my vehicle to get service I noticed the mechanic starting to put 5w20 conventional oil into my engine.
I had to stop him an ask the manager to do something about this. I was told by the mechanic they were out of 0w20 synthetic oil.
The manager eventually found the oil.
I was asked to pay for my service prior to completion and when I went out to my car the tire pressure warning light was still on, my brakes were not checked and there was no sticker on my windshield for next service.

This is probably the worst service I have ever received from any repair shop.

I Left feeling ripped off

Oct 04, 2019

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