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Midas - Car repair

I want to file a complaint well in fact I have messaged your company 3 times and left yelp reviews where you asked me to contact you and I then contacted your company a 4th time and still have heard nothing.

3/8/23 I made a left turn and my car powered down! An officer showed up and called a tow truck which towed my car to Midas in Knoxville, TN.

Manager called and told us its the fuel pump, they don’t have one in stock but could get a used one that they would guarantee.

3/16/23 went to pick up my car and it would not start and the hood was open and random parts everywhere. The manager sent a young guy over who jump started it and put the random parts back.

The car made it home and one trip 5 miles to the school then died in my driveway. We called repeatedly and the manager kept saying he would get back to us and never did until over a month later when he told me its my responsibility to pay to get it towed back to them! By this point the district manager was apparently running the place and 100% said “not his problem I’m not eating it”

3 wks later got the vehicle home again and the key fob stopped working and it stalled out again! I notified him and his words “we didn’t touch your keyfob” like because I’m a woman I’m dumb!

We went and brought the battery to a parts store and they said it was the original battery and why didn’t midas replace that instead of charging me $800 plus for a fuel pump!

(I notice the liar at midas wrote on my paperwork that I drained the battery the first time it died and THAT IS A LIE)

Ok replace the battery for $161.66 and the car seems to run fine except for the smell of fuel! Then I notice there is fuel leaking when I fill up the gas tank!

At this point we are broke so have to wait! So far 3 months without being able to use our vehicle which we pay $313 a month for and were paying $300 a month for the bill for the fuel pump. The midas mgr responded to consumer affairs “what do I have to do with their loan”? Lol it’s about the incompetence from Knoxville midas who at that time had ZERO LICENSED MECHANICS working at this location!

They endangered my family and other peoples children I had in my car unbeknownst to me there was fuel leaking from my car.

We then paid $147.01 to Crossroads Auto Repair to fix the leak which turned out the FUEL SENDING UNIT WAS NOT SEALED!

Knoxville Midas are so incompetent they could not even fix the tire I bought from them lasy yr that was leaking! Crossroads found the valve stem was leaking and fixed it for $14 which mind you I paid Midas $20 to fix my leaking tire!

Oh also if they had changed the BATTERY which was the original battery it was sold with (HUGE CLUE IT WAS THE BATTERY NOT THE FUEL PUMP) if they had changed the battery my key fob would have been fine! Instead I also had to pay $200 for a new one and $100 for it to be programmed!

So lets see


2nd TOW $67.50

Battery $161.66

New Fob $200

Program fob $100

Repair of unseal pump & tire $147.01

Loss of vehicle FOR 3 plus months! $

Total costs which should have just been a battery of $161.66

$1534.09 TOTAL

Video of my bad leak o was driving kids with this!

I will be expecting some sort of compensation otherwise I will go forward with small claims court immediately!

Beverly & Stephen Graves

Desired outcome: I want a refund for the fuel at the very least! Otherwise i go to small claims FOR ALL THE COSTS SINCE YOU PEOPLE ALLOWED UNLICENSED PEOPLE TO REPAIR MY CAR

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7:53 am EDT
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Midas - Ripoff bad battery instead they changed fuel pump

I have a huge problem with your knoxville midas location bilking me out of $1000 repair & $70 tow that took over a month.

My car stalled and i had it towed to Midas where i was told it was my fuel pump and no one in the country had any so i would have to get a used one! Ok that cost us $1000 through SNAP finance we are paying $300 or so a month in addition to paying our car payment of $313 for a vehicle we could not use for almost 2 months. We went to pick up the car and it would not start and the hood was open. They did something i think jump started it and it got us home they said it was fine because they tested the battery after they jump started it. Well it went on one little ride and sat in my driveway unable to start. Your location there told us they would order a new fuel pump, it was weeks of calling and no response from them. Then we find out its under new management. I had to pay $67 to tow it back to midas in Knoxville and the new management say’s basically too bad we had to eat this used fuel pump blah blah. So again we pick it up and it sat in my driveway not able to start which the first time i tried starting it the car screen said “key fob not found” your mr smarty pants sarcastic manager in Knoxville says “we didn’t touch your keyfob” umm I’m female and treating me like i am ignorant was extremely sexist and upsetting. Well guess what it turned it was the BATTERY ALL ALONG! We replaced it today because we are on fixed incomes therefore could not afford to buy one til today. Turns out it was the original 2016 battery which the auto parts store said any mechanic should have realized. Makes me think that was the problem all along because if the battery was bad the fuel pump obviously would show it was not working! I am extremely irate and refuse to speak to manager and i asked him for his boss and he said he is the only boss!

I want a refund or i will look at my options to report this location for fraud!

Desired outcome: I want a refund for the $1000 charge and the $67 tow!

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Update by Kimbev69
Jun 11, 2023 5:05 pm EDT

I am taking them to small claims court

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Lisa Willson
, US
Jun 11, 2023 4:31 pm EDT
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I can truly sympathize with you my car is completely destroyed. They have no license mechanics working on vehicles there they advertise that, but they’re not on honest Mr. Kemp is the area manager. Where are you get nowhere I’m in a rental. My car is completely destroyed as a community we have to hold this company liable. You have two things in life. Your word in your name and Midas is touch is nothing but a touch of negligence wrongdoing in destroying peoples cars and lives.

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