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extra services

I went to Midas for just a oil change for 19.99, I was told I need a new air filter and I
know what a air filter cost so I said they could change it. When I got the bill it was for
46.20. They have charge me 19.99 for a air filter and 2.00 for service. Come on, even
I know that a air filter is a lot less then 17.99 and the labor in is nothing. I know this
because I went to Advance Auto for wiper blades and ask how much a air filter for my
car is. Three customers in the shop at the time thought that what happen to me was
really bad and one left without service.

  • Mo
    Moderator1 Feb 03, 2010

    Nobody held a gun to your head & told you that you need to change your filter. Next time get your own fingers dirty & change it yourself. Better yet put the $2.00 in your fuel tank & drive to Advance Auto & waste your own time. Fool.

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coupons are worthless

Do you have a Midas coupon? It's probably worthless if you do.

No matter what it says, Midas is smarter than you and they'll prove it on your final invoice. Say you need brake service, typically a $210 service to get new pads and the rotors turned (smoothed out). The $210 is an industry standard and - for example - my invoice said the brake pad service cost $124.95 (parts and rotor turning not included), but then they slip in their own sneaky little line that says "Savings-$25 Off". Guess what, the total STILL adds up to $210.

Did you catch the trick, the dishonest little scam? Try to figure it out before reading on, because I missed it at first...

Well, their sneaky coupon bars you from using ANY advertised coupon (only "one per visit, " per the fine print)! This means you get the same competitive price as say, the OEM dealership which I would prefer due to technical expertise with the brand's own vehicle, but Midas reels you in with coupons that will NEVER, EVER work. How's that for savy and yet entirely unethical business? Ugh. And if you try to use your own coupon, they sound really generous and state they gave you an even better coupon and discount which now you know, is a complete lie that they expect you to fall for. Use a credit card if you know what I mean and never use cash at Midas "just in case".

Note: Watch out for the bogus "Shop Costs" they slip in. It's for that $12.83 roll of paper towel they used.

coupons are worthless

  • Pa
    Paul Duddy Apr 03, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The invoice says $307 for front and rear brakes. How much do you want to pay? This seems like a bargain. Looking at this invoice I would say this customer is the unreasonable one. If you want cheap brake service, go to a gas station.

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  • Te
    Tech12 Dec 08, 2012

    Who said $210 is standard?? Shop supplies saves you from a list of stuff they use but don't charge you for the entire container. Brake cleaner, caliper lube, brake fluid, wheel bearing grease ect...

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rip off and employees don't know what they r doing

I have always taken my vehicle to another place for oil changes. Well I was in a hurry and thought Midas would be a little less time consuming. I was wrong. I went in for a $55 synthetic oil change and left without my oil change and a $150 tow bill and $550 for a new oil pan.

When Midas on the corner of Hilliard Rome Road and Nike Road went to take out my oil plug they ended up striping my oil pan and then tried to blame it on the place that has changed my oil for the last 4 years. Then then manager had the nerve to bad mouth the other company and say that they did it and that the manager of the other place didn't know what he was talking about. Honestly if the other place did something and messed it up then 3 months ago I would have had problems.

I feel that Midas just hires people who are off the street and maybe fresh out of automotive school.

I will never go there and I will be sure to tell everyone not to ever go there!!


On August 7, 2009, we took our Toyota Corolla to Midas Pikesville for an oil change and asked them to look into oil leak problems that we were having. They did the oil change and reported they couldnt tell what the problem was since the engine needed to be cleaned. On August 12, we brought the car back in for them to clean the engine and tell us the problem. They told us the problem was there were multiple leaks and gaskets needed to be replaced. We told them to go ahead and fix all the problems. They assured us that all the work that needed to be done was done. Less than a month later, we were driving on the highway when the engine seized up. Maven Motors, a local auto shop, towed the car to its facility for $75. They told us there is almost no oil in the car and that is why the engine seized up. We went back to Midas, Lynn Armstrong, General Manager of the Pikesville location. Midas sent a mechanic to Maven Motors and checked out the car and claim that the engine seizing up was due to an internal engine failure. When I asked what that meant or could she be more specific as to what the problem was, she was unable to do so. The engine in the car is dead and needs to be replaced (est $3000). There should be lots of oil in the car less than 30 days after an oil change and supposedly fixing of the oil leakage problems, but the mechanic at Maven Motors said it barely registered anything on the dipstick. Midas refuses to take responsibility.

  • Te
    Tech12 Dec 08, 2012

    You know that little oil light on your dash? Yeah. Maybe your engine was burning oil and had so many leaks from "blow by" or high crankcase pressure? I don't think that you should be told to check your oil before going on trips right? Nobody does it. That's why we invented a tire light because nobody checks that either.

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  • Ja
    James ba Jan 16, 2013

    Why don't you mention the fact that you put well over 1500 miles on it after the oil change. That there was black blow-by on the back of your bumper which indicated oil burning from the combustion chambers / cylinders of the engine?

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worst there is

I hate the service at Midas Auto Service Center. They are the ultimate rip offs. They have no idea what their job is I am really disappointed with the experience I had with them. I a sure that I will never return there to get anything done not even to fill gas. I really ate them and make sure tat no one from my family or any of my friends ever go there. I don't want them to waste their time and money there. My wife had taken her car here for a service. She had no repairs to do. Everything was fine. When she went to pick her car up they told her that the repairs were done and gave her a bill that really shocked her. She called me up I went there immediately and asked them to cancel the charges of the repairs as we did not ask for it and if they wanted they could take the part back and give us back our apart. But they did not agree and were very rude. It was pointless arguing with them I will not go here again. Stay away from Midas. It is the worst there is.

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innappropriate touching

When my wife took her car to this location and got an oil change on my white chevy tahoe, the service writer...

messed up my entire break system

While I was at a Ross one day, a person approached me and asked me if I wanted to buy 4 Services for $30.00...


MIDAS MUFFLERS' treatment of employees is unbelieveable!! MIDAS make you feel that you are just so valuable. When the time comes for advancement, MIDAS chooses the "kiss ###" non-honest employees and the honest/non-"kiss-###" ( the one MIDAS made feel so valuable) gets stomped on!!
The "ruder" ya are & dis-honest with customers = advancement is in line for you!
Always keeping tabs on paychecks ~~ no matter how many years 15+ you have in & cutting your pay saying " you make to much money" over so-so" whos been with the company for LESS THAN A YEAR!! Have you ever heard such insane reasoning!!

Considering a career with MIDAS ?? == If you are HONEST & DEDICATED ======THINK AGAIN!!

  • Mi
    MIDAS=NOT FOR A CAREER May 17, 2009

    Certainly not a place to think of for a CAREER ~~ YOU WILL BE WASTING YOUR TIME (YEARS)!!
    They miss treat their employees. ALL the MECHANICS SHOULD walk out & see how the shops run WITHOUT them~~ it won't ~~
    Midas over-charges on all parts & LABOR ( which the mechanics DO NOT GET) ~~

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  • Un
    Underpaidallday May 24, 2012

    I was hired at Midas as a Store Manager. During my time being a Store Manager my store was up $30, 000. I was demoted to an assistant manager because my sales weren't high enough. Yes 30, 000 up wasn't enough I guess. I was forced to take a thousand dollar pay cut. Then from there I was demoted again to a general tech. Took another 400 dollar pay cut and they moved me 40 minutes from my house. Mind you I am a great employee, never got in any trouble never been yelled at nothing. I have 10 years of experience. This company is a joke. And yes their mechanics don't know what they r doing at all. They just kinda wing it. Do not take your car here!

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  • Ab
    abolkovac Mar 30, 2013

    i work for Midas in Connecticut and it is a piece of ### job. I graduated from auto school to work on cars, not rip people off. when we order parts for the customer they triple the price for the part and then charge the customer 3 times the amount it costs. the labor i work on for the cars I dont even see. the manager gets the commision based on sales for that week. no wonder the managers rip the customer off, theyre trying to make commision and take home a chunkier paycheck and make the mechanics work for them. the managers treat the mechanics like ### and spoon the customers ### and make us work harder for them. if you want your mechanics to work good for you and bust there ### then treat them right and run an honest business. If anybody is thinking of working for midas I would stay FAAAAAAAAAAR away from it.

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  • Da
    davidc1886 Sep 30, 2014

    I work at Midas (who advertise all locations have ASE certified techs on staff) and am the only ASE certified technician they got in Vanderburgh County, IN. I've watched the manager kick the door off the hinges and scream at me for something others are doing and criticises me for being ASE certified. Additionally, I was lied to about my wage agreement walking in the door, my w-4 was done well into 3 days of actual work and my id items were collected today (1.5 wks into employment). The manager is a timebomb waiting to go off.

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awful company

I went to Midas for a routine oil change, which I had been getting done with them for a couple of years now. Nothing major, it's just an oil change. So imagine my surprise when I received a call from Midas stating that my car needed a new front Hub Assembly ASAP and that if I didn't get it done soon my wheels would fall off!

I will admit, I am not expert on cars, so needless to say I was worried. I was given a quote over the phone that was in excess of $650 (before taxes) for them to do the job.

Since it was so much money I decided to give my father a call to get his opinion, as he is a real 'car guy' and can usually tell if something seems fishy. Due to the relatively low number of kilometers on my car he thought it seemed a bit strange for the front hub assembly to be going already.

Later that day my Dad took my car to a friend who owns a repair shop for a second opinion. The owner of this shop took the car for a drive and said it felt great, but just to appease us he also jacked the car up so that he could take a good look at it and he said that everything was tight and in great shape. In short, absolutely no reason to do any work on that part of the car.

My Dad's friend (the one who works at the other shop) said that he'd seen several such cases in the last little while where people were coming to him for a second opinion about work that their mechanics said needed to be done that seemed suspicious. In all of these cases, he found nothing wrong with the parts that they were worried about.

I am writing this report because this seems to be an ongoing problem and one that will likely only get worse as the economy worsens. Shops need to make money to stay in business, and if they can't make it off of 'real' repairs, there is a greater chance that they will find things that they claim need work.

Car repairs are expensive enough when they're legit, and it is extremely disheartening to think that I nearly had to pay over $650 for a repair that wasn't even's pretty hard to say 'no' to a repair when the mechanic tells you that you're wheels will fall off if you don't get the work done!

My advice, if something seems fishy get a second opinion. It doesn't take long and it could save you a ton of cash.

  • Te
    Tech12 Dec 08, 2012

    I agree fully! Sometimes you end up getting just that. Two different opinions. I have told customers about a problem before and they either could not explain it right to the other mechanic or he was unable to see what I was talking about. If I had been there to show the other mechanic what I saw, I'm sure he'd agree.

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fraudulent activity

On 08/02/08 I took my 2001 VW Jetta to Midas because I had the check engine light on and the engine would shake when idle. I was greeted by Michael Jaskowiak, he said they were gonna run some tests, I left the car and went to work.

Later I called several times and I spoke with Michael and he kept telling me he'll call me back in 5 minutes, hours later I would call back. This is not the issue, when he finally told me what was wrong with the vehicle, he gave me several reasons why and recommended about $1200 worth of repairs. I told him that by no means I could afford that and asked him what would be extremely important to get the car on the road safely, otherwise I wouldn't repair it, he told me a tune up and install a new Oxygen sensor, this would take care of the problem(check engine light would go away and car would run ok), and later on I could come back to get the rest of the work done. So I agreed on $731.22 of repairs, $345.80 (highly inflated prize tag) for an Oxygen sensor, and $139.28 for sparkplugs (also highly inflated prize), $68.02 of Engine diagnosis plus $205.88 in labor costs.

When I picked up the car, it seemed fine (the problem was on and off, so this didn't mean the car was fixed), so I drove it home and the next day when I started it, it had the same problem, check engine light on and the engine shaking a bit while idle, SO i took the car back to Midas, this time I was greeted by Chris, and he told me he'd check the car and call me, when he called me later he said he had to replace the oxygen sensor they installed and that now I also need a different sensor it it would cost me around $400, on top of the $731 I already paid!

So, basically, I paid $731 for sparkplugs and an oxygen sensor, and now they want more money to fix it. I want my money back or the car fixed, and they won't do either unless I pay more. He told me I can call corporate if I'd like, which I will, good luck with that right?

  • Te
    Tech12 Dec 08, 2012

    McDonald's is such a rip off! They want $.35 for a burger but this truck down the road you get for $.19 each. That's it I'm never going back there! Get the full job done and hold them to their word or go to another shop!!!

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unauthorized billing

One day the blower in my car stopped working and now that winter is here, it was time to get it fixed. I...

do not do business with this company

My tire were wearing on the inside of my 1996 Honda Accord and I knew I had a front suspension problem and went to Midas for diagnosis and possible repair. Midas called me stating that I needed 'inner tie rod' replacement and that they would do the job for the fantastic price of '$851.00'. They said the parts (inner tie rods) were '$650.00'. I am not a mechanic but I am mechanically inclined and know enough about cars to realize that that price sounded hugely inflated. When I went in to pick up the vehicle the man working the counter kinda under his breath as if to keep me from going elsewhere wrote down '$575.00' and said 'we can get you out for that'.

I told them 'no thanks' and went to the auto parts store where I purchased two new tie rods which were exactly like the ones on the vehicle with a lifetime warranty for $50.00 and put them on myself.

Do not do business with this company.

  • Mo
    Moderator1 Feb 03, 2010

    Sorry but a business can't compete with do it yourself prices. You got a free diagnosis & the tech that checked your car goes home with no groceries. Next time pay to get your car roadtested, put up on a hoist, free courtesy inpsection, including windshield washer topup, tire pressure checked, etc. And the front end inspected, diagnosed, estimated, only to drive out the door, without paying a freakin dime, & then doing it yourself. Next time I go to McDonalds, I mean your work, I'll bring my own food & eat it at your place of employment.

    Another do it yourselfer whining...

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  • Te
    Tech12 Dec 08, 2012

    Yes I agree. Just wondering how you did the alignment yourself?

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Shoddy service

November 11, 2008
4302 Newbold CT
Woodbridge, VA [protected]

Mr. Craig Trump
6151 A Fuller CT
Alexandria, VA 22310

Dear Mr. Trump,

First, I want to apologize for losing my temper when I called and left a message earlier today. You did not deserve that. You’ve been wonderfully accommodating and understanding.

There is something terribly wrong at your facility in Woodbridge. Rickey is a terrific person but there seems to be a serious problem with the other workers skill levels, attention to detail, pride in their work, and consideration for the customer.

I think it is necessary to itemize everything that occurred to me:

1) Antwone worked on my car with a cell phone in his ear the entire time.
2) He never checked my tire for leaks after he “repaired” it the first time.
3) His plug/patch failed – it must have been done incorrectly
4) One of my lugs snapped off undoubtedly because the nut was cross-threaded when he reinstalled my wheel after “fixing” the flat. He obviously did not start the nut onto the lug with his fingers ensuring the nut was threaded correctly. Instead he used the air wrench and forced the nut regardless of the cross-threaded difficulty.
5) In the morning the tire was flatter than flat.
6) The lug snapped of clean at the base when I went to remove the nut to put on the doughnut spare tire.
7) Rickey decided he had to replace my tire – it wouldn’t hold air – he called for a tire and came within 10 seconds of installing some unknown tire but I caught the mistake only by due diligence and observation.
8) My tire was unavailable and on indefinite backorder – I personally had to find the correct replacement by making one call to Tire Rack.
9) Rickey had an interim replacement installed and the mechanic put over 40 psi in the tire instead of the 35 psi I specified.
10) The correct replacement tire was delivered at 2:11 pm Monday afternoon. Nobody called me. I found out the tire had been delivered by calling Tire Rack just before Noon on Tuesday, November 11, 2008. I had specifically asked Rickey to call me when the tire was delivered. He signed for the tire on Monday.
11) I discovered the directional replacement tire was installed backwards. I had to go back to the shop – again.
12) I have aluminum alloy rims on my car – the same rims I’ve had for close to nine years. I bought this car on February 24, 2000. In those nine years nobody has ever scratched, gouged, or in any way damaged any of my rims – until I took my car to your shop. The rim in question is gouged and scratched.

This is too much to be isolated. There was a woman in the waiting room who had tire work done by your shop. She too had had to come back. The nuts had not been tightened on her lugs.

You’ve got a problem there Craig.

Rickey bent over backwards to make things right – but over and over and over and over – all this trouble just to fix a flat.

Obviously, the muffler work is out of the question.


George C. Collins

  • By
    byrl May 10, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After numerous attempts to fix a front brake problem, Midas totally missed the real problem. The cause of a vibration during braking was a worn lower ball joint. I was charged an additional fee for their error only months before the ball joint failed. The BODY damage from the broken ball joint totaled $1800. This location has refused to accept responsibility. The Midas Muffler website and other ads proclaim "total car care; total customer care" as their promise. Don't expect to receive expert service at this location.

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awful experience

My parents own one car. They are both on SSI and make only $850.00 a month on SSI. The car was over heating...

Terrible experience

I took my car to Midas in Englewood, Ohio for a routine replacement of brake pads. I drive a Honda Civic with 56, 000 miles on it. I go to pick up the car the next day and the car will barely move. I pulled over at a nearby service station only to realize that the front end of my car was on fire! The vehicle was returned to Midas for them to rectify the situation and they refused. They stated that they could only replace the parts they worked on which were the pads which cost a whopping.

$240.00 for pads! They offered to fix the parts that were ruined by the fire for an additional $900.00 plus tax. They said the fire had nothing to do with their work. I had a reputable company tow the car and check it out and they found nothing wrong with the car other than the brakes which had a greasy film on them. I contacted Midas corporate and they refused to believe that their technicians were at fault and would not assist me in any way. I will never deal with Midas again nor will I recommend it to anyone I know or come into contact with.

I have never seen such unprofessional

June 17, 08 I took my car to Midas to have the muffler welded back on. I was told, I needed new convertor, entire new

exhaust system. I asked about flow masters, quoted $199.00 ea ON SALE.Total

for all work $1200.00

Car is on lift, mechanic undoes exhaust

system, just lets it fall. this put pressure on muffler causing it to press

against back bumper, and creasing and

cracking it. Mechanic tells me he can

fix it.I get manager, he screams, 'We did

not do this, Get out of here now.

Mechanic brings car down, he is mad

slams car door as hard as he can I go

get manager again, they both tell me,

he(the mechanic)did not slam my door

nor damage my bumper.They are demand-

ing I leave(without securing exhaust

system).I call police, when he came

manager is threating to put a Mechanics

Lein on my car for all the work they

have done."What work".Police advise me

to leave as they can claim work they have not done.

Same day took mycar to Medina and Sons

I did not need convertor, nor exhaust

system.They welded my muffler on $35, I bought two flow masters $89.99 ea.

TOTAL $230.00 and when they disconne-

ted system, they sat it on device. Did

not just let it fall.

I left Midas with a damaged bumper, a

damaged door, window will not work and

metal brace to my muffler is missing.

I have never seen such unprofessional

behavior in my life. I am going to post

this on every site I can.

  • Te
    Tech12 Dec 08, 2012

    How did you muffler fall off? Was it rusted where it came off? I don't see piles of mufflers on the side of the road, so tell me how it came off and how to weld to flaking apart rust. Please.

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irresponsible and dangerous behavior!

Brought my Nissan Maxima in to Midas in Eatontown New Jersey. The bottom line is that the mechanic let me out of the shop knowing I would get stuck on the road. All he had to do was recommend that I take my other car which was parked there to avoid getting stuck on the road. He didn't tell me there was a risk (read certainty) because, as he said - "It's not my problem".

The new owner's wife was there when it happened, and she agreed with him. Horrible people. They weren't even sorry or polite about the matter.

improper repairs!

I've gone to Midas for a while now, because I live down the street from it, but every time I go and get something done it ends up a catastrophe. First thing that went wrong was, I went to get my break pads replaced, it ended up that I needed a whole new break system , shoes, pads, and rotors. I was like, "fine if it needs to be replaced, replace it". Little did I know that whatever they did to my breaks, it never felt the same (I've put over 100,000 miles on my car and I never had problems with the breaks until MIDAS replaced them.) There was several squeaks and had to excessive pressure on the break petal to stop. I went back 3 times to try to get them to fix what was wrong, but they told me that everything was safe and fine. Another thing that went wrong was when I was driving and my alternator breaks off.(Yeah, I don't know how that happens, but Midas said that it was a bolt that they tensioned that was holding the alternator on snapped off) That stems from MIDAS putting in a new pulley that was making a squeaking noise. The last thing that happened was when MIDAS sent me a coupon for a free oil change and tire rotation.(After all that's happened I figured, "how can they mess up an oil change and tire rotation") I was wrong. Got the oil change and tire rotation and drove off. While I was driving I noticed a gas and exhaust smell in the cab of the car, with the windows up, but didn't think much of it at first. So i drive probably about 4 miles and the smell doesn't seem to want to go away, so I go home and pop my hood. Looking under the hood, I find that MIDAS didn't put my oil cap back on. There's oil spewed everywhere in the engine compartment. Thankfully I caught that because my alternator was splattered with oil, and that wouldn't of been fun if it caught fire. That's not even mentioning all the other electrical stuff that was covered in oil, and could of potentially caught fire. DO NOT GO TO THIS MIDAS THERE IS RISK OF MAJOR DAMAGE.

  • Te
    Tech12 Dec 08, 2012

    Uh yeah dude, it's "brakes" and "pedal" . You're no spelling expert but at least you know what will catch fire under that hood. Go to another repair shop from now on and see if your car becomes perfect without any issues ever again :) . I'm being serious go to another shop.

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Work never done

October 23, 2007 I had my truck in at Midas location Manchester New Hampshire. I had paid for Midas touch...

Sad excuses for a auto repair shop

Midas 18783 N. 83rd Ave. Peoria, AZ [protected]. My 21 year old daughter took her car to midas to have the rear end seal replaced in her 67 Mustang. They replaced it with the wrong seal. It continued to leak, she called and they told her that it wasn't the seal, they said she needed a new rear end. Which was not the case, she only needed a competent mechanic to replace the seal, using the right seal, not one that doesn't fit. She Was promised a refund back on 07/02/07, Since then we have been given the run around, and she still has not received her check. The thing that makes me so mad is, the fact that Midas is trying to rip off and take advantage of a young women. Midas is a sad excuses for a auto repair shop.

  • Ak
    AK2AZ Jul 24, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had a similar problem like the person above... it has been in that shop so many times i can't even count over the past 2 years.. they always have excuses or reasons why it wasn't fixed...

    took it some place else and not a problem since then.. only cost me 2 years of time and over 2 grand in cash! grrrrrrr

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