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scare and attempt to sell repair services

I usually have my oil changes for both of our cars done by a Lube Stop place close-by. Usually takes 15-20 minutes, never had any problems. Now, I got one of those MIDAS-coupons for oil change, tire rotation, inspection etc. for $19. I went there, sat in their waiting room for over an hour and a half, finally, one of their guys comes out and asks in a weird way "Who did your last oil change? They overtightened the drain plug, it's all stripped, we can't get it off except by forcing it, but the thread might come out, and then, you oil pan is damaged, your car will be dead, it takes 45 days to get a new pan" blabla. They told me if I give them green light, they would try, but won't be liable is the thread goes bad, and my car would be dead. Hence, I told them to back off, and then called a friend of mine who is a car dealer, he told me "if the previous place really overtightened it, they are indeed responsible, just go to them and tell them to do the oil change, and if they tell you they can't do it, then you tell them it was them who messed up the plug (I still have the receipt, and their windshield sticker), and they need to fix it. OK, I went there, and everything was done without any problems in 10 minutes. Yes, they said the plug was a bit smooth, but they replaced it, and that was it.

Again, I had to learn the hard way that all those repair stores are nothing but ripoffs. The only other time I ever was in one of those stores (All Tune and Lube, even AAA-certified!) was to have a tune-up for $69. Well, while my car was there, they called me "we discovered this, and that, and this needs to be fixed, and the engine needs to be flushed, and there is a leak", the final bill was over $400, and they forgot to put back the hose clamp on the main cooling hose, which fortunately I caught myself. A friend who is a mechanic told me later "I could have done what they did and much more for 50 bucks.

Well, that was it today. From now on, I only let people whom I know personally do work on my cars. And our good old Lube Stop will do our oil changes, it might be a bit more expensive, but leaves me without worries. It is incredible in which shameless ways those garages deceive and rip off people, they lure them with those coupons, and then tell you all kind of scare stories, just to make you pay. I've had it with these guys!

did not change oil filter

I went to Midas for oil and filter change for my 2004 Lexus RX330. It appears that they did not change the oil filter at all. My car was only driven 1800 miles after the last oil/filter change so the oil was still quite clean but it's been 3 months so I took it to Midas for oil/filter change. They also recommended changing my engine air filter and cabin filter so I let them. They did not secure all the screws for the air filter housing. The "New air filter" appears dirty due to mechanic's dirty hands. I feel being cheated. Not going back there anymore.

never going back

You can never just take your car in for an oil change because they say they are booked all week, so you...

sales practices

Presented coupon for $19.99 oil change. During oil change the tech came out and said that I needed new brake...


I brought my car in for a exhaust check. It sounded a bit noisy beneath the engine. The manager at the MIDAS...

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dont leave your safety in the hands of those monkeys

On the 16 Sept my dad found himself in a position where he was going to be hi jacked. He eventually braked the car with guys in it close to midas in landsdown road. Security officials helped him... Being in shock my dad ran toward midas... and wanted to get water to drink... ( heart Patient)... To his surprise the Staff of Midas, closed the doors in his face and didnt want to help him... not even pull him into the shop for safety! My advice to you all is dont go purchase anything at the store, cause when *** hits the fan, they will close the door in your face! He couldve been dead today...

do not want to replace faulty battery

I purchased a car battery from midas in bellville on the 17th january 2009 to the value of r550.8 months the battery appears to giving problems. It clearly states on the battery that it has a 12 months guarantee and not warranty! The sales person refused to replace or exchange it as according him 'it requires to be charged'. The sales guys reckoned that they could send the battery away to be charged but theres a waiting period (Take in on sat, return on tues). No loan battery but a simple and stupid suggestion that I must purchase a battery charger. They made an accusations that there is something wrong with car of which I have told the guys that the vehicle was tested and there was no issues. To my dissappointment, the battery was not replaced and its real poor service of the midas staff and as their policy!

messed up my car

Midas off of Kingshighway, Saint Louis, is in one word, unacceptable. They have no idea what they are doing and almost cost me 100s of dollars for replacement parts that I didn't need. Nevertheless, after shaking a mechanics hand and taking off in my car I broke down later that night. Needless to say my dad fixed my car, with a simple wire replacement (which they fried when changing my oil filter.)

I had brought my car in only for an oil change, and they tried charging me for a new starter, a new battery, and a new alternator. Not to limit myself as a female, but I'm pretty sure they were just taking advantage of me.

They said my connection would be activated withing 24 hours, but still my connection is pending due to verification

I had taken Idea postpaid connection offered by Neha "Executive Name" she told your connection would be activated within 24 hours but still my connection is in pending due to verification i often informed the executive "Pradeep" but he did not pay attention.

tried to make me buy a tire I did not even ask for!

I went to Midas because I needed to know if the valve on my tire needed to be fixed immediately or if it could wait and I'd bring it another day. They said "Sure, we'll have someone run out and look at it real quick ..."

Two hours later, I was still waiting for the info, and when I asked I was informed that they had THOUGHT they didn't have my tire in stock but fortunately found one ... and now I owed them about $180! I could not believe they had made me wait for two hours and then tried to stick me with a new tire that I never even asked for.

This is the second time I've gone there. The first time, after a simple oil change, they informed me that my car needed about $1200 in repairs. Don't go there; now my rear bumber is loose ...

  • Ca
    Canquerer Nov 05, 2009

    Nothing good to say about this location. Had horrible experience here about a year ago when this Midas tried to install after market headers on my truck. In their multiple attempts to install the headers, which they never did correctly but still got paid, they did not properly reconnect my front drive shaft and it came loose potentially causing a major accident. I was rejected when i asked for my money back. Had to take my vehicle elsewhere for the job to be done correctly. I spent over $1, 000 at this location and they provided zero services. This location absolutely contradicts everything stated in this companies service pledge. I, nor anyone i know, will do business with this company in the future.

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Fraudulent Business Practices

I don't like leaving negative reviews, but I've tried for the last few weeks to work things out...

regarding my oil change

After having my oil changed the last two times they screwed up and when I left the oil ran out of my car...

worker scam

Warning! If you ever go to the midas on highway 7 in markham: Profile: - john louie - he used to work at the...

fraudulent billing and gouging

My Honda needed a muffler repair that was completed on 7/16/09. The final price of repair was substantially...


These guys told me that a MAPP sensor would cost me $150. The NAPA truck arrived to deliver the part as I waited. A quick call to the NAPA dealer revealed that their RETAIL/ Joe Customer list price
on the part was $30.
When I called the manager to complain about being charged this much, his response was "When you go to 7-11 to buy a gallon of milk, you pay more though, don't you?"
My response? "Everyone in America knows the price of a gallon of milk- I bet the less that one percent know the price of a MAPP sensor for a four-cylinder Chevy Cavalier!!"
His crafty little response was- "But if you go to 7-11 because it's the only place open late at night, you have to pay more for the convenience."
I told him, "Had I known I was "inconveniencing" you guys to the tune of $120 for having a part delivered, I would have picked the damn thing up myself!!"

bad service

My car was having trouble starting. It took me about 5 times to try and start the car before it would go. So I took it in to Midas and they claimed it was faulty spark plugs. Ok, so I got those replaced, along with rotors and brake pads. Next day, same exact problem. I go in again, and this time they tell me it won't start because of the fuel pump. They claim they need to replace the entire fuel pump, fuel tank, and filters. After spending over $1, 000 there, I tried my car again the next day. SAME problem. Only this time, my car is flashing the "battery" light. Which, by the way, supposedly they checked at Midas and told me it was fine. They never fixed the problem, charged a huge sum of money, and now I have to find someone who can actually do their job.

  • Ri
    ripped of 2 Feb 22, 2011

    Not only do they rip customers off, they also rip off their employees, too. They misadvertise wage rates to get a prospective employee in the door, then they stick it to you. All that frosty talk about 32.00 an hour, benefits, etc. The flat-rate that a technician should get for a job perfomed is reduced so you would actually only make half of the wage advertised. Also, you have to do the job of a service advisor as well and not get paid for that. The service writer is too busy having coffee and catching up on that latest soap opera.

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  • Wa
    Walkinbyfaith7 Apr 04, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a living social deal for "free" oil changes plus extra free or discounted prices for 25$- I was sold. We went in yesterday and they insinuated WE were trying to scam THEM with the punch card we bought in which THEY offered on LS. WTHeck?? After getting passed that, they claimed they couldn't/wouldn't change the oil in our new car because it was "unsafe" to drive and needed repairs before it could even be considered for an oil change. Needless to say we didn't buy the BS, and left.

    The next day we took the truck in (should've known better to go back), they took the truck back and claimed my truck only took synthetic oil; which again BS from them. I've never put synthetic in my truck and didn't want the synethetic. They said it was the only choice and put it in anyway. They charged us 42$ for the 7 quarts of synthetic that I didn't even want. They charged for the filter that on the punch card clearly stated the filter was included. The only thing we expected to walk out paying was taxes and disposal fees. Instead, with our "free" oil change coupon we walked out paying 40$! Just for oil and a filter!

    I disputed the charges and the guy behind the counter didn't care about a thing I said, in fact he was messing around on the computer while I was trying to get answers from him. He obviously didn't care and probably was happy that they got away with scamming yet another customer. I was pretty livid walking out. No care for the customer, just bringing in money and ripping people off.

    We will never return and hope to gosh living social refunds our punch card vouchers; they're completely worthless.

    I highly recommend finding an honest auto shop. We love Sun Auto (we go to the one off N Durango and 215). They're honest and treat loyal customers well. I'm disappointed in my self for getting a flashy deal over our regular shop. Shame on me for straying away and shame on Midas for the bad business they conduct.

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rip off

What a rip off!

I went in to get my car's front brakes changed. The manager suggested the basic change of pads with what seemed a reasonable price. However, shortly after they disassembled the wheels, they came back indicating that the car needed new rotors due to heavy rusting. The manager used the computer to prove that they could not be resurfaced. When I asked him for the price, he said quoted a number that seemed high and I asked for the car's factory parts. He then indicated that it would cost significantly more as the dealer charged very high prices. So, I authorized the used of after market rotors and pads. Paid over $500 (which included an oil change for $19.95). During the "inspection, " the manager claimed that there was a fluid leak in one of the rear seals. I told him to leave it as the car was under warranty.

After the breaks were done, I took the car to the dealer to get the warranty repair done on the differential seal. Much to the dealer's and my surprise, there was no leak where MIDAS said there was and the dealer found that the oil drain was loose and leaking the freshly changed oil.

I took the opportunity to ask for a quote to change the front brakes and to include brand new, factory authorized rotors. The quote was $329. Not the nearly $500 I paid MIDAS.

When I called the manager at the location where that provided the service, he basically talked bad about the Jeep dealer and referred me to a MIDAS 800 number which does not get you to a human being.

MIDAS is simply dishonest!!! It's a rip off. KEEP AWAY BY ALL MEANS.


So far it cost me nearly $200 more than necessary to change front brakes. Hopefully these brakes will function properly for a while.

Also, my car could have had significant problems had the oil cap issue not been noticed.

Hopefully this MIDAS location did not fool around other parts of my car just to break them and cause me to bring the car back in.

  • Kc
    kccoco Oct 18, 2009

    Went to have brakes done, They told me I needed complete job all around paid four hundred dollars, took the car back two days later, brakes still not working right claimed they fixed and took it back again after that to the Lee's summit location and they claimed they fixed the problem took back to them one week later same problem and still not fixed, The people that work there are very unskilled and just rip women off!!! Ladies beware of this business I ended up paying all over again for the problems they created by there unskilled workers !!!

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What a rip off! I went in to get my car's front brakes changed. The manager suggested the basic change...

poor service

November 3, 2009.
To whom it may concern:
Hello, I am sending this letter in regards to the service I received on October 26, 2009, at approximately 6 o’clock pm. I entered the shop and asked the gentleman at the front counter if there was a charge just to check to see if my back tire on the passenger’s side had a slow leak. He informed me that there was no charge to check the tire, and that they would be more than happy to do so. I waited in the shop for my tire to be checked and about thirty-five to forty minutes later a mechanic came back in and asked me if the blue ford escort zx2 belong to me, and as I nodded my head yes, he then informed me that the total was $21.77. With a look of confusion on my faced I asked the mechanic, “Why am I being charged for something if all I asked for was for it to be checked?” The mechanic replied to me, “Well ma’am there was a nail in the tire and that’s what you’re being charged for. If you like I could get my manager for you, or we could just put the nail back in the tire if you don’t want to pay for it.”
As a senior attending the University of Cincinnati, Vice President of Communications for the National Pan-Hellenic Counsel, Financial Chair of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Incorporated and a Major Mentor for incoming freshmen, I was offended. In my three years attending this Midas shop, located at 2612 Reading Rd, Cincinnati, OH. I have never been spoken to in that manner. I am a valued customer who has spent well over $3, 000 with this company, and I have admired the staff who has worked at this specific location for the past three years, with the exception of this one incident. I will not spend my hard earned money with a business whose employees speaks rude and sarcastically to paying customers. October 26, 2009, was the last time I will spend my money with any Midas companies and I will be sure to share my experience with friends, family and colleges because this type of service is unacceptable.

  • Mo
    Moderator1 Feb 03, 2010

    I'm sorry but your ### about $20.00 to fix a flat. In my 22 years of employment at "MIDAS" nobody has ever disputed a simple tire repair. Do you need your hand held through the whole process of checking your tire, told whats wrong with it & given an estimate? For a simple tire repair??? You think after saying you waited 35-40 minutes, you could of spoke up & asked whats going on. It does'nt take that length of time to figure out for yourself, that it should'nt take all of 5-10 minutes to see if there is a nail in your tire. What relevancy does where the hell you go to school, or where your a so called chairperson have to do with a trip to a repair shop. Are you a superior human being as compared to the rest of the working class? You should be thankfull that the technician took it upon himself to get you repaired as quickly as he did, for a nominal fee of $20.00. Having spent the so called $3000.00 at that location, you think you may have had a flat tire repaired before, or educated yourself on what that entails.
    Its bad mouthing consumers like you that make our industry look like a bunch of crooks, when all that happened is you got a quick, efficient repair at a competitive price.

    Come on...### about a tire repair...Who knows what kind of crooked thing you do for a living.

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  • Ja
    JaY_Tee Apr 14, 2011

    If this is the standard of MIDAS employees communication (as I can very well see by the comments from Mr. Moderator1) I would never ever think of going there. I was thinking for trying them for the first time but luckily I read this post and off I go. Its not about how cheap (or competative) the repair was, its about honoring your word, If the front desk says there will be no charge for inspecting that should've been honored. And if they noticed/figured out the problem they should tell/ask the customer if he wants it repaired or not.

    Its only about basic customer satisfaction and MIDAS like all other so-called successful businesses (which faded away with time) has forgotten its US the customers who make them successful, not there egoistic approach and 'we are always right' thinking.

    And MIDAS for heavens sake please try sending your employees for some communication skills course, it will sure help yo in the longer run before someone (as stupid as Mr. Moderator1) posts such replies with such insulting and derogatory langugae. SHAME ON YOU!!!

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I went to Midas in Federal ways, WA for the brake pads change for my car. Midas told me that I have to change the new Rotor too. I told them ok which cost me $XXX. I don’t know much about car but the “New” rotor look rusty. Midas told me that is normal for new break rotor. 2 month afterI needed to sell my car. The buyer want to have the car inspect at the dealer in Renton, WA. The dealer told me that My “New Rotor” was in fact old and thin. The dealer showed me the Actual “New” one also. I went back to Midas and complained to the Manager. The manager agreed to get me the Actual New one but don’t want to talk about why Midas Ripped Me off earlier.
Federal ways, Washington

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