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Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc.

Digital Products Division, 9740 Irvine Boulevard
United States - CA92618-1697

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 (949) 583 3000(HQ) 0 3
+1 (800) 457 7777(Computers, Tablets and Toshiba Storage Place) 2 1
+1 (949) 859 4273(Computers, Tablets and Toshiba Storage Place) 0 1
+1 (800) 631 3811(Televisions) 1 1
+1 (855) 800 4686(Canvio Home) 0 1
+1 (888) 592 0944(Other Electronics) 0 1
+1 (949) 583 3305(Other Electronics) 0 1
Contact Details

Home And Home Office: +1 800 316 0920
Reseller: +1 800 405 0541
Business: +1 888 900 9487
Public Sector And Education: +1 888 625 3276
Enterprise Business: +1 800 913 3091
Returns: +1 800 618 4444
Toshiba Credit Card Account Services: +1 800 252 2551
Television And DVD / Blu-Ray® Player Remote Controls: +1 800 638 3328

Toshiba Complaints & Reviews

Toshiba / Satellite laptop s55 intel, i7 terabyte disk etc etc

screecher on Feb 27, 2017
Incident #62065759. The power cable does not quite fit falls out anytime the computer is touched. Screen has developed a vertical line on it clearly a hardware issue with display because if I use the laptop by projecting out there is no line. It is less than 1 year old!!! If this is "state...

Toshiba / Satellite radius

steele7902 on Dec 23, 2016
Please do not purchase a laptop from Toshiba. They do not honor their warranty. I purchased a laptop less than one year ago and it will not boot. We tried to get in touch with Customer Support and they require a Serial number to process the repair request. However, their laptop is made in...

Toshiba / Laptop

Gabriel Zeldin on Oct 3, 2016
I purchased a Toshiba laptop from Office Depot on March 2016. Toshiba did not honor the rebate and stonewalled me in every possible way. Office Depot also passed the buck, time after time. If Toshiba promised you a rebate, do not expect to get it.

Toshiba Information Systems For Laptop / Failure to timely repair or replace defective new computer

Philip Althouse on Sep 2, 2016
I purchased a new Toshiba C75-C7130 laptop on July 3, 2016 from a retail vendor via Amazon.com. The computer was purchased for personal use. By the last weekend in July it failed to boot. I contacted Toshiba computer technical support and followed instructions of the support staff I spoke...

Toshiba / Laptop Quality

KelseyP on Jun 10, 2016
I bought a laptop a little under a year ago, and have had screws slowly fall out of it. Although the computer is still functioning, it is almost half apart and I am afraid that it will completely separate at any moment. I was told this is physical damage so it is not covered by the...

Toshiba / LCD 40 in TV

Ramesh Parshotam on Jan 21, 2016
I bought a Toshiba 40 in TV in Dec 2014. Upto this week, i have reported 3 service breakdowns with my TV. How INFERIOR are the TV sets sold by Toshiba - breaking down 3 Times in just 13 months. I sent emails and called the Toshiba (Malaysia) office. Each time they say they will forward to...

Toshiba / Refuse to Repair Tablet although under warranty

Reviewer98363 on Jan 11, 2016
October 2015 - Purchased Encore WT8 tablet brand new December 2015 - While turning on tablet power button breaks. It pushes all the way in and will not come back out. Since it is under warranty I was not too concerned just figured we would have it repaired. We called the "Tablet repair...

Toshiba / Warranty service

PParavano on Oct 28, 2015
I purchased a Toshiba Satellite from Walmart on September 18th 2014 for my daughter’s birthday. I didn’t purchase the extended warranty as I have owned two other Toshiba satellites in the past, without any problems or hardware malfunctions. Since I trusted the brand and model I chose to...

Toshiba Satellite / Faulty computer

dondib on Aug 7, 2015
I purchased a Toshiba Satellite 6 weeks ago. After two weeks it started operating at a snails pace and would constantly freeze. I called Toshiba and after working with their support for nearly an hour, they suggested a factory reset. The factory reset stopped the Satellite from freezing...

Toshiba Satellite Laptop / Quality of Product/Customer Service

Lingal on Aug 2, 2015
Problems from day-one with new Toshiba Satellite Radius laptop. I kept getting a black screen that would pop up while using the laptop. I called tech service and after some remote testing, I was told it's a software problem which will cost $90 for advanced software tech support and I...

Toshiba Tv / with not accept return with receipt

aliciasnider on Apr 2, 2015
My boyfriend bought me a defective tv for Christmas from Sears in Grand Island, Nebraska, he gave me the tv when he came to visit in February. That is when I found the tv was defective and didn't work I tried calling sears in Grand Island to get help and I also called another number...

Toshiba / Complete Rip Off

NK2GETHER on Feb 1, 2015
I bought this Laptop In December 2014 from Littlewoods Catalogue, the problem started in January 2015, the laptop would not come on and stay on, the power button just kept flashing on and off, we contacted Littlewoods who then told us to contact Toshiba of which we did, they told us to...

Toshiba / laptop

sculley on Dec 23, 2014
Purchased Toshiba Laptop 9 months ago, it will not even turn on. Contacted Toshiba Support and they said even with a 1 year warranty on the product it will still cost over 100 dollars to look at it. No other information was asked my them. They assumed it was a software problem, not sure...

Toshiba / product defects

Richark on Nov 9, 2014
I purchased a VCR/DVR Model # DVR620KU on 9/10/2013 thru Walmart. This machine is JUNK. I wish I had read the complaints against Toshiba before purchasing anything from this company, This machine had a 3mo. warranty which didn't bother me at the time. I had purchased a new TV from...

Toshiba Laptop / Dishonest Serivce in Thailand

BB2015 on Oct 24, 2014
We had purchased a Toshiba Satellite laptop (Intel - Core i5) during the end of December 2012, within the next 6 months our laptop which was used only for home purposes suddenly crashed. We took the laptop to the authorized service station to enquire about the problem and we were informed that...

Toshiba / DVR Player / recorder

Bigbe on Aug 2, 2014
I have a 4 month old Toshiba DVR player/recorder. After visiting 3 web sites and making 5 calls to different phone numbers still can't get help on telling me how to get closed caption when playing a rented DVD. TV has closed caption and when I record can get closed caption but...

Toshiba 15.6 / Erroneous advertising

Elaine Macdougall on Jun 15, 2014
My name is Elaine MacDougall and I have been an avid Shoppers Drug Mart customer for at least 25 years. I am also a very enthusiastic collector of Optimum points. However, I have a very serious complaint for the first time. Yesterday my husband and I went looking for the above-mentioned...

Toshiba Laptop / Busted parts after 2 weeks of purchase!!!!

Wadialhadhara on Jun 11, 2014
I recently bought a laptop toshiba satellite in Lulu Hypermarket located in Madinat Zayed Shopping center. After 15 days, the speaker got busted. I brought it back to the vendor and I was told that it will take two weeks to repair it. I called the Toshiba ware house in Mina where the do...

Toshiba / Scam

Roderic D. on Jun 3, 2014
I called Geeks on Site to recover some deleted files that got deleted from my recycle bin. As soon as the tech got to my house, (he barely spoke English) he told me that what he needed to do was going to take about 3 hours or more and that I had 15 minutes to upgrade to the 4-hour block at...

Toshiba / Denied repair under warranty for manufacturer defect

the68 on Apr 23, 2014
My mother purchased her Toshiba a little more than 9 months ago. Immediately she noticed that the notebook was rather difficult to open and shut, but assumed that it was normal and continued to use the computer. Finally the stress from this difficulty caused the screw bolsters that held...

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